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5 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

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One of the most probable risks to a person's health happens to be the foods that the person usually consumes. A more specific way of looking at it is how that food is processed or prepared and what kind of trouble it could bring after consuming it in its final form. Take those foods that can lead to cancer for example.

Now not everyone is a dietician. So the task of nailing down and striking those specific cancer-inducing meals off a list can seem more like a chore especially since some of them are considered healthy for most diets. However, what's interesting is that these foods tend to be blacklisted in other diets and one of the reasons just happens to be cancer. Here is a shortlist for people to get started on a cancer-free diet.

5. Hydrogenated Oils

These are the natural oils that are processed from vegetables and are typically used in the preparation of foods like French fries and potato chips. While hydrogenated oils come from a seemingly healthy source, the same doesn't apply to the substance itself.

According to research, hydrogenated oils contain "omega-6 fats" that aren’t just unhealthy, but when consumed can cause the cells in the body to change radically--a common symptom for cancer. For example, one type of cancer this has been linked to is breast cancer. Hence women are at great risk when consuming these oils.

4. Refined Sugar

What most people don't know about the cancer cell is the fact that it has a sweet tooth. Cancer cells specifically love refined sugars that are commonly found in processed foods that people eat every day.

Like ordinary cells, cancer cells need energy too and rely on refined sugars because they increase the production of "insulin" which is essential for their growth. Refined sugars are in almost every food one can think of and are even sold separately in bulk. Hence, it's time to cut back on processed food and eat more natural ones to fight or avoid cancer.

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3. Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated drinks can be a cluster bomb for health problems including cancer. Sodas especially are a likely culprit since they are jam-packed with harmful ingredients that lead to cancer. Sodas contain acids that help cancer cells to increase their numbers. These drinks also include refined sugars that have already made the list.

Even diet sodas can't be trusted whereas they still contain some of these ingredients, including a substance known as "aspartame" which can poison cells and even leads to obesity. But worse of all, sodas contain "carcinogens," a substance that directly causes cancer; it can sabotage metabolic processes within cells. Stay clear of these drinks.

2. Red Meats

Unbelievably, it seems red meats have been linked to cancer development in the body. The culprit is a sugar molecule known as "Neu5Gc" which can make itself home in the cells after the food is consumed. In response to this unholy intrusion, the body fights back by attacking those very contaminated cells. This leads to inflammation which in turn can lead to cancer.

Red meats have also been linked to breast cancer in other studies. In addition, it is believed that grilling red meats can increase these risks. A healthier alternative to preparing red meats on a grill would be on a skillet.

1. Microwavable Popcorn

"Netflix and chill" just got pretty dangerous. On the surface, popcorn seems harmless, and it can be as long as it isn't prepared in a microwave. However, when it is prepared this way, the threat becomes real. Popcorn contains two harmful substances; one of which can lead to cancer. The other one may not be cancerous but is still very dangerous and should be mentioned anyway. The first one is "perfluorooctanoic acid," a type of carcinogen which has already been linked directly to cancer.

As for the second one, it is called "diacetyl" and can be found in the artificial butter used to flavor popcorn. Some research revealed that diacetyl causes a rare form of lung disease called "bronchiolitis obliterans" and can be fatal. In order to take down two birds with one stone, it is advised to air pop the popcorn instead of using a microwave and switch to real butter for flavor.


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