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5 Best Ways To Manage Stress

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Stress due to heavy work load

Stress due to heavy work load


This article is going to be an epic one. So, let’s get started. Let me ask you have you ever felt stress in your life? Do you know as per study 89% of the population in India say they felt stressed? 9 out of 10 people in India suffer from stress and tension. Whereas globally 86% of people also admit they feel stress now and then. This is one of the most common negative feelings people face in their life.

Well, the stress in simple words means it is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. And it can happen due to any particular event or thought or situation. During this period people may feel either anger, fear, frustration, or even nervousness, sometimes. Whatever it may be feeling stress is not good when you know the result can be bad.

Why Do People Feel Stress?

Now, let’s understand why do people feel stress? And if you are facing any situation as mentioned below then chances are you can also feel stressed. People may feel stress due to any of the below reasons.
1. Divorce
2. Job Loss
3. Increase in the workload
4. Increase in financial debt
5. Bad financial condition
6. Death of a loved one
7. Moving to a new unknown place
8. Due to some illness or injury
9. Due to routine boring work

What Are The Symptoms Of Stress?

Although there are many symptoms but below are the major ones.

1. Fear
2. Chest pain or headache
3. Low energy
4. Upset stomach or constipation
5. Injury and pains
6. Anger, low self-esteem, fear, or depression

Now, let’s see how we can manage stress by using some of the techniques mentioned below.

Immediately Drinking Water

Whenever you feel stress and tension then you should drink water. Even when you are angry and feeling uneasy then also first drink water. This habit alone is good for your health and can improve your condition.

Research has shown that water has natural calming properties and it can work very effectively in managing your stress and anxiety level. During hot weather, you must take sufficient water. It is the most essential fluid for us.

Talk with friends

Talk with friends

Talk With Loved Ones

The second most important step which you can take to reduce stress is you have to talk with your loved ones. I have selected this step because of my personal experience. During stress, I have talked with my few friends and they have mentioned after talking with me they feel more relaxed.

So, whenever you feel fear, anger or any kind of stress then do talk openly either with your parents, friends, spouse, or even children. If you get time do play with your little ones and you will feel more relaxed.

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Not only that you can even go out with them for walking. And if you have pets then just play them and go out for walking.

Listen To The Soothing Music

Whenever I feel low or a little tired or stress I listen to different songs. This immediately lifts, my mood. But I avoid listening to any sad songs. And not only songs I even love to listen to a different motivational speech.

It will be much better if you can listen to some soothing music. Even there are many channels on YouTube which upload relaxing music. And yes millions use such music on day to day basis. You can even use such music even during study or sleep.

Rest And Sleep

If you are feeling too much stress then you should rest and sleep. Through my experience, I have seen that after proper sleep I do feel more relaxed.

During tension and stress, your mind will be heavy and your body will not support you in the right way, therefore you need to relax your mind and for that, you need to rest properly. I am sure once you get up, you will feel much better.

Go out with friends for shopping

Go out with friends for shopping

Go Out For Shopping With Friends Or Family

Another step which you can take is to go out for shopping and eating with close friends or family. When you meet your best friends then it’s always a great feeling. But remember you have to do a little shopping and eating in a good restaurant.

You can even watch a good movie together or take a tour of your city. Visit some famous places, take pictures and enjoy time as people enjoy during the picnic and get together.

Earn More Than Enough

This is my real bonus advice. If you want to live a stress-free life than remember to earn well. In life, there are many problems which you can solve if you start making a good income.

As per many good financial advisers, 80% of life problems can be solved if there is a good flow of money in our life. Many people are stress and in tension because of the lack of money in their life. So, you should give priority to earning more than enough.


In this article, I have shared six main ways through which one can handle stress. But it is also true that when stress comes many people don’t know what steps they should take. Therefore, it is always good if they use the first step by drinking water, and based on the level of stress they can implement the other steps.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma

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