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40 More Songs About Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, and Body Image

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I have struggled with eating disorders for most of my life. I work to promote awareness and options for those suffering around the world.

As eating disorders remain prevalent in our society, there are more songs released about anorexia, bulimia, BED, OSFED, and body image issues. Not all of these songs were written about eating disorders or with eating disorders in mind. However, the lyrics may be relatable to many people struggling with these mental illnesses can relate to these songs.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder or body image issue, please don’t struggle alone! There are many resources for different types of support and help. You are worth it.

1. ElysianSoul – Girl Within the Ghost

“I’m fading away into the unreal
Where nothing tastes better than thin feels
Who I am, nobody knows
‘Cause I’m the girl within the ghost”

2. Katy Rose – Lemon

“And starving hurts the soul
When you’re hungry for some love
So if I close my eyes
I can really fly above”

3. From First to Last – World War Me

“No food for weeks and I’ve never felt better
We look better famished girl
Hightail to our lush escape
And leave our filthy world away”

4. Picturesque – Day by Day

“She says she’s okay
So she’ll try to put her feelings away
But her scars will show more than she’ll say
Wish I knew what made her feel this way”

5. Beach Bunny – Prom Queen

“If I’m pretty, will you like me?
They say beauty makes boys happy
I’ve been starving myself
Carving skin until my bones are showing”

6. Keri Noble – Emily

“Somebody tell her she’s just fooling herself
She thinks she’s just fighting the shadow of somebody else
Doesn’t she notice how much she’s lost
It’s like she’s nailing herself to a cross”

7. Motion City Soundtrack – Attractive Today

“When I just want to feel alive, for the first time in my life,
I just want to feel attractive today”

8. Mother Mother – I Go Hungry

“I got a date on Friday,
Not gonna eat anything ‘til then.
I’m gonna look so skinny,
She’ll wanna feel my bones against her skin.”

9. Augustana – Coffee and Cigarettes

“And I’m sure you’ve lost that weight again
And I’m sure the pills keep pouring in
Like smoke that falls, it’s caving into you”

10. In This Moment – Big Bad Wolf

“Once upon a time
There was an evil little piggy, typical disease
You see this little pig is slowly becoming my own worst enemy
You see this little pig, she’s a blood, blood, blood sucking part of me”

11. Melanie Martinez – Orange Juice

“Now you’re sitting in the cafeteria
Shoving clementines and orange bacteria
Down your throat a dozen times a year, yeah
For another round of your bulimia”

12. Nine Inch Nails – Discipline

“I need your discipline, I need your help
I need your discipline, you know once I start I cannot help myself”

13. Sixx A.M. – Skin

“Paint yourself a picture
Of what you wish you looked like
Maybe then they just might
Feel an ounce of your pain”

14. Hole – Plump

“Failed to make it mine
They say I’m plump
But I throw up all the time
I’ve eaten you, I’m overfed”

15. Lovehatehero – Hollywoodemia

“We’re on our knees
With our fingers in our throats
To fit into the smallest jeans
We’re on our knees”

16. Radiohead – Creep

“I don’t care if it hurts
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul”

17. Halsey – Control

“I paced around for hours on empty
I jumped at the slightest of sounds
And I couldn’t stand the person inside me
I turned all the mirrors around”

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18. Sonny Moore – Copaface Part 2

“Over my head
Purge all day”

19. Marina and the Diamonds – Teen Idle

“I wanna drink until I ache
I wanna make a big mistake
I want blood, guts, and angel cake
I’m gonna puke it anyway”

20. Cygnets – Ana & Mia

“Woke up all alone today
With my friends Ana & Mia
Didn’t have a lot of words to say
‘Til the mirror said “I wouldn’t wanna be ya.””

21. Wale – 90210

“She barely eats at all, if she do she eats light
Indulging a meal when a toilets in sight
Expose those fries, can’t hold those down
To be seven pounds, you must release several pounds”

22. Nada Surf – See These Bones

“You look too tired to eat
Too hungry to sleep”

23. Free Throw – Better Have Burn Heal

“I’ve caught myself avoiding mirrors like the plague
I try to write down some self-praise
But I can’t even fill the page”

24. Titus Andronicus – My Eating Disorder

“Probably easier just to eat at home
Better I should wait until I’m all alone
Then I stuff myself until I explode”

25. Los Campesinos – The Sea is a Good Place to Think About the Future

“I grabbed hold of her wrist and my hand closed from tip to tip
I said, you’ve taken the diet too far, you’ve got to let it slip
But she’s not eating again, she’s not eating again”

26. The Rocket Summer – Movie Stars and Supermodels

“She wants a better body and some supermodel moves
‘Cause in her head she’s always been the ugly one
Well hey, we think we’re ugly too”

27. Eths – Bulimiarexia

“For the last time
Your thin fingers in your mouth
Those spasms that go through you
The hands of happiness”

28. Mineral Girls – Cozy Body

“I’ve got my finger down my throat
in the bathroom with the shower on
I’ve had too much
I’ll never have enough”

29. Alice Cooper – Eat Some More

“We’re not happy ‘til we’re choking
So we eat some more
Throw up on the floor
Go back to the store”

30. Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones

“All worn out and nothing fits
Brennivin and cigarettes
The more I give the less I get
But I’m all set”

31. Mariana’s Trench – Perfect

“Shake hands, and shoot smiles all around
As I sell my body by the pound.
Sign my name on the dotted line,
it would be fate not to resuscitate”

32. The Used – Bulimic

“I’m coughing up my time
Each drag’s a drop of blood, a grain
A minute of my life
It’s all I’ve got just to stay down”

33. Edith Backlund – Skinny

“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Ruthless to your victim
Suiting you becomes my love
Tied to my reflection”

34. Maria Mena – Internal Dialogue

“It must have been strange, living in blue
And see me shut down as though
It was an easy thing to do”

35. Saves the Day – Cars and Calories

“To see her own reflection was like squinting in the sun
And when all tomorrow brings is a set of broken wings
Well it takes bites out of your insides
‘Til you are just a hollow shell”

36. Juliana Hatfield – Feed Me

“I had a hole in my heart
So I threw away my plate
‘Cause nothing would fill me up
Whatever I ate”

37. Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

“The rib is the shell and the heart is the yolk
I just made a meal for us both to choke on
Every single night’s a fight with my brain”

38. Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike

“Blood is on the table
The mouths are all choking
But I’m going hungry”

39. Mitski – Brand New City

“I think my brain is rotting in places
I think my heart is ready to die
I think my body is falling in pieces
I think my blood is passing me by”

40. The Distillers – Sick of it All

“Give me the award, I conquered food again
What else is better in life than to purge my pain”

© 2020 Nora B

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