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3 Ways to Intensify Your Productivity in This Pandemic Phase

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As time is an invaluable asset, Surya has been following the 'block scheduling' principle from the past couple of years.

The Corona Virus pandemic has brought the world to its knees. People are forced to stay at home in order to contain the spread of the virus. This time is extremely crucial in building our life and transforming it to the next level. We get caught up with our daily chores and we forget to prioritize and schedule our daily flow of events. Here, in this article, I'll be talking to y'all about the 3 powerful ways to maximize your productivity levels and lead a much more organised life.


This proverb is quite famous. With the oversimplification of the above mentioned statement, we understand that our minds need to be constantly filled with thoughts. We cannot simply let it dwindle away. We live in a world where we are exposed to a lot of things. We indulge in a lot of activities and participate in various social conventions. Our lives are filled with innumerable goals and commitments. Most often than not, we lose track of time. As things get piled up, we become extremely fussy and paranoid.

The Alter-ego of Productivity

Procrastination is the alter-ego of productivity. Piling up a lot of things and sidelining the completion of particular tasks has disastrous side effects. Rescheduling of tasks is not a bad idea. It is a matter of concern only if it becomes a habit. It is obviously easy to do a particular task in the future, but finishing things as per schedule will provide a path for a good amount of mental relaxation.

Parkinson's Law

Parkinson's Law states that "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". This statement is found in a lot of self-improvement books and it serves as the perfect example of procrastination. Let's assume that you need to submit a project within a year. Our human mind is trained in such a way that the first 9 months will be spent without starting the project. It's always like ,"Well, I have a year to finish off this work. For the time being, let me just chill".

This sort of a mindset is harmful. It takes a huge toll in our personal as well as in our professional lives. By finishing a particular work in a stipulated period of time, we are not just being productive but we are also increasing our efficiency levels required for that particular task and also instigating that trust factor in our clients and employers.

Hardwork v/s Smartwork

There is a huge difference between working hard and working smart. It is like two sides of the same coin. To define these terms in a clear manner, let's take the example of Person A and Person B.

The situation is set in a manner where they are preparing for their Mathematics test :

'A' solves the entire textbook, goes through each and every single line of the assigned worksheets, almost forgets to sleep in the pretext of preparing for this test and gets a score of 98 out of 100, while on the other hand, 'B' particularly solves the previous year questions, understands the formulas and application of the same and writes the test and ends up getting 95 out of 100. This is just an academic scenario. Sometimes you gotta work hard and sometimes you gotta work smart. That flexibility factor is always there when it comes to academics.

In real life, hard-work or smart-work doesn't matter. The only thing that matters the most is your thorough understanding of the situation. Situational-awareness is essential in this survival of the fittest battle. One needs to learn to fluctuate between working hard and working smart. In the meantime, to thrive in this world, one also needs to be street smart like hell!

The 3 Powerful Ways to Intensify your Productivity :-

1.Block Scheduling

2. Application of Eisenhower Box

3. Regular Exercise and Meditation

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Block Scheduling

This a very simple tactic. We are constantly glued to our phone and dissolved in the digital world. Block Scheduling is a technique where we filter calls and messages. We also chart out our monthly goals on journals/calendars and make sure that we work towards executing all our targets.

On an average, people spend close to 3 to 4 hours on the internet, especially in platforms like Instagram. By the effective filtration of messages, we not only save a lot of time but we also get enough time to explore and develop new skills. Block Scheduling is a by product of time management. We live in an era where we simply cannot live without our phones. To mitigate this to a good extent, we create a way in which we schedule our texts , mails and meetings. By doing this, we are creating a way for the constructive thought flow patterns which will help us a lot in our respective careers.


Eisenhower Box

The aforementioned diagram is self-explanatory. Productivity is directly linked to our decision making skills. By the channelization of what is important and what is not, what is urgent and what is not urgent, one learns how to play with time. We all have 24 hours. Right from Elon Musk to the street dweller out there, we have the same 86400 seconds everyday. It is left to us to put it to the best possible use.

One key aspect about the Eisenhower Box is that it stresses delegation. That is something quite uncommon as we all have the tendency to control everything by our own selves. When reality kicks in, we are asked to confront numerous tasks in one go. At this point, most of us completely fall flat on our face and shatter. This is where delegation comes into the picture. Delegation is a skill. It comes with practice. It also builds the quality of trust.

Regular Exercise and Meditation

Intense productive sessions are quite tiresome. To provide sufficient amount of mental rest, one needs to practice Yoga or indulge in a rigorous workout regime. The mind and the body both require adequate rest in order to sustain in the longer run. Here, I would like to also mention about the importance of the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction states that your thoughts create your reality. There is a pure energy associated with everything we do and by sending out positive, realistic thoughts, we are indirectly indulging in the manifestation of our own reality. Our thoughts resonate with the pure energy that surrounds us and gives us a transcending experience.

Mediation and Mind spacing are key ingredients in finding peace in our process. Things will be hard. Things will get rough but no matter what, we gotta keep going in our process.

Remember, the probability of being born as a human being is one in 400 trillion. Every second counts. Constantly driven in life is an essential thing in our sustainability. There is a huge difference between being productive and being a workaholic. One needs to learn to juggle between these two and periodically take breaks by playing video games or by doing something they love doing the most !


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