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4 Unexpected Health Advantages of Chocolate Consumption

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Despite the fact that this delicious indulgence is frequently thought of as a special treat, study shows that chocolate has a number of positive health effects. The benefits of chocolate for both you and your body are listed below.


Aids In Weight Management

Although it may seem counterintuitive to consume chocolate on a daily basis in order to keep a good weight, study shows that chocolate could help with weight loss by helping to manage hunger, according to Everyday Health. Eat some dark chocolate pre or post meals to help your body produce chemicals that tell your brain you're full, according to neuroscientist Will Clower. More chocolate will probably prevent any weight loss, although snacking on a little bit now and then might be beneficial.

Enhances Mental Capacity

According to John Hopkins Medicine, dark chocolate contains a lot of the phytonutrient flavonol, which can help with improved response time, visual-spatial awareness, and better memory." These conclusions were supported by Harvard Medical School, which quoted a review that appeared in the May 2017 issue of the journal Frontiers in Nutrition and discovered proof of "improved brain blood flow, oxygen supply, or nerve function" after study participants drank cocoa beverages like hot chocolate.

Increases Physical Performance

Although pairing chocolate with exercise may seem like a bad idea, some study indicates the opposite is more likely. Per the research reported in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolate before working out may increase your body's ability to absorb oxygen.


Prevents UV Irritation To The Skin

According to skin care company Paula's Choice, dark chocolate's antioxidants serve to "negate the free-radical destruction that sunlight produces," protecting your skin. According to a report at the National Library of Medicine, after ingesting flavanol chocolate every day for 90 days, the photoprotection of 30 participants more than doubled.

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