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4 Major Challenges of Gym and Fitness Industry and their Solutions

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Owning a gym is not without its difficulties. Many gym operators face issues ranging from member retention to personnel and operational management. Take a look at the top four problems that come with operating a gym and what you can do to overcome them.

Managing Finances


The primary focus of gym owners, like any other business, is finance. Finance is what keeps the business running. Whether you are paying for your employees' salary or maintenance of your gym equipment, finance is needed for just about everything.

When members cancel or refuse to renew their subscriptions, the gym can run into financial challenges. Member subscription also varies depending upon the time of the year. This can be frustrating as the cost of running a gym does not vary depending upon the number of members.

What you can do about it:

It's as simple as being aware of your financial situation. Staying on top of your money requires knowing how to get critical financial information regularly. Do not rely on sloppy spreadsheets.

Invest in a full-featured accounting and payment management system such as Online Check Writer that can generate financial reports at the touch of a button.

Financial statistics on monthly expenditures and revenues may help gym operators forecast income months in advance. The bulk of fitness clubs has a 30-50 percent turnover rate. Understanding financial data and sticking to a budget might put you in the minority of efficient fitness clubs.

Maintenance of the Facility


Opening a gym might be expensive at first. In reality, the typical cost of opening a gym ranges from $25,000 to over a million dollars, depending on the sort of club you want to start. After you get your feet off the ground, though, if you handle your funds properly, you'll notice a continuous cash stream. The amount you invest upfront will be determined by the sort of facility you operate. It is not only expensive to start a gym, but it is also pricey to maintain one.

For instance: Maintaining a pool at your facility takes some effort and a lot of cleaning supplies. It's all part of keeping a good, clean pool for your members, from chemical cleansers to vacuuming to monitoring the pH levels of the water.

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Equipment and cleaning materials such as towels, equipment cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper, and more are common expenditures associated with running a gym. Rent, permits, and licenses are a few more running expenditures to consider.

How you can Solve it:

Prepare for the problems and expenditures ahead of time. Simply recognizing the difficulties of running a gym and the costs of opening and maintaining one will provide you with adequate time to prepare before an issue arises. To stay focused and avoid financial troubles, begin by making a business strategy, setting financial goals, generating a budget sheet, and implementing the appropriate technologies.

Another proven technique to handle maintenance issues is to get feedback from your members. By offering comment boxes and encouraging people to share their ideas and demands, you can maintain an open channel of contact with your members and staff.

Member Retention/Satisfaction


It's tough to keep all of your members pleased all of the time when you manage a gym. As a gym owner, you sincerely want to provide the finest experience for every member, but this may be difficult given that everyone's demands are different. It might be difficult to keep members who are consistently disgruntled. Because better member happiness leads to increased member retention, gym owners must understand and reward members. The only way to learn about your members' problems and needs is to ask them.


Every month, survey your members. This will allow your members to express their concerns and suggestions. Inquire if any members have any particular demands or wants, such as a different piece of gym equipment, other varieties of sports drinks for purchase, or new group activities they'd like to try. It's critical to get this kind of feedback from your members if you want to keep them engaged and happy. Email and a mobile app are two more simple methods to interact with your subscribers. Send out a monthly email to your members to keep them up to date on what's going on at your gym.

If your gym uses a mobile app, you may provide your members the option of setting fitness goals and tracking their success along the way. Sending push notifications with information and reminders is another approach to keep users engaged through a mobile app. Changes in gym hours, reminders for scheduled personal training sessions, forthcoming payments, food discounts, and facility-wide challenges are all examples of information that may be included

Management of Employees


Each employee is unique, with various goals and methods of doing things, which may make managing different sorts of staff difficult for gym owners. Some personnel is enthusiastic about their jobs, while others are merely there for the money and may not give the member experience the attention it deserves.

It's difficult to create a work schedule that pleases everyone, and scheduling issues can lead to employee dissatisfaction. Understanding each person and how to handle them individually is critical for gym owners. Pleased employees are likely to be happy members.

How to approach this problem:

Employees that are enthusiastic about their jobs should be strategically placed in member-facing roles inside your gym. Members will be more satisfied and retain their membership if they see personnel who are pleased and love connecting with them. Organize weekly in-person meetings with workers to address any problems or questions they may have. Make sure they are paid on time. Online Check Writer, for instance allows you to create payroll checks in bulk.

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