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4 Truths That Men Must Accept in Order to Live Successfully

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It has always been said that in order to be successful, you have to live like those who already made it in life. But then, it becomes tricky in that you cannot master the lifestyles of those who already made it in life, if you do not become successful yourself.

This makes the phrase, a little bit tricky to understand, especially now that you do not know exactly what the rich people do that you still do not do. In this article, i am going to show you how, by telling you some of the truths that you must accept in your life if you want to be successful.

I therefore require a few of your time in order to show you, four truths that you should accept in your life, in order to be successful. The list below, states briefly the points we are going to look at.

The following states the truths that you should accept in life, if you want to be successful:

  1. Money is not a source of happiness.
  2. Education itself cannot make you rich.
  3. Friends help you more than family can.
  4. Failing is not a crime.

Yeah, in that case, let's dive deep into the explanation of each of these points.

1. Money is not a source of happiness.

Over decades now, the value of money has increased by far to the extent where you might think money is the only thing you need in life. But again, after trying to look into money as a resource, we can confidently tell that money only helps you purchase physical materials that you deserve.

The truth is, you can not use it to buy things like; life, good health, happiness, etc. This is because these things require more than the value that money has. For instance, for you to have good health, you need God to guide you, not money.

That means that there is no way money will buy you happiness. So stop trying to believe in money too much to think that it will make you happy. It has never happened and it will never happen for even the most richest people on earth are not happy the way they expect to be.

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2. Education itself will not make you rich/successful.

Having talked about the fact that money will not make you happy, let's say something concerning education. Now, we all go to school without knowing exactly what we need from school.

There is this kind of fake belief that those who have studied up to the highest levels are the ones who are successful. Nothing of sort is happening in the world. The fact is, those who never completed schools are the ones who are running businesses across the nation.

But then, how do you think they made it there if they never went to school like you did? it is because of hard work and self motivation. Just, if they would have depended on education to make them successful, then maybe they would be dead by now.

Education will only equip you with skills to make you the person that the society requires, but it is not what will make you successful. So, it is good to change the way you view education.

3. Friends help more than family.

The belief that blood is thicker than water is an old school one, because nowadays, the way things work, water seems to be thicker than blood. What it means is, relatives are no longer as helping as they used to be.

If you check with your parents, what they will tell you is that, blood was thicker than water, long time ago. Nowadays, every individual is left to make it on their own. No relative will come to assist you if you don't do it yourself.

Again, friends have become so lenient to us that we feel like, they are the real relatives to us. A good friend will never let you miss an opportunity, something that relatives are unable to do.

It is not that i am against relatives, but that is what the world has developed into. In that case, thank God if what has been said here is against what you experience. It is not what is happening out here.

4. Failing is not a crime.

Most of us are unable to achieve our goals because one thing, we are afraid we might fail, right? But now when you try to look at it deeply, you will realize that failing is only the foundation of your success.

Nobody has even been successful without failing at some point. That means, you have to fail before you succeed. Therefore fearing the fact that you will fail. In fact, when you fail, it is when you realize that you are on the right track/

So take failure as something positive and make it your source of motivation. At least when you fail once, make it a goal not to fail twice and when you fail twice, there is always another chance to be successful. So keep moving.


Before i leave you to think through your life once more, i want to thank you for reading this article. At least you have added a skill to the way you approach lifestyle. For that reason, I urge you to try put this information at your fingertips, let it be your daily motivation.

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