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31 Phobias: #9 the Fear of Electricity

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Electrophobia - The fear of electricity

Electrophobia - The fear of electricity


The Fear of Electricity

The fear of electricity is called Electrophobia. There is a 'wide line' when "the fear of electricity" is involved. There's being overly cautious and there's terribily horrified. So horrified that an electrophobic can't even turn on a light switch for fear of being shocked or worse - electrocuted!

Electrophobia is a common (specific) phobia and like most other common phobias it was developed because of a traumatic experience. Either being shocked or seeing someone else being shocked, possibly electrocuted, can trigger a person to develop Electrophobia.

Developing Electrophobia

Common Experiences

A common trigger that causes a person to become an Electrophobic is lightning. For some reason, some people are so terrified of it that they are considered to may be suffering from Astraphobia. Astraphobics, however, are able to turn on and off light switches, cook on an electric stove, operate electrical appliances; whereas a person with an extreme case of Electrophobia, such tasks are impossible. Some sufferers can't even look at a picture of a lightning bolt - let alone sit through a lightning storm.

Another common cause that triggers someone into developing Electrophobia, or at least become overly cautious of it, is the fear of being shocked/electrocuted while bathing, showering, even swimming in pools.
I know all about this all too well.

The most common people develop Electrophobia is by sticking something (usually a wire) into an electrical outlet. Everybody remembers being shocked, it's a dramatic experience. This can cause a person to develop Electrophobia or to be overly cautious, but for most of us it's a lesson well learned.

Curing Electrophobia

How to Cure Electrophobia

It's not often a person gets cured from suffering Electrophobia (if at all), even though people who suffer from Astraphobia have a much higher chance of getting cured.

Electrophobia can cause severe social problems that can affect your daily life. Losing friends and jobs are just a few of the problems Electrophobics faces. If an Electrophobic doesn't seek help soon they may have to resort to desperate measures just to survive.

The only thing I know about electricity is NOT to mess with it.

The only thing I know about electricity is NOT to mess with it.

My Personal Fear of Electricity

Not sure if it's fear, or just a tremendous amount of respect. The only thing I know about electricity is not to mess with it.

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Yes. I have been shocked, damn near electrocuted if you ask me.

I was 22, a roofer and I worked all day in the sun. On the way home I stopped for a beer at a local tavern for one over on the corner of Conkey and Jackson in Hammond, IN. It's not there anymore. The building was demolished.

After a while, I thought it best to call my girlfriend and let her know that I will be a little late. Didn't have a cell phone, but luckily the tavern had a payphone.

The payphone was located near the backdoor in a little room. Next to the payphone was a refrigerator, a little shabby looking but it worked.

After I dialed the phone number I grabbed the refrigerator door handle. Nothing happened at first, but after the third ring my girlfriend answered and I slid my hand down the door handle. When I got to the bottom and before I could say "hello" I started getting shocked...violently!

I don't remember much but I woke up on the floor with the refrigerator door wide open and I was on my back. My legs were inside the refrigerator with everything on top of me. I must have kicked everything out of the fridge when I was being shocked.

It seems the metal cord from the payphone was wrapped around my arm and it served as ground. I slid my hand down the fridge door handle to an open circuit (I suppose) and completed the current from the payphone cord.

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James Timothy Peters (author) from Hammond, Indiana on May 02, 2014:

I also make sure that no appliance is plugged in when I take a shower/bath. It freaks me out just thinking about it. I, too, don't believe I have a phobia, I do, however, believe that I'm overly cautious.

Thank you for the comment.

Gracie L Sprouse from Virginia on May 02, 2014:

I do have a fear of electricity but never considered it a phobia. For example if my son is rewiring a ceiling fan or a ceiling light fixture. I go completely out of room until he's done. I have more of a phobia of the combination of water and electricity. Someone once wanted to use an electric curling iron on my hair while it was still wet. I refused! No way !

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