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31 Phobias: #11 the Fear of Food (Leftovers)

Most Cibophobiacs will NOT eat food over 24 hrs old. There's no such thing as "leftovers" with a person suffering from Cibophobia.

Most Cibophobiacs will NOT eat food over 24 hrs old. There's no such thing as "leftovers" with a person suffering from Cibophobia.


The Fear of Food (Leftovers)

A Difficult Phobia to Recognize

Cibophobia is NOT a common (specific) phobia and is rather difficult for doctors to diagnose. It's often confused as anorexia, especially that now society has gone "semi-health conscious". Most Cibophobiacs are rather health conscious and most keep themselves in shape. That does not mean that MOST people who keep fit are sufferers of Cibophobia or that there's a chance you may become a Cibophobiac if you start taking fitness seriously.

Anorexia is often mistaken to those who have Cibophobia because they refuse to eat certain foods. Leftovers mainly, but there's also fries served in a paper-lined plastic basket, condiments in plastic squirt bottles, &c. - the list goes on and on.

What's the BIG Deal with Leftovers?

Some Cibophoboiacs look at leftovers as nothing more than a petri dish full of viruses & diseases. The thought of eating leftovers can cause a Cibophobiac to feel nauseated. With extreme cases a sufferer can't even handle, touch or even see leftover food.

Most Cibophobiacs prefer NOT to have ANY food in their residence "what-so-ever" for fear of causing airborne viruses to develop and possibly inhaled.

Those who suffer from fear of airborne viruses and getting sick are known as Hypochondriacs.

Curing a Cibophobia

Currently there are no known "sure cures" for Cibophobia. There is, however, therapists that can help those who suffer from Cibophobia and help try to control their symptoms while in public.

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There is Some Truth to the Fear

It's well documented and proven that food spoils. Period.
There's no denying that.

However, the average human being has an awesome immune system. Now read this first part very carefully, I highly recommend that you DO NOT eat any food that you know has been improperly mishandled in anyway on purpose or accidentally, however, if you are about to consume a food item that's gone bad chances are pretty good that you'll smell it or taste it.
Now if you placed it in your mouth and bit into it, depending how long it takes you to notice that the food item was spoiled and how many times you chewed it in your mouth; how much saliva was built around the spoiled food item and unintentionally got swallowed?

Now if you're not Cibophobiac, you might become one after reading this Hub.

Cibrophobiacs Make Lousy Roommates

Could You Imagine...?

I feel it would be a total nightmare.
It'd be cool the first three days, but then shit would just get real.

First, every wrapped food item whether it's in a plastic baggie, or wrapped in aluminum foil, it/they have to vacate the premises ASAP (as-soon-as-possible).
Any item remaining past twelve (12) hours that is not refrigerated will be properly disposed of.

Any remaining food in a box/bag (cereal, instant potatoes, flour) once opened and used the remaining is thrown out. Some cases do vary to a degree.

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