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1 year as a Vegetarian


Why I started my journey as a vegetarian

My back ground with food

Let me start by speaking on my eating habits I grew up eating the standard american diet my mom would always make fried chicken or, pork chops with macaroni and cheese or, fries. Sausage, bacon fried eggs for breakfast.There was always kool- aid or soda so I would also have a lot of sugar.

I rarely had a vegetable anytime I did it would be carrots and broccoli with lots of ranch dressing. I was never really fit however as an adult I started to exercise and loss weight. However, in the past couple years I have been eating really unhealthy due to stress and started gaining weight.

Why I started my journey as a vegetarian

Why I started my journey as a vegetarian was because I wanted to get healthier. Most people do it for animals I did it to get my weight under control. I have tried all of the fad diets like " the military diet" the egg diet" even drinking apple cider vinegar. I wanted something that would last and not be temporary.

I did this journey because I realized. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I had stopped working out, started eating nothing but, fast food and just had given up.The weight slowly started to creep up and I got heavier and heavier. There are other dirt that works just as good but, this is a life style change and in my opinion easier to stick to.


How my Journey started

I started my journey by going cold turkey and just stopped eating meat. This was a big mistake I had done no research ended up getting really sick. At first I wasn't even eating vegetables just noodles, potatoes and eggs which are just carbs. I also was always hungry got headaches and was extremely tired , due to lack of research.

I then went back to eating meat and binged one day because I was so hungry. I started again the next week after doing some research. I then started eating meat once to twice a week. However, it was not healthy foods still eating process fried food which doesn't help. I finally stared to meal prep once a week and would experiment with different veggies. Meal prep makes if much easier there are tons recipes online another good source is a vegetarian or, vegan blog.

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The negatives and positives of being a vegetarian

There can be some negative and positive effects of being vegetarian.

Although being a vegetarian can be healthy however,it can also cause a lot of problems if not done properly. I myself experience some tiredness and headaches. These experiences can discourage people to not want to start. Its important to do lots of research before going plant base.

Negative Effects





Positive Effects

Weight Loss

Healthy gut

Clear skin

Can help prevent centain diseases

After a while I noticed my taste buds started to change. I really enjoyed eating vegetables and cooking. After a while I notice that I would get fuller faster and have certain craving. I also realized that eating, grains, legumes, rice and beans kept me fuller longer and satisfied my hunger. Eating this way will also save you money since fresh produce will be a bit pricey.

What I've learned sense going plant based.

What I have learned so far is to do lots research and take your time. Its hard for most people at first you just have to be disciplined. I have actually taught myself cook and I love it. There are so many different things to eat besides salad. Now days they have a variety a fake meat, and other protein options. Another I can say is to invest in a blender and make shakes with spinach, kale and other yummy veggie. Add any fruit you want like a banana and it will taste sweet, it will also keep you fuller for longer.I have also learned that food tastes so much better when made fresh. I started for weight loss but, fell in love with how it made me feel over all.

Inconclusion I feel going vegetarian or, vegan is not only good for your body but, also for the environment. It may not be for everyone or, wve the healthiest diet or, 'life style" but it definitely worth try.


Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 30, 2020:

Thanks for stressing the importance of being prepared before making such a drastic change in lifestyle. You learn gradually. Best to you going forward.

Sequoia Coleman (author) from Los Angeles on March 30, 2020:

Being a vegetarian or, vegan takes alot a self control and commitment. It's a lifestyle choice not a diet. It's not for everybody but, I love it and will continue to live this lifestyle, as long as can.

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