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30+ Ways to Live Longer: Get Intimate, Save Pennies, & More

Fredda Branyon has dedicated her life to the advancement of complementary medicine.


You may be able to celebrate your 80th, 90th, or 100th birthday with these scientist-approved tips on how to live longer.

I recently came across an interesting piece of writing that outlined over 30 ways to live longer, each one being evidence-based or supported by a government study. However, keep in mind that even though prolonging life is possible, genetics still account for approximately 25 percent of our life span.

How to Increase Life Expectancy

Here's how you can live a long and healthy life, according to multiple studies:

  • Take vitamin D. If you're already taking them, see your healthcare provider to discuss the possibility of increasing your dosage.
  • Do not use pain medication such as ibuprofen and naproxen unless you need them because they may increase your risk of heart attacks.
  • Getting quality sleep every night helps reduce stress levels and lowers the risk of various diseases.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend on social media sites since it can interfere with your sleep schedule and cause several other problems.
  • Get an annual or bi-annual medical checkup complete with blood draws and cancer screenings to ensure that you're healthy.
  • Visit your dentist every six months. Oral bacteria can travel to other areas of your body, including the brain, causing serious problems.
  • Having sex at least once a week may be a predictor of life longevity.
  • Stay intimate with only one partner or use contraceptives to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Do not eat raw or undercooked eggs, poultry, and meat to avoid becoming infected with salmonella.
  • Don't hesitate to drink a cup of coffee every morning because it does so much more than waking you up.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables are okay once in a while, so go ahead and eat that balanced diet when you can't get your hands on fresh produce.
  • The powerful antioxidants in green tea can contribute to a longer life.
  • Limit or cut out refined sugars from your diet.
  • Getting your daily serving of whole grains can reduce the likelihood of premature death from cardiovascular diseases by 25 percent.
  • Using chili peppers to add a kick to your meals can add years to your life.
  • Opt for whole milk to reduce your risk of diabetes by 50 percent.
  • Drink water (you already know how many cups) to stay hydrated.
  • Keep your hands, kitchen utensils, and actual kitchen clean to avoid a serious case of food poisoning.
  • Avoid eating at poorly-rated restaurants and fast food joints, especially if the reason for their bad rating is food poisoning.
  • Exercise to maintain a healthy weight. The life expectancy of obese people is reduced by as much as 20 years in men and 5 years in women.
  • You already know the drill—eat those green leafy vegetables!
  • Eat like the Greeks with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and olive oil.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Drink less alcohol or give it up completely.
  • Save your pennies because according to Stanford researchers, while money can't make you happy, it can certainly help you live up to 15 years longer.
  • Interested in moving? People living in California, Vermont, and New York live the longest compared to other states.
  • Witnessing something glorious, such as the Seven Wonders of the World, may prolong your life, said a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Take a leave from work. Failing to do so is dangerous to your health.
  • Maintain friendships with people who radiate positivity and influence you to be better.
  • Do something you love to reduce stress and boost your immune system.
  • Babysitting your grandchildren can reduce your risk of dying by a third.
  • Go to the hardware store and buy detectors for radon and lead, both of which can cause cancer and death.
  • Roll up the carpet to avoid tripping and hitting your head on something solid.
  • Practice safety drills at home, including for a fire, earthquake, hurricane, and others.
  • If possible, forgive your foes — especially if they're family — to pluck unwanted stress and baggage away from your life.
  • If you don't live too high up from the lobby of your apartment building, consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Never check your phone when driving and follow traffic rules at all times.

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Cheers to reaching 80, 90, or beyond!

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