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3 Things That Would Make Your Every Day Look Better and Happier

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We have often heard people say and even experienced that no day is the same. You would have observed that one day you wake up with a big smile on your face. However, the other is just boring and sad. And later, you end up either summing up your day as the best or the worst. This daily experience for years made me realize one point. There was something that I was doing wrong for sure.

A Little and Short Backstory

How and when did I understand it? It is a long story that I would tell you in short.

It took me a long time when one day, I met a guy at work. I got to know him through a colleague. And soon we became good friends. He was a very enthusiastic person. I found him roaming across the office, meeting new people, having coffee with new colleagues each day. In a short period, nearly 80% of the office knew him. He became good friends with a few, and others couldn't stop praising him for his help on projects. Frankly, I envied him, but he was my good friend too, so I thought about asking him a question. One random day, I asked him, 'Where do you get this energy from every day? And is there never a bad or dull day in your life?' He said, 'I seem happy to you because I truly am. And there is no day in life when I don't thank god for everything he has given me.' He continued, 'We cannot step ahead until we thank god for the past accomplishments. And this gives me the confidence to stay healthy, feel energetic, and always motivated for everything around me.'

That day was an eye-opener for me because I finally understood what went wrong in my life for all these years? Why wasn't I able to feel so motivated about my life? Why wasn't my every day spent with positivity?

Current Status

So, back to the current day. This story is just a highlight of the detailed conversation that day. I had many more conversations with my friend over this topic, and in the next couple of minutes, I will share the gist, learnings, and outcomes. I did not share a detailed story of the discussion or awareness session to avoid boredom. But I swear it was enlightening to the core.

Tips and Tricks to Start Your Day

To make sure you spend your day wisely, you have to bring a small change to your life. This one activity, if you follow religiously, would change your life for good.

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  1. Express gratitude: Before getting up from the bed each day, fold your hands and thank god. Praise the Almighty for keeping you alive, healthy, mindful. Thank the Lord for providing a loving family, food, lifestyle, and everything you have in life. Starting your day like this would instantly make you realize that your life has everything and is good enough.
  2. Never talk negatively: Always remember that whatever you say to yourself gets fed into your subconscious mind. So never talk about anything negatively. No matter how annoyed you were on the last day, never start your day with a single negative thought.
  3. Note ten things you are grateful for: You have to add one more ritual to your bedtime. Before going to bed, don't forget to note ten things you are obliged for that happened on that day. This activity will help your brain send out all the negativity by keeping only positive points in the subconscious mind.

The End

Alright, so before jumping to conclusions, I would tell you about what usually went wrong with me earlier in the day? Earlier I often started my day worrying about the things that I didn't have. This thought somehow made me so sad that I could not enjoy the food, my work and even stopped realizing my worth. I even used to crib a lot about petty issues. I often prayed to the supreme power to provide me with better wealth, a bigger house but never thanked him for already giving me so much. And this was the biggest mistake of my life. Thankfully, I realized it early, thus making a better and more organized life for myself.

So, I broke the chains and made these few simple things part of my daily rituals. And now I can see it has brought a massive difference to my life, just the way my day proceeds. I hope you add these into your life as well. And don't forget to let me know in the comment section below if you find these helpful.


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Prashasti B (author) from India on June 19, 2021:

Surely, thank you for reading :)

E Randall from United States on June 18, 2021:

Positivity is key, thank you for sharing this.

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