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3 Tips to Take a Break from Life, Work, and Everything

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Are you feeling restless? Does work keep you from sleeping at night? Does it feel like you have zero motivation? Is it more challenging than usual to stay focused on tasks?

If you said “Yes” to at least one of the questions mentioned above, it might be the right time to take a break. Detachment from certain events, such as those from work and life in general, may increase levels of energy and satisfaction while decreasing exhaustion, fatigue, and stress. Still, it begs the question, how can you take a break from the hustles and bustles of daily life?

Here are three ways to help you catch a breather to take better care of your overall well-being:

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

#1. Take a True Vacation

Taking a vacation is, in a sense, getting that much-deserved break. But, you can be sunbathing on a faraway island while your mind is still sitting in front of your work computer. Keep in mind that the goal of having a true vacation is to take your physical and mental self away from school, work, and other scenarios that might be putting pressure on your well-being.

It’s important to plan your relaxing trip before packing your bags. It can still be fun not having a strategy and getting lost in a foreign as you experience new sights and sounds. However, following a strict vacation plan might work against your favor as you may not have enough wiggle room for unexpected events.

Instead, have a plan, but not a detailed one. For example, you may consider experiencing that new theme park in another continent. Now, you can let loose and have the time of your life while inside the establishment. Enjoy new flavors, take pictures with mascots, and ride the attractions until your lungs seem to give out from the screaming.

Also, remember to unplug from work while you're on vacation. Don't bring any items that may remind you of daily life back home. Here are a few quick tips to disengage from the stressors of work and life while on vacation:

  • Set automatic emails to tell people that you’re on leave.
  • Get a local phone number and use it while on vacation to cut off unexpected work-related calls. You can still inform friends and family about the new number.
  • Leave the laptop back home. Seeing the device might coerce your mind to work at your rented lodgings.

Finally, bring a relaxed mindset during a vacation. Although, it might be difficult to worry about school, work, or daily life back home. Still, most of the things that happen at home while you're on vacation shouldn't be causes for worry. So, take that much-deserved R&R. You'll find that you now have a refreshed body, mind, and soul once you return from your trip.

#2. Take a Staycation

As its name implies, a staycation is a vacation, but you’ll be staying within the confines of your neighborhood instead of spending hundreds of dollars on going on a trip to a foreign land.

Why do you need a staycation? First, you need a break. Second, you don't need to bust your budget to have relaxed and clear the mind. You can even enjoy your staycation without leaving your home.

Here are some examples of how you can take a break without spending on expensive travel fees.

  • Transform Your House into a Luxury Setting

Break out the nice sheets, light some scented candles, eat while using the fancy dishes, and play relaxing music in the background. De-stress and live like a king or queen while staying indoors by turning your humble abode into a premium retreat.

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  • Shut Off the Alarm

A regular school or workday may entail you shutting off a noisy alarm before begrudgingly starting a daily routine. During a staycation, turn off the regular alarm and take that extra hour or two of sleep.

  • Explore the City

Perhaps you always wanted to see the new attraction at the local museum. Otherwise, you’ve been dying to try that new restaurant.

Use this time to take in the sight and sounds of your local neighborhood. But, make sure to double-check your itinerary before you head out the door to make the most of your time.

  • Spend Time with the Kids

Maybe you haven’t been spending time with your children because of your busy schedule. There’s no better time to spend with family during a staycation. You can enjoy a movie night, camp out in the backyard, or take on a DIY project with the family. The possibilities for enjoyment are almost limitless when spending time with the people you hold near and dear to the heart.

#3. Learn Something New

Many people have their daily lives set as a routine. You wake up at 6 AM, take a shower, and prepare breakfast before going to school or work. This repetitive series of events may get boring over time. If that happens, you may lose motivation to function for daily tasks.

Instead, aim to make your brain juices flowing by learning something new every day. Some examples include:

  • Read about facts and trivia
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Start a new daily activity
  • Travel to new locations within your locale
  • Learn to play music

After taking advantage of these new ventures, you may find that the fibers of your being are starting to get out of that boring rut, causing you to become invigorated in becoming invigorated and inspired. Remember, you don’t need to achieve perfection after learning a new habit. Take the time, and with dedication and practice, you can achieve new skills that may warrant success.

Final Words

Take these tips and reach out for that much-needed R&R. You can learn new things, take a vacation, or stay at home for a staycation to take your mind and body from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. After finishing these relaxing activities, you may find yourself full of vigor as you return to school, work, or other undertakings of everyday living.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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