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3 Easy Ways to Overcome Criticism in Your Daily Life

Shibangi is continuously discovering herself and striving to be a better person. She shares her ways of living a better life.


No one in this world is perfect. No matter how much you try to become flawless, some flaws would stick with you forever. Mistakes are a part of everyone’s lives, and there is nothing to worry about it. But the thing that makes most of the people worry about their mistakes is criticism.

Now, like everything, criticism has its good and bad sides too. It is visualized as a problem only when its negative side starts dominating over the good part.

This thing happens in two cases. In the first case, criticism seems worse when you start getting affected in a negative manner much more than its nature.

In the second case, it also seems pessimistic like the first case when people start highlighting your mistakes much big than they are.

In the first place, you are adamant enough not to see your mistakes, and somewhere in your mind, a thought gets set that “I’m perfect”.

In the second place, you become the victim of verbal abuse, which seems gentler, but it is not.It leads to depression, self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-esteem, and dependency upon everyone’s validation.

If you feel you are facing either of these situations, here are some tips you may follow to get rid of criticism’s negative side.

1. Mistakes give birth to your best version

At times, you might have felt disappointed with yourself because some people never appreciate you rather point out your mistakes more often. Instead of feeling dejected at that time, remind yourself that everything in your life happens for a reason.

That reason is a symbol of your personal development. But at that moment you are often unable to see that thing drowned in the seas of sorrow and dejection.

The more a person criticizes you, then you should feel challenged. You should say to yourself, “I’m ready to take up the challenge to derive the best out of me. I will make sure that no one will ever get a second chance to criticize me.”

2. Accept criticism in a constructive way

We shouldn’t take criticism as a negative factor for our declination in growth always. Now what I want to say is criticism has its pros and cons.

If we keep aside its cons and focus on its pros, then it often helps us to improve ourselves. If anyone would not point out our mistakes, we will never get to know whether we are wrong or right.

Criticism is that small pinch of salt which makes the sweet dishes taste better.

Furthermore, if we will not get aware of our mistakes then how can we better ourselves? So you don’t need to avoid criticism always. Instead, absorb constructive criticism coming your way and repel the destructive and demotivating ones.

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3. Be less vulnerable to the worldly noise

Even if it is often necessary to listen to the people around, many need to be avoided. Generally, we need to avoid those who have a pessimistic mindset. The persons with this type of mindset can never motivate you to do the right thing in life.

Some say it is too hard to remain covered by a shell of ignorance. But nothing in this world is impossible to do. So, you can do this and make it a habit gradually in 3 simple steps:

  • Analyze the people you are surrounded with and figure out who motivates you and who demotivates you.
  • Lessen the importance given to the latter ones.
  • Practice this thing whenever negative thoughts begin to surround you.

That’s it!

Don’t feel hesitant to filter out the impurities of your life, even if it is a person who might be close to you or not. The more trash you throw away, the cleaner your mind will remain.

Lastly, avoid extreme negativities and never let them rule you. So, these were some tips that might help you let go of criticism, the negative ones in your daily life.

I hope the above-given tips would spark positivity within your minds. Also, do let me know your experiences of facing criticism and how you deal with it.

Let us connect in the comments section and discuss more solutions to this perennial obstacle that helps us and breaks us too.


Criticism is not completely bad for someone. It is not good either if it exceeds limits. It depends on you to choose between beneficial and harmful criticism.

It is your choice to feel either motivated or crushed. Spread your arms to the criticism that could make you better. Make the negative comments coming in go through introspection; who knows there would be something in it that contains positivity.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Shibangi Das


Risha Khan from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh on November 12, 2020:

Your article regarding handling criticism was much needed, Shibangi. Positive criticism definitely helps in self-improvement. We should stay away from people who demotivate us often. Their negative energy affects us badly. Yes, there are times when we feel low because of constant criticism. This leads to decline in self-esteem resulting in depression. The first initiative is self-acceptance. Accepting that I have flaws and become a better version as each day goes by. Sometimes, I avoid people and music becomes my only refuge.

Thank you for sharing your article. Keep it up and all the best for future!!!!

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