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30 Days better Mom Challenge

Are you a mom? Want to be the best mom possible? Start with these 30 daily changes.The 30 Days Better Mom Challenge is a fun way to see how


30 Days better Mom Challenge – be a happier Mom

Everyone wants to be a better Mom and improve their parenting skills, but no one actually knows what to do. Life can get tough as a mom. If you’re having trouble with your day-to-day parenting duties as a Mom, then I have some great news for you “Better MOM challenge”! If you’re feeling defeated by the “Mom” label that people are calling you. Or if you just want to make things a little easier for yourself, then this is a better Mom challenge for you. The Better Mom Challenge is based on the idea that everyone needs a little help sometimes. And that’s what it’s all about. You’re not alone, and there are so many other moms out there who are going through the same thing as you. With this Better Mom challenge, we’re here to offer support. And inspiration so that we can all be better mothers together! “If you take part in our 30-Day Mom Challenge to become a better mother. You will have a healthier and happier relationship with both your children and yourself” On the first day, focus mostly on the first challenge. The following days focus on the current challenge and the previous challenges. Enjoy!

30 Day Better Mom Challenge – Be a Happier Mom

Day 1. Ask your children: What’s the thing we can do together this month?

Take suggestions from your kids. This month is all about you! Your mom and I are going to do our best to make sure you feel like the center of the universe. What can we do together this month? Let’s make a list! 1) – Play with your pets 2) – Draw pictures of your favorite things 3) – Try new recipes together 4) – Play games on your phones

Day 2. Greet Your Children Each Morning as part of the Better MOM challenge

Hello! It’s the second day of the Better Mom Challenge. Today, we’re going to practice greeting your children each morning. What is the purpose of greeting your children each morning? Greeting your children each morning can help you be more positive and energetic throughout the day. It also helps you show your children that they are important to you. How do I greet my child? When it’s time for breakfast, say: “Good morning, honey!” and give them a hug. Then ask if they had a good night’s sleep and tell them about what activities you did together last night.

Day 3. In your Better MOM challenge count on Kissing your children while they are asleep

It’s time for Day 3 of the Better Mom Challenge! Always kiss your children goodnight – even if they’re already asleep. ~ H. Jackson Brown Always kiss your children goodnight. Even if they’re already asleep, it’s important to start the day off on a positive note. By giving your little ones a warm, loving kiss goodnight. This is especially important for newborn babies. Who can’t respond to their parent’s affection. But also for older kids and teens, who are less likely to give you hugs or kisses as often as you’d like. It’s also a great way to help them feel special when they’re growing up and realize. That mommy and daddy care about them enough to kiss them goodnight!

Day 4 : Today’s focus is Joy in your Better MOM challenge

You’ve made it to Day 4 of the Better Mom Challenge! Today, we’re focusing on Joy. Spend time with your kids this month, and make sure you’re doing things that make them feel joyful. Joy is the feeling of happiness and excitement, which can be experienced by anyone. It’s also a feeling that many people experience. when they’re doing something they love or in a place they enjoy. But not everyone knows what it feels like to experience joy every day of their lives—and that’s where we come in! We’ve designed this Better Mom challenge to help you find joy in everyday life. by getting out there and doing something fun with your kids. Whether it’s playing together or just having a conversation. Get outside, go for a walk, visit a museum, and take them to an amusement park. Whatever it is that lights up their spirits will make them feel happy!

Day 5 : Leave a sweet note for them

It’s day 5 of the Better Mom challenge. Below are two exemplary sweet notes that you can leave for your beloved ones. You can write anything, Any motivational quote, a famous line. Or leave a blank with a colorful Hearts note. Anything you want!

  1. Hey, kiddos!

I hope you’re having a great day. I just wanted to leave you a little note and let you know that I’m thinking of you. Have fun with your homework and try not to get into too much trouble this week. Also, keep being good listeners, because it’s so important that we listen to each other. And make sure we’re all on the same page with our values and beliefs. Love, Mom 2. Hey there, kiddos! I love you both so much. I just want to say that I’m glad we’re having such a good week. You are both so smart and funny, and I just know we’re going to be the best parents ever. I hope you had a great day at school today, and that you ate lots of cookies. I’m trying to eat more vegetables too, but it’s hard with cake in the house. What do you think about these yummy-looking [product name] bars? They’re delicious!

Day 6: Teach your child one thing He can do on his own

Day 6 of the better mom challenge is all about teaching your child one thing he can do on his own. Whether it’s something as simple as learning how to tie his own shoes. Or something more challenging like learning how to cook a healthy meal. This challenge is about encouraging your child to feel confident. And capable of doing whatever it is he wants to do.

If you have a child who struggles with self-confidence, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to teach your child that he is capable of doing so much. And that the world isn’t just out there waiting for him to conquer it.

Day 7 : Do not criticize your child in today’s Better MOM challenge

Day 7 of the #BetterMomChallenge! We’re all about forgiveness today. Do not criticize your child today. They are young and have no idea what words can do to them. It’s important to show them by example that you believe in them. That they are capable of amazing things and can be successful. Today, don’t let your child hear any negative comments about their behavior. If you notice someone giving your child a hard time, say something like “please don’t criticize my child” or “he/she is too young to understand.”

Day 8: Laugh with your child today

Kids are a lot like cats: they need to be scratched, petted, and played with. They don’t always know what they want or need, but they DO know that you have to be there for them. Sometimes the best way to show your child that you love them is through laughter—not just at their jokes. But also at their silliness, their moments of frustration. And all of the other things that make them who they are.

Day 9 : Listen, Really Listen to your child as part of your Better MOM challenge

If you are like most parents, you have a million things on your mind. it’s no wonder that many of them don’t seem to be getting through to your children. But if you’re willing to put down the phone and really listen to your child when they talk, even for just a minute or two. You’ll be surprised at what you hear: The real story behind the big problem. Listen when they talk about not feeling understood by their friends or teachers. Listen when they talk about feeling left out or unheard in class. Listen when they tell you about the time their friend called them a bad name or said something means. Even if it’s just once, listen to how hurtful those words feel—and how much it hurts them every time they say it! By listening carefully, you can learn what they need from you. And give it to them based on that understanding. And maybe even help make sure that kind of thing doesn’t happen again!

Day 10 : Ask your child’s opinion

Have your child tell you what they think about the question. Say things like, “I would like to know what you think about this,” or “I’m curious to know how you feel about this.” Ask them to explain their reasons for coming up with their answer. For example, if you ask them why they think that a certain toy is a good choice for them. They might respond by saying something like “Well, it’s red,” or “It has wheels.” This will help you better understand how they’re thinking about the issue. And will also give you an idea of what their concerns are.

Day 11: Be firm when needed, but not harsh

It’s Day 11 of the Better Mom Challenge We all know that being firm with your kids is important. But making sure you’re not harsh with them can make a big difference. It’s important to be firm—but if you’re too harsh, your child may start avoiding you. They may even think it’s their fault that they don’t get what they want. Instead of being harsh, try saying things like: “You have to help me,” or “We need to get this done.” If they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Try saying something along the lines of: “You didn’t do it right,” or “You didn’t follow directions.” These types of statements are not meant to insult or degrade them. But they’re designed to show your child that you trust them and believe in them.

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Day 12: Being a mother is a gift

It’s day 12 of the Better Mommy Challenge! We’ve all been working hard to be the best mothers we can be. But it’s not just about being the best at being a mother—it’s also about being a good parent. Today we’re going to focus on taking care of ourselves as parents. We’ll talk about how we can make sure that we’re taking care of our mental health. And our physical health so that we’re able to stay healthy and strong for our families. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not—as a person. You are an important member of society and deserve to take care of yourself too!

Day 13: Teach Your Children a New Skill

Today is the day to teach your children a new skill! We’re here to help you with that. We’ve got all of these great ideas for you to try, from learning how to cook something tasty and healthy. Or to learn how to make a video game or just play one. For the more competitive types, you could play checkers or chess. Or if you have more time on your hands, set up some teams and have them compete in sports like basketball or soccer.

Day 14 : Find Something to Be Appreciative About

I’m going to try and do this every day for the next week #BetterMOMChallenge There are so many things I am grateful for. I am grateful that my kids are healthy, that I have a job I enjoy, that the world is still here, and so much more. But as we all know, sometimes it’s hard to find something you’re grateful for when life gets overwhelming. So today I want you to ask yourself: What are you grateful for? Writing down 5-10 things that make you feel thankful is a great way to start the day off right! If you have friends asking what they can do to help or get involved with this challenge. Let’s grow together by sharing this article with your friends and family.

Day 15: Today’s focus is patience in your Better MOM/ DAD challenge

Do you feel like you have to be super-fast and efficient all the time? It’s true—maybe it’s because you’re so used to being busy that you don’t know how to be patient with yourself. So today, stop and make a list of things that are easy for you to do, but hard for other people. Maybe it’s taking a slow break at work every hour or two, or taking five minutes just to sit down. And relax when you get home from work. Maybe it’s going for a walk instead of using your phone or watching Netflix. Maybe it’s learning something new about yourself so that you can give yourself permission to take care of yourself. In ways that feel good for YOU—not just for your job or your career. The point is: this is YOUR life, and YOU get to decide what works best for YOU!

Day 16: spend more time with your child practicing their manners.

Today, spend more time with your child practicing their manners. Your child is still young, so they don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong by nature. As a parent, you need to teach them proper behavior. So that they will grow up to be good citizens and make good decisions in life.

Day 17: Pray for wisdom as part of your Better MOM challenge

Dear Lord, I pray that this day will help me to be a better mom. I pray that my children will see me as a model for how they should treat others. I pray that when I am upset with them or with you. It is because I am trying to do what is best for them and for the world around them. Help me to remember that what I do matters. Help me to remember that the world needs each of us to be good people. And that our actions can affect our children’s futures in positive ways. Help me to see myself as someone who is making a difference in this world. Even when it seems like no one else cares what I have done or how hard it was for me to do it. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Day 18 : Prioritize Your Children’s Sleep

Day 18 of the Better Mommy challenge. Prioritize your baby’s sleep The importance of sleep for children is well-established. While many parents may feel that their child is ready to go to bed at a certain time. There are many ways to ensure that your child gets enough sleep. Make sure you get your child up and out of bed by 7:30 in the morning so they can get an early start on the day’s activities. If your child is waking up during the night, be sure to set up a routine with them. So they know what will happen when they wake up in the morning. For example, if one of your children wakes up at 3:00 AM every day, make sure you’re sitting down with them. As soon as they wake up and talk about what they need to do today. Try not to let your kids fall asleep in front of screens like TV or video games. These activities can delay sleep onset by over two hours!

Day 19 : In better MOM challenge Start A New Tradition

Day 19 of the #MommyChallenge is about starting a new tradition. This can be anything from attending your child’s soccer game to going to the zoo with your family. You can even ask your kids for ideas on things they want to do. Or what their favorite thing to do with you is. Whatever it is, make sure that you have fun!

Day 20 : Turn off your phone, computer, or TV when your children are with you

Today is the day we turn off our devices—we’re talking phones, computers, and TVs. We hope you’ll keep this commitment and encourage your child to do the same. The more we all practice this, the easier it will get! We know that sometimes it’s hard to turn off your phone when you don’t want to miss a call or text message. We also know that sometimes it’s hard to turn off your computer when you just want to get some work done. And sometimes it’s hard to turn off your TV when you want to catch up on some TV shows (even though they are very educational!). But what if we told you that taking even just a few minutes out of each day? It will make a huge difference in your child’s learning?

Day 21: Let Them Try Anything & Everything

Today is the day to let your kids try new things. If you’re tired of trying to get your child to eat, or tired of trying to get them to do their homework. Or tired of doing things with your kid that you hate doing for them. Today is the day to let them try anything and everything. Maybe they’ll try new food. Maybe they’ll try a new activity. Maybe they’ll try something that’s not usually in the realm of possibility for them (but maybe it should be?). Let them have at it! They won’t know what they’re missing until they’ve tried it.

Day 22: Hug your children three times a day today

in your It’s the 22nd day of the #Better Mom challenge! Today, we’re calling on you to hug your children three times a day. We know it can be hard to find the time to do this, especially if you’re a busy mom or dad. But we want to remind you that hugging your kids is important. It’s just as important as eating breakfast, getting exercise, or taking care of yourself. Hugging can even help them feel connected with their family and others in their lives. So today is the day to make it happens! If you have trouble getting up and hugging your family three times a day. Try setting reminders on your phone—or grab a book and read together before bedtime!

Day 23 : Picture yourself at your child’s age. Remember how you felt?

You’re not a bad mom. You love your child, and you’re proud of them. But, when you look at them, do you feel like you could do more? Do you want to be able to read their minds and know exactly what they need from you?

Day 24 : Teach your child a new word

Today, we’re going to teach you a word that means “to have fun.” This word is called “divert.” Divert means to take your mind off of something unpleasant. Or stressful by doing something pleasurable. Here are some examples of how you could use divert: – If your child is having trouble sleeping, distract them with a game of hide and seek. – If your child is feeling anxious about an upcoming test, distract them by playing a game together. – When your child gets frustrated at their homework assignment, distract them with a fun activity like coloring or playing in the park.

Day 25: In your Better MOM challenge forgive yourself when you mess up

Today, I’m going to forgive myself when I mess up. I don’t like to think about how I would feel if I was in your shoes, but it’s never too late to start. Take a deep breath; forgive yourself for whatever it is that you did wrong. Let it go and move on.

Day 26: Go the whole day without yelling as part of your Better MOM challenge

Today’s challenge is to go the whole day without yelling. It’s really important to remember that yelling and screaming are not okay, and they’re never acceptable. If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry in any way, take a minute to breathe deeply. And remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can with what you have—and that’s it! Remember: if you feel like you need to yell or scream, there are people around who will support you through this. You don’t have to do this alone!

Day 27 : Give Them What They NEED, Not What They WANT

Today, we’re going to be talking about giving your kids what they need, not what they want. When a parent is trying to give their child what they need, the goal is to make sure that the child is getting into a healthy lifestyle. This can include things like teaching them how to cook. How to do laundry, or how to take care of their own personal hygiene. The key here is that it’s all about teaching them how to make good decisions for themselves and their bodies. When you’re teaching your kids these skills. You’re not only teaching them how to take care of themselves. You’re also teaching them how to take responsibility for their actions. You’re showing them that you believe in them and support them in doing whatever makes them happy!

Day 28: Teach Them to Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

Help them contribute in community service of some kind. Show them how to perform unplanned acts of kindness. Make sure they appreciate that you can’t always expect exchange. And that’s okay because it feels good to help people. Whether you are being noticed for it or not. With a world full of takers, we need to teach our kids the power of giving.

29. Say Thank You to Them AND In Front of Them

Thank them every time they do something good or something you asked them to do. Also, thank everyone else in front of them so they can see when it’s appropriate to say thank you. Adults have to set an example. It’s up to us.

30. Be Who You Want Them to Become

If you want your children to become caring, helpful, responsible, and appreciative adults, you must set an example. Every time you question if you are doing the right thing. Or if you were in the wrong… ask yourself which decision you would want your children to make, and go with that. Be their hero–and let them learn from you. Are you going to try this 30-Day Mom Challenge? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to share the challenge with other moms!

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