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22 Habits to Watch and Read in a Detach Manner

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.


Stop and Think

Stop and think for a while what are you consuming. You read a book full of emotional hurt, sorrow and suffering and then you create the same in your thoughts. Your face is a little awkward, dim smile and your near one can make it what’s going on. This influence your actual life to deplete your emotional strength, which affects your immunity towards disease.

You watch a movie full of crime, sex and rape. You become upset and affects your day-to-day productivity since the thoughts you created are playing in a loop at the background.

You watch your favourite baseball team losing, and you abuse and curse the performance. This impact your mood and your actions.

Watching a crime thriller on Netflix, you create emotions, though it has not happened in your life.

You read a newspaper where you read about hatred and suffering. The next thing you do and see this influence the thoughts you created while reading the newspaper.

Visuals and the content you read has an impression on your thoughts and influence your deeds. This affects your life, relationship and career.

Control of type of thoughts is a habit or skills which unfortunately not being taught to you at any school. Types of Information you gather, type of emotions you get. You are not training your brain to differentiate, play manipulation, betrayal, hurts on the TV screen and in your thoughts. The brain treats both the same. Your psychological drama has nothing to do with reality.

You are in your psychological World always, not in this world. Can you be an empty head and claim to be in this world? Ever you reach a state where you do not have a single thought. You cannot meditate since thoughts never stop.

Why do you want your brain to stop — no thoughts while you do not have any problems with other organs like kidney, heart and lever? Why is that?

You are weak in your thoughts and you end up creating hundreds of thoughts, all influenced by the visuals and the virtual content you read.

What to do to control the quality and number of thoughts that are being generated in your subconscious mind. Why you have to do this?

This affects your actions and health. You need action.

I suffered immensely and started looking for an answer. Finally, below is the list of key take ways I followed to overcome my emotional pain.

1) It’s not YOU

The simplest solution, don’t misunderstand thought to be you. 90% of all information that goes into you, it just recorded and you give them identification/tagline as bad. Information is pouring in and recorded. Whatever you gather, so is yours, but not you. Any information you accumulate can be yours but never be you. It’s not YOU. You need to recognize thoughts are yours, but it is not what you. Be closer to reality.

2) Practice Detachment

Take control of your psychological drama. Your mind does not differentiate between real and reel. It takes without filtering. It is your conscious efforts to detach yourself from hundreds of emotions you see or read every day. Say to yourself, it is a book or a movie, not a reality. Why I am attached to this thought. Be aware of the emotions you are taking, differentiate between information and emotions. Watch and Read in a detached manner. Practice this while watching and reading.

3) Live in Creators Creation

Start living your life in a beautiful creator’s creation, which is the world and nature. Stop living in your psychological drama inside you. Create nothing live in present, in this world. The world is a beautiful stage, be there.

4) Organize your Mind

Control your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Energy Actions in the proper direction. Take conscious actions instead of compulsive actions. Organizing your mind means moving from compulsive to a conscious state of activity. If you think you want to build a house worth 1M$ but you have only 1K$ in your pocket, you say not possible (negative thought). You have a conflict between desire and your faith. What is possible or not possible is GOD’sbusiness, don’t interfere and have a solid thought and strive for your goal?

Your powerful faith will manifest your desire. Surrender to one supreme power, instead of concluding — it is possible or not. Maintain a steady-state of thoughts in one direction.

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5) Control on Content

Learn to insert filter on the content you want to read and even if you read, do not read the same content again, one after the other. If you finding your favourite team losing, say to yourself it is just a game. You are out of the venue; be out of the emotions attached. Difficult, but not impossible.

With practice and mindfulness, you can control the emotional setback.

6) Know Yourself

Understand your state and if you are emotionally strong (which you cannot remain always) you can watch and read emotional outbursts or hurt. Some of you just cry, looking at a screen since you put yourself as a character in the scene. Try to exercise control. It is okay to have the information to some extent, but not okay to take on the emotion attached to it.

7) Take Action

The moment you influenced by the content, you read or information you see on news, start practising mindfulness meditation. Say to yourself- this is just a drama or fiction, I read or watched on the TV screen. Do not create a similar scene in your thoughts and affects your action and physical well-being.

8) Switch off Notifications

Make media news notification off from your apps installed in your cellphone. You need not entangle your thoughts, reading the notifications. Media 90% preferred a piece of spicy news, and which is not good in quality of content. It is okay to read the news, and so to be aware but do not take the emotions attached to this news.

Do not create the same news and start creating hundreds of thoughts. Let’s not allow the mind to get entangled. If this happens, you are emotionally depleting and lose control of your life.

9) Switch off the Internet

24*7 you are on the Internet, you can at least switch off during your sleep time. This is a positive way, not influence during your quality sleep time to reset the thoughts.

10) Transform the Thoughts

If you are seeing someone is cheating, you can either influence the person not to do or you can send a blessed thought, why are you doing this? This is bad. This way, you remain positive since you send a good thought of correction. Remember, you cannot influence or control every scene around you, but you can very well send a positive thought or vibration to influence it.

If everyone in the world doing this, you will see positive vibrations everywhere.

11) Test Your Emotions

When you felt that emotions are taking over you, then you should test the situation. Think of the things that are making you feel emotional and why they are making you weak. The answer will probably be that those things matter to you, and hence they can control you, but that is not true.

Do not let your emotions make you a vulnerable person. Separate your emotions from valuable data.

12) Balance Your Emotions

You need to create a perfect balance between your emotions and the reason. It would be wrong to say that emotions make you take a wrong decision every time because if used properly then emotions can help you overcome enormous obstacles in life.

Psychologists have studied and concluded that the emotional intelligence of a person is more urgent than the intelligence quotient.

13) Exercise Optimism

Observe and do a reality check on the influence of emotions on your life daily as a habit. You should start thinking about positive things in life whenever you succumb in the trap. You could think about all the things that had given you happiness or the memories when you enjoyed life. Even the slightest ray of positivity can fill light in a dark room.

Do not allow your life to become one dark room without windows and doors. Optimism will allow you to balance your emotions in a better way. Live life like it’s your last day.

14) Reset the Thought Loop

It is important to take a break from your daily routine to stop the recycling of negative emotions. Go for a long walk or a coffee with your friend. Find distractions, so you forget about your emotions that may stop you from working.

Leave your room immediately and go out to a crowded place like a Mall or a walk in the park.

15) Take Support

It is okay to discuss and take the support of your near one or friend. This could a call on mobile or visit to your friend to discuss. This will help you ease the emotional setback. Sharing your emotions takes a lot of stress off from your shoulders.

16) Learn from Past

Before you start your day go back to the past few days when you allowed your emotions to take control of you and how did that result in. This will allow keeping the filter in your presence on the quality content you want to consume. Know self well and do not cheat. Tell yourself that you should not, and you will not let your feelings come to unbalance your actions.

17) Workplace Impact

When a lot of emotions gather inside you it becomes difficult to stop them from becoming a storm and you end up crying or getting angry at people around you at your workplace. It is very important to manage your emotions at your workplace. It is better that you learn to leave your emotions at home and do not bring them out at the workplace.

You can also practice a few exercises to calm your mind when you find yourselves stuck in a situation or when emotions have pent up inside you

18) Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Ability to control emotions and articulate them, and to respond appropriately. Enhance your emotional diet by controlling what you listen, watch and read. Quality of information in news is mostly negative like accident, murder, rape, anger, disrespect and cruelty. Take care of the information. Even the quality of music you listen to while driving.

Change the way of thinking. Make an experiment, don’t watch the news or read the newspaper early in the day.

19) Control on Social Media

Is this important to know what your friends have posted by checking the page early in the morning? Why do you want your friend post to influence your quality of emotions and the day? Do this later in the day, when you are emotionally strong after meditation, yoga and exercise.

Schedule times of the day when your phone will be in “Do Not Disturb Mode” to avoid seeing text notifications or getting sidetracked while you work.

20) Practice Spirituality

Spirituality teach you to be yourself and be in present, not in the memories that bring negative emotions. Learn to see what is reality and see as it is not by memories.

See the world in AS-IT state, not by memories.

21) Self Control

Self-control fails when people experience negative emotions. Self-controlcomes only when you’re on a stage of self-realisation/contemplation or aka “inner peace”.

AUTOMATE and SYSTEMATIZE the things in your lives that aren’t significant so you can save self-control for when it matters. So Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are famous for wearing the same outfit each day.

22) Physical Exercise

Frequent physical exercise helps with a better ability to regulate negative emotions.

Overall, the study suggests that frequent physical exercise may lead to better efficacy of controlling negative emotions in women.

In Conclusion

Leave the stage of psychological Drama and move to a conscious state of action.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 kiran khannas

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