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15 Golden Rules of Yoga That Will Help You to Get The Maximum Benefits

A Yoga Trainer, Therapist and Research Scholar, delving deep into the world of ancient knowledge.

Yoga Sutra, the classic work of of sage Patanjali, states that the yoga is the means to attain salvation.

Human beings can be freed from the vicious cycle of birth and death to attain Moksha. Yoga is a complex science to transform one's consciousness to attain samadhi - a stage where the soul finally gets merged into cosmic divinity or the almighty.

These days yoga is seen as a popular method to attend physical wellness. In reality yoga is beyond the physical body. For common man, yoga has been classified into two broad categories.

1. Meditative asana done for the wellness.

2. Curative or therapeutic asanas for physical health.

These curative yoga asanas are what people do normally in their homes or in the yoga studios. Ancient Hindu sages observed nature and formulated these yoga asanas for the overall wellness of mankind.

A few asanas inspired by nature are the: Palm tree pose or Tadasana, Crow pose or Bakasana, Camel pose or Ustrasana, Cat pose or Marjariasan, Mountain pose or Pravatasana.

There are certain set of rules and regulations to be followed while doing these asanas.

Meditation in Sukhasana with Gyan Mudra

Meditation in Sukhasana with Gyan Mudra

The Golden Rules for Yoga

1. The yoga should be done empty stomach. The bowel should be cleared. The best time to do yoga is in the morning. In evening, it can be done after a fasting of 3-4 hours. Water or other fluids can be taken 20-30 minutes prior to the yoga practice.

2. Avoid eating food and strenuous exercises immediately after doing yoga. End the yoga session with a short meditation either in Savasana or in Sukhasana. This will completely relax body and the mind.

3. Always start yoga with a short prayer. Feeling of gratitude spells out ego and enhances positivity. The body becomes more receptive to the benefits of yoga.

4. Yoga should be done in a well ventilated place on a yoga mat. One should wear loosely fitted clothes. The tightly fitted clothes restrict the proper blood circulation during the yoga practice.

5. Initially start with easy asana and then gradually move to difficult ones after lots of practice under expert guidance of yoga teacher. Never compare your progress with others. Everyone is unique with different levels of flexibility and agility.

6. Discuss your health issues with your yoga teacher. Every asana has its own precautions and benefits. Some asana are prohibited in certain diseases or are advised to do in a restricted manner. People suffering from hypertension should avoid head low postures of yoga. Similarly people having vertigo should not do asanas involving turning and twisting of neck.

7. Different people have different expectations from yoga. Discuss your needs with the yoga teacher. Some do yoga for the weight loss while some want to be fit and healthy while some want to improve their eye sight. Also different age groups should do yoga according to their body needs. Tadasansa helps in increasing the height in the youngsters. There are many asanas that help in diseases like thyroid, diabetics, slip disc etc. One should formulate set of asanas suitable for their body type.

8. As each asana is inspired by the nature, it should be practised with awareness about that asana. For example, if you are practicing the Bhujangasana or the Cobra pose, one should feel the flexibility of the spine of a snake. The reptiles never suffer from back pain and are able to raise their body up from the ground. The deeper spiritual meaning of this asana is that one should spit out the venom of one’s ego.

9. Synchronization of breath with the body movement is the most important aspect of the yoga. When there is expansion of thoracic cavity, one should breathe in to fill up the lungs. For example if hands are raised, the lungs get more space to expand. Similarly if there is a compression in the chest region, the air is squeezed out from lungs. Hence one should breathe out. Every asana has its own set of breathing pattern which should be strictly adhered to.

10. All the practices should be done rhythmically and slowly without any jerky movements. Mental tension, overstrain and physical jerks are to be avoided.

11. Mouth should be closed while doing yoga. One should breathe through nose.and avoid talking or laughing while doing yoga.

12. There is no strict condition about bath to be taken before or after yoga.

13. Children below ten years and very old people should not do intense yoga.

14. Pregnant ladies should avoid doing yoga practice after the first trimester. They should never do asanas in which the stomach is compressed even in the initial stage. Women having menstrual cycle can do easy yoga postures but avoid reverse blood circulation. Instead they can do meditative asanas.

15. You should counter act the body movements. If you are bending towards left, then bend towards right. If there is posterior stretch of the spine, then counter do this by the anterior stretch of the spine. This ensures proper and balanced movement of all body parts.

Yoga should be done regularly with punctuality to get maximum benefits. Even after the training period, one should keep practicing yoga for life to keep the body healthy.
Yoga is not a set of exercises but a way of life. These are the rules which are to be followed while practicing yoga. After making your body healthy, do incorporate the deeper meaning of yoga in your fitness regime.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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