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12 Universal Laws: The Law of Vibration

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The 12 universal laws focus on one thing; energy.

How it moves through us in relation to the things around us and the universe as a whole

While there are 12 laws of the universe, the most conversant one we take to notice is the law of attraction and manifestation.

There are 11 others that affect us every day and maybe, just maybe if we took them notice more often we could achieve that manifestation even better



Our phones vibrate due to the energy within them on notifications to calls or texts

We ourselves vibrate or rather move with the energy within us. We vibrate in response to fear, excitement, cold, disgust and all other emotions which create energy within us that we need to expel through vibrating or movement

Everything that moves or at least exists has a form of energy

The law of attraction involves like attracting like, which takes us back to the law of vibration. Like attracting like means for us to manifest what we want, our vibration or energy has to match the energy of what we want

The law of vibration is something like energy in motion. You have to keep moving at a high frequency to ensure that all the things coming to you at that wavelength comes to you because dropping the frequency means going off track and probably missing out as well


Everything on earth has a vibration that is specific to them, no two is ever the same, and it could be similar but never the same.

I guess when we do find people around us with similar energies as ours; we make friends, partners or even accomplices

From a biblical perspective, I would say it is similar to the verse that says as a man thinketh, so is he. The way we see ourselves is a great determinant to attracting the image of ourselves we want.

Rather than see yourself as needy or inadequate, see yourself as something more empowering and strong if that’s what you want to be and you attract it


In a universe where everything is seen as one, each action or word we put out becomes that vibration or energy which resonates though space and time

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A lot of times we don’t get what we manifest or rather we get only a fraction of it. This is because we project our need rather than our sufficiency.

In other words, we keep thinking about how much we are in need of it rather than how good it would feel to be finally getting it.

The problem with the former train of thought is that we project our need for it so that even when it does come to us, we still feel like we are in need or it isn’t enough. But with the latter, we are more appreciative so when it does come we feel fulfilled by the very thing we asked for

Our thoughts are energies which can affect our vibration which means we need to think positive to attract positive as well. It’s not just our actions that resonate but our energy from within too

Energy is never at rest, it’s always moving which means there isn’t a particular time to match energy or ‘catch a vibe’, at any time, you can tune into that energy for attracting all your desires


How to Raise your Vibration

There are times we completely zone out not just mentally but emotionally as well. It can be hard to snap out of that funk and this funk can affect our vibrations.

Well in order to always stay on beat, here is a few ways to maintain a good mood

Practice Self-Care

This can take many different forms for different people but the main point is being able to do something fun, relaxing or entertaining that helps one to recharge and get back to being their best selves.

For some it’s music, hiking, meditation, sightseeing, long walks, travelling, sleeping or even hanging out with friends.

Anything that puts us at ease and refreshes us will do great for lifting our spirits and energy

It’s just like the quote that says to run the race of a thousand miles, make sure your laces are tied first

Watching What You Eat

It’s surprising that even what we put into our bodies can affect our vibration but then I guess it shouldn’t be when we have foods like bananas, dark chocolate, and coffee among others that boosts moods

Foods that also make us healthy and refreshed are a much better alternative than heavy ones so as to not interrupt our flow of energy or slow it down

Watching What You Do

It’s not just what we eat; it’s what we do as well. Doing the right things such as maintaining a positive countenance, being generous or even helping out someone in need can boost our vibrations and indeed prove to the universe that we do deserve our requests being fulfilled

Even activities like meditation help us not just to boost our vibrations but also align with the appropriate emotions helping us to channel and focus them into positive energy

Cutting Off Anything That Puts Us Down

This could be people, advice, activities, places, memories or any other thing that upsets us, causes us to think negatively or dampens our spirit

We should learn to take our happiness and mental health as a priority and stay away from anything that upstages that balance of our energy because after all you are the only one who has really got you, so be better for you

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