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12 Universal Laws: The Law of Rhythm

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In life there is a flow to everything, a pattern you might say.

There are certain cycles that come around and goes over and over; it is evident in the daytime and night time, change of seasons, tides on the beach…

These cycles can even be seen in our personal life even if sometimes we don’t realize it.

In the circadian rhythm, our sleep patterns are set and sometimes change and on an average of five times a day, our body weight fluctuates

Physically we go through our cycles too as there are times we feel as strong as ten men and on other days, we feel as light as a feather.

Mentally, we feel capable and can grasp any concept put before us on some days, but on the others we feel like there is a wall blocking every form of brain power from getting to us


All of these things form part of the rhythm of the universe. According to Kybalion, it is like a pendulum swinging back and forth manifesting everything; sometimes, you’re at the high point and sometimes, you swing low

They say for every form of bad, there is some good to compensate it and it keeps the balance on earth.

The law of rhythm simply aims at teaching that both sides of the coin are applicable to everyone at different time but in all of that no condition is permanent.

It’s the flow of life; the ups and downs, the lows and highs. We swing into different positions in life and all is to our benefit

The good comes so we can be appreciative, live the good life, embrace positivity and the bad comes to strengthen our will and character. It is said strength comes in adversity and that is why the bad times come

The Swing


Due to the flow of energy we can sometimes feel when things are going to go wrong but we can choose to look at the bright side in order not to lose control because the swing can be said to be similar to a swing set, you have to hold on to propel you higher and not lose grip.

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It is the same with the law of rhythm; you have to be aware of where you are, so there is hardly anything that takes you by surprise

Being able to stay in control of your emotions and reactions even when the shifts happen is a skill for the masters.

And once you reach a point where the swings don’t influence your attitude anymore, you are more than worthy and capable to manifest everything you want because the universe knows you are capable of holding onto a stable energy and vibration rather than being shaky and uncertain. It means your faith and belief is firm

I mean even the bible says that a man with doubt is like a wave tossed about by the wind and in that state, it can be hard to be trusted to do what is expected of you

Staying in Control Despite the Swings

Since it can be hard to tell how the swing goes, we have to be mentally prepared at all times both in the good times (for when the ship begins to sink) and the bad times (so we can embrace the good coming in)

Most times we switch or fall off rhythm is when the bad sets in; as we go on the low swing we begin to get mood swings. These are some things to help us hold on

Remain Aware of your Thoughts

So they don’t slip off the deep end, bad times can do that to us. There are always choices to be made so be sure to make a good one.

Rather than let things happen to you, you can chose to control them. We can’t control what is done to us, sure but we can choose our reaction to it.

We should strive to see the bigger picture that nothing lasts forever and that this too shall pass


Reserve Attachments

For the very fact that we know nothing lasts forever, we should not get attached to any side of the swing no matter how long it lasts.

This mentality also prepares us for the changes that come in time so we don’t have to bend over to defeat before it actually comes.

Embrace the Flow of Life

This can also heighten our intuition as we learn to detect when the shift begins and helps us to hold on to neutrality even more than ever not being affected by what comes to us.

At that point we hold on to calm and positivity to see things through

Be Consistent

As the bible puts it, he who endures to the end shall be saved. We should also learn to be unchanging as the tides move in, shift and even pull the rug from beneath our feet.

It is easy to get back up if we try but hard to finish the race, when we plant our feet in murky waters… so keep moving and keep your head up

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