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15 Best Tips for Stress Management

The author intends to share her wisdom that she has earned through her academic degrees through this article.


15 Best Tips for Stress Management

Pressure creates mental stress in life which is a common phenomenon in our existence. Sometimes it compels us to take action and move forward. But, if we get overwhelmed by stress, it might be a problem for us. Stress can affect people both in physically and mentally. As time goes on, our life is getting more busy and competitive. This is why we are getting stressed more often. Stress can hamper our present effort and our present effort will shape our future. Thus, tension and anxiety may destroy our coming times and dreams. Particular 15 ways are describing about how to handle stress in our life.

1. Proper diet plan is must for stress management. Healthy foods can boost our mental health. It can minimize the effects of stress, build up our immune system, strength our mood and also lower our blood pressure. Avocado, banana, tea, fatty fish, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, meat, eggs, nuts, beans, fruits, carrots, yogurt, berries, vegetables, spices such as ginger; all are quite healthy for our body.

2. Doing exercise in a regular basis will definitely help us to reduce our stress. It can be in any ways like dancing, swimming, running, cycling and aerobics. Walking in sunlight and also in fresh air will stimulate our mind as well as decrease anxiety and tension. Physical exercise ensures better blood circulation which raises the oxygen level in whole body. Thus it will help us to fight against stress successfully.

3. We have to sleep properly in a scheduled time almost for 6 to 8 hours. It will help to remove our tiredness, refresh our brain and mind. Therefore, it will restore our mind with energy and ease. An energetic mind will be always stressed free.

4. We must avoid using electronics before going to sleep. We should stop operating our gadgets almost half an hour before bed time. It will divert our concentration towards a better sleep and a sound sleep always ensures a stronger and stress free mind.

5. Sometimes, we should take deep breaths. They allow our body in full exchange of incoming oxygen and outgoing carbon dioxide. It helps to form a stabilize blood pressure and also lower stress.

6. Maintaining a disciplined life will help us to have a tension free life. If we accomplish all of our work on timely basis, follow daily routine strictly, definitely it will not create any sudden work pressure those cause stress in our life.

7. When any hard and prolonged task appears before us to complete, if we break down the whole work in different steps and start doing it in step by step; it will become easier to bring at an end. In this way people will not go through stressed situation to finish the whole work.

8. Every work must have a prior planning and preparation to be done on time. In this way we will be able to finish our work with ease rather than in stress.

9. We must have a positive attitude. A positive mind set can solve thousand of difficulties and win hardships. Sometimes there may be some situations that we are unable to change. We have to accept that we can never change. If we cannot change the situation then we have to change our reaction towards it. This is how we will take control over complex circumstances and keep our mind free from all kind of stress and anxiety.

10. Self respect and self love also gives energy to our mind. When we realize that we really love our self and respect our decisions it gives an inner spirit in our mind and keep refreshed.

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11. We should always spend some time only for ourselves. It will keep us away from strains and worries. Like, we can practice our hobbies in a particular time; like, spending some time on gardening, and painting, reading novels and so on. It will assist us to develop a stress free mind.

12. We must spend some times with our family, make hang outs in weekends and also we can share our feelings with our family members. In this way stress will be just flying away from our life.

13. Sometimes, there may be something which we would not able to share with our family. In that case, we should talk with our friends, peers or colleagues. It will relief ourselves from mental suffering.

14. We must learn to say “No”. If anything that is beyond our ability to do we should leave that by saying no.

15. Finally, keeping strong belief on our own religion and practicing religious activities will always keep our mind free from any kind of anxiety, distress and tension.

I believe, above 15 tips to manage stress will help you too in your daily life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan


E Randall from United States on December 23, 2020:

Very good read, thank you.

Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on December 20, 2020:

Thanks Peggy as you went through my writing. Also thanks for yr feedback.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 20, 2020:

You have listed many good ideas about how to reduce stress. Thanks!

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