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11 Ways To Overcome Fear Everyday


Fear. It's one of the most common things that can jump into our lives and ruin our days. Completely stopping us from moving forward in life, but instead keeping us stagnant.

Sometimes it feels like fear is almost unbeatable, almost like our biggest enemy. Well today I've got 11 ways you can beat your fears everyday!

1) Imagine success!

Ever been in a situation where you know exactly what needs to happen but yet your mind keeps telling you no? Maybe it's an important presentation at work or a big test coming up at school... Whatever it is once you realize what's going down all those negative thoughts start to appear. "Oh my gosh, I'm definitely going to screw this up", or "I've never done anything like this before" or even worse "This probably won't even make any difference."

Now don't get me wrong it's totally normal for us to fear failure , after all no one likes getting 'rejected'... But what if I told you there was a way you could actually trick your brain into thinking it's already been successful? What if I told you that by simply imagining yourself being successful would help put those negative thoughts in the back of your mind and give you the empowerment needed to stay on track? Well guess what, IT WORKS!

So just imagine yourself being successful. Imagine talking to the crowd and having everyone be super impressed by what you're saying. Imagine yourself doing whatever it is that makes you nervous and knowing exactly how to do it.

This works best when done right before the event. Simply close your eyes, take a few breaths and imagine yourself being successful. I believe this is because your brain remembers things better through images so remember as many details as possible. And whenever those negative thoughts start popping up just go back to that image of you being successful. After a while it'll become second nature and no matter what situation you're in, pictures of confidence will just start popping into your head naturally!

2) Don't overthink it!

At times we can get ourselves into such a mental battle we end up becoming our own worst enemies. With every little mistake we make it becomes one more thing to worry about and eventually we become overwhelmed by the stress and the fear of failure starts to take over.

A great way to combat this is if you catch yourself thinking too much (which is usually indicated by us saying things like "I'm just going to go with my gut or I'll just wing it") then simply STOP THINKING! If you're analyzing everything at least give yourself a break from that for a few minutes. Think of something else, watch a TV show, heck even go for a quick run if you have time. Anything so your mind can be prevented from going into 'analysis mode.'

3) Look the part

Ever wonder why some people are put in positions of power like CEOs or the President of the United States? A big reason for this is their appearance. People tend to look up to someone who looks confident, who looks like they know what they're doing... Someone who has an air about them, So whenever you try something new make sure you look like you've done it before. If it's a presentation at work then dress nice, have your materials prepared ahead of time and walk into that room with confidence!

Now yes I understand that just looking confident doesn't mean you will be able to do whatever it is that scares you but I can guarantee that if everyone sees that confidence in you they'll subconsciously know it's possible for you to succeed.


4) Fake it till you make it!

This is one of the best phrases to live by when overcoming fear. When we get nervous or scared our bodies tend to do some pretty weird things like shake, stutter our words and avoid eye contact. Now the way I see it, if these are all things that people let bother them then why can't they also be used in your favor?

Don't believe me...? Try it out tomorrow! Make yourself feel confident (remember step 3?) go into work or school or wherever and simply act confident even when you don't feel like it... And guess what? You'll probably find yourself actually becoming confident!

Just like most things in life it's all about your mindset and if you think of nervousness as a bad thing then it will be. But what if we changed that thinking around? What if we thought of nerves not as something that is going to hold us back but instead as something that lets us know we're doing something important and meaningful?

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5) Take baby steps

We all have those moments where we feel like we can conquer the world, right? When we become so confident and sure of ourselves that nothing seems impossible. Now why do those moments happen? Well one major reason is because they're rare. They don't come around every day and when they do pass they leave an amazing feeling behind.

Which is why it's best to try and recreate those feelings as frequently as possible. If you have a fear of public speaking then what I would recommend doing for starters is looking up some presenter tips online or asking someone who's really good at it what they do. Then every day practice your presentation in front of a mirror by first memorizing it, then reading it out loud and finally practicing with a friend. As you continue this daily routine not only will your confidence increase but also the longer you spend on these 'baby steps' the more likely that one day soon you'll be giving professional presentations!

6) Stop comparing yourself against anyone else

I don't know about everyone else but one of the most frustrating things is when we look at others and only see the things they have that we don't.

Whether it's a new car, a better job or more money you always tend to feel bad about yourself when seeing other people succeed . Well don't! It's great that other people are enjoying their lives but who says you can't enjoy yours?

I'll tell you who: YOU! Who says that just because someone else has something you want that your life isn't already awesome? Does having another car make your car less reliable? Does going to a better school make your degree less valid? And does making more money mean your current salary is pointless? Of course not. So stop comparing yourself against others and start living YOUR life...

7) Stop worrying about what other people think

This is one of the most crucial things to do if you want to make it through life without constantly feeling like you're not good enough. Remember that although trying to please everyone (including yourself) can be fun at first, not everyone will enjoy your company and not everything you do will always go according to plan. So the sooner you learn this lesson the better.


8) Stop thinking that just because something didn't work out that there's no hope for the future.

It doesn't matter how many times something has gone wrong or how long it took before it worked out for me (and I'm sure everyone else is the same way) because in the end when we look back at all our failures they always seem to add up into experience and that's the greatest treasure of them all.

So next time something doesn't go your way don't worry about it! It's just a learning lesson and as long as you keep trying then eventually you will succeed because we've all been down this road before. So let us help others by adding more knowledge to this world and share what we know so that others can benefit from our experiences as well!

9) Treat yourself like royalty, everybody else does.

When people treat other people poorly it has never once made those poor souls feel good about themselves. They would almost always be left in a worse position than they were before. If you're having a bad day just remember that everyone else is too! As cliche as it might be, the best solution to any problem is to treat yourself like royalty... Because really deep down inside are you anything but?

10) Appreciate your family and friends' company

Nothing beats spending time with the most amazing people ever. While some people may feel bad due to guilt or obligation when it comes time for them to spend time with their family or friends, I can guarantee they enjoy every single minute of it because there's no one better in this world they'd rather spend time with. So next time you're tempted not to see your family and friends for a while (because who wants to be viewed as a 'loser' or has any other negative reasons) remember that time will never come again. Plus you get to experience their company over and over again until the end of time, so there's really nothing lost by having them around.

11) Experience life!

Every single day is an opportunity for anyone to go out and do something new. Whether it's trying a new food, traveling somewhere far away, meeting someone you've always wanted to meet in person or just doing something different than what you usually do in your daily routine… Life is short so don't miss out on anything! So try at least one new thing every week, whether it's new to you or not. Even if it doesn't feel like its worth anything at the time, chances are you'll look back on these memories and realize that they were indeed some of the best moments of your life!

So remember that there is always something positive around every corner no matter how bad things seem. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually you will reach your goal! And don't forget to check out our website for more articles about life, society, relationships, happiness, success, motivation, entertainment and so much more.

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