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100 good Weight Loss Plans for women, and how to guarantee your success at losing body fat


Make any diet work for you!

We've all been told to lose weight we need to eat less and exercise more. It sounds so simple, but reality is, it is very hard to do consistently. I believe any dieting method (that is safe) can work if you believe it will and it you stick to it. I've tried many of these, and over the next year plan to give you more information about every one.

Menu and shopping list for a 1200 Calorie a day, week


6 factors you need!! Beacuse they will guarantee your success.

  1. Motivation: Know very clearly why you want to lose weight. Perhaps you want to feel prettier to your husband/wife, healthier, or to look younger. Write your reasons down, so that you know them when you feel weak, or have a laps in your plan.
  2. Goals: Set yourself tangible targets. You want to lose weight slow and steady. Crash dieting has serious health risks, and has short term results. As you reach each target, give yourself a (non-food) reward. Weigh yourself 1 or 2 times a week and no more. This will give you a better impression of your progress, and is less affected by daily water intake.
  3. Will Power: Don’t start your diet a week before a holiday. Pick a time which won’t test your will power too much. Don’t let anything get in your way once you do start. You’ll find that by saying “No,” you become more powerful, everyday.
  4. Don't worry, Be happy: What makes you happy? Most people snack to comfort themselves when they are feeling down. Stick with people who make you feel good and who will encourage you. Tell yourself how fabulous you look as the weight begins to drop. Remind yourself that it’s much easier to stay the course once the diet shows progress. Be patient.
  5. Preparation: Make a plan and prepare it before your stomach starts to rumble. Do not wait until you feel starving before you eat. You might just eat more than needed. Not planning will tempt you to raid the cabinets. Know of your danger zones/times (night? mid-afternoon?) and be prepared with a alternative. Have something ready to eat that will work with your diet. I always leave fruit out on the kitchen table. That way it is convenient and there is no guilt.
  6. Enjoy Food: Slow down to eat dinner. Chew each mouthful completely and enjoy it. Eat until you are comfortable, not full: you don’t have to clean your plate. Eat calmly and give your body a chance to hear the signals that your hunger has been satisfied. Drink lots of water, eat plenty of fibre (apples & oranges), these are treats that your body will love and will keep you full.

Eating disorder reminder:

What ever you do, ensure you are going on a controlled weight loss diet. Don’t let it become your life. The most dangerous aspect of an eating disorder is that the sufferer is likely to deny it to everyone, often themselves. Be practical, if you suspect that you or someone you know might be on the way to an eating disorder, look at a list of warning signs. There is help available.

On to the top 100 diet plans

These are list on 2010 popularity, not results. Each plan will be reviewed with tips, food list, and menus to help you over the next year. Please follow my experience and let me know yours.

  1. Exercise (Plain and simple) 15 minutes helps you lose 1-3lbs per week. More people lose weight every year with just exercise than any planned food regiment.
  2. Weight Watchers which has helped people for more than 50 years.
  3. Fat Smash Diet 100 foods for Phase 1featured on "Celebrity Fit Club"
  4. The South Beach Diet, popularized in the 90s is known for it's heart health menu.
  5. Abs Diet hub article for women, David Zinczenko, published this in 2004 for the male audience, but women quickly applied the diet for maximum fat loss.
  6. Atkins Diet New Book released March 2010, has re-energized this controversial method, using the GI to make this diet easier to stick to.
  7. The Zone, made easy, by Dr. Barry Sears in the 90s still holds it own in this industry.
  8. Fat Flush Plan, explained, not just a "celebrity diet".
  9. The GI diet, based on the rate of blood sugar absorbtion, great read for those with Diabetes
  10. You: On a Diet, by Dr. OZ, it of course popularized by his TV show, but we have to see if it will stand the test of time.
  11. Blood Type Diet, by Peter D'Adamo, is the newest in his many published diet books.
  12. Low Calorie Diet, it is really as simple as it sounds.
  13. Sonoma Diet, this program has rich food choices.
  14. Ultrametabolism Diet, by Dr. Mark Hyman,
  15. Slim Fast, is everywhere and no matter what you think it has worked over and over for 25 years.
  16. HEATHERD's own diet
  17. Shangri-La Diet read more about this diet
  18. Jenny Craigdiet
  19. The 5-Factor Diet
  20. Carbs are Evil!
  21. Bill Phillip's Body For Life Diet
  22. Fast Wieght Loss Diet
  23. Curves
  24. NutriSystem
  25. Rice Diet
  26. Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover diet
  27. Cabbage Soup Diet
  28. Low Carb Diet
  29. Eat Less, More diet Jillian Michaels
  30. Biggest Loser Diet
  31. Dr Phil diet
  32. Medifast, 25 years of experience with meal replacement products.
  33. Diabetic Diet
  34. The Diet Smart Plan
  35. Mediterranean Diet
  36. The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet
  37. 3 Day Diet
  38. Kimkins Diet
  39. My Vegetarian Diet
  40. Sugar Busters diet
  41. 3 Hour Diet diet
  42. The Burn More Calories Than you Eat Diet
  43. Fit For Life diet
  44. Isagenix Cleanse and Fat Burning Program
  45. Limit portions, lose weight
  46. Vegan Diet
  47. Kevy's fat buster 101
  48. Slimming World diet
  49. Michael Thurman's
  50. Intuitive Eating
  51. Grapefruit
  52. Liver Cleansing Diet diet
  53. Sparkpeople.com
  54. Skinny B___ (I will not use this word)
  55. Shed'em quickly
  56. Modified Slim Fast Diet
  57. Perricone Weight-Loss Diet
  58. French
  59. dee's own wholefood diet
  60. A Lifestyle, Not a Diet!
  61. Tenski's low carb diet
  62. Anti-Estrogen/Warrior
  63. The Vegan
  64. Going Raw
  65. NutriSystems
  66. SlimLife
  67. The Master Cleanse
  68. Ornish
  69. Mark's Post Gastric Bypass Diet
  70. Prism
  71. The water/low carb/low cal/excersice diet
  72. Dr. Goldsith's TrimCare
  73. Limit Calorie Intake
  74. gastric bypass
  75. Herbalife for life
  76. Lowfat, heart healthy
  77. CSIRO Wellbeing Diet
  78. Herbalife
  79. Volumetrics
  80. Jordan's own thing
  81. PCOS
  82. Richard Simmons Plan
  83. the cambridge diet
  84. Atkins Phase 3
  85. Lemon/Veggie
  86. Dr. Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes
  87. Alternate Day Diet
  88. Low Calorie
  89. Ten Bites
  90. Vico's custom Dukan Diet
  91. Tony Fergusons
  92. Vegetarian Whole Grains and Veggies Plus
  93. Melting Pot
  94. The Hacker's Diet diet
  95. Lymph-Stimulating Cleanse
  96. Optifast Program diet
  97. My Herbal Life Progam
  98. My Healthy Eating Diet
  99. Belly Banish Diet
  100. My own take (get over it and don't eat junk) no link or plan to this.

(order based on the popularity)

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