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100 Reps Workout Routine for Men. Build Muscle Fast at Home.

Michael is an online fitness writer who's an expert in strength training exercises.

Workout Like a Superhero

My 100 reps workout was inspired by One Punch Man's superhero workout. He is a comic book character that did 100 push ups, sit ups and squats every day to become super strong. To improve his cardiovascular endurance he also ran 10 km every day. I kept the idea of doing one hundred reps but I included rest days and changed some of the exercises.

One hundred is a big number but it can be divided into smaller numbers. Before I started this workout I was doing 40 pull ups a day by doing them in sets of 10. For strength training it is better to rest between sets and do more than one workout. If you don't need to switch exercises or rest then it is probably too easy.

Running 10 km every day takes up a lot of time and energy. As a daily workout running is better for losing weight than building muscle. When I want to improve my endurance I train once a week for better results. It is easier to improve and I have more time for other exercises. Instead of running as a daily exercise I did an elliptical workout once a week.

Weighted push ups

Weighted push ups

Best Exercises for a Full Body Workout

After testing different exercises by doing workout challenges I came up with a list of the best at home exercises for different muscle groups. The list is based on my results and includes some of my favorites. The activities on the list are good for getting fit and building muscle. For my 100 reps routine I picked exercises from the list that could be done at home.

To make it a full body workout I chose one exercise for each muscle group. It includes more exercises than the One Punch Man workout routine. I think it would give you better results because it targets more muscles. When I quickly gained muscle riding a bicycle it was because I was working out my calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes. I can do pull ups until failure and then switch to push ups because they work different muscles.

Build muscle fast with full body workouts that work most of your muscles.

100 Reps Daily Workout Routine

Include a weekly cardio endurance workout.


Push ups


chest & triceps

Pull ups


back & biceps

Wrist rollers


wrists & forearms

Static leg raises

100 seconds


Side plank

50x2 seconds


Calf raises



Step ups or squats


quadriceps & hamstrings

Pull ups

Pull ups

Build Muscle While You Rest

I recommend doing this routine 5 days a week. Take days off to recover. Working out damages your muscles and makes you weaker. You build muscle while you are resting. That is why you should avoid training the same muscles every day. Take a rest day. One or two days off a week is usually enough for strength training.

After biking one day a week for 3 months I could bike 60 km in 3 hours without stopping and I was strong enough to carry a tree across my lawn to a wood pile. Almost every time I went for a bike ride I improved my strength or endurance until I had the results I wanted. Resting helped me quickly build muscle. If you are trying to gain muscle and get fit then you should have training days and rest days.

Exercising too hard or too frequently can prevent you from building muscle. It is referred to as overtraining. You could lose muscle or injure yourself. Avoid overtraining by keeping track of your progress and how you feel. Working out should make you feel good and the exercises should become easier.

Wrist rollers

Wrist rollers

Change Your Workouts

Your body adapts to your routine. Then it stops changing. When you don't change your workouts doing 100 push ups a day for 3 years gives you similar results to doing 100 push ups a day for 3 months. Going through the motions in not enough. To keep changing your body you need to keep changing your routine. Doing one hundred a day is a good start. If you want to keep improving then keep changing your workouts.

Add some variety to your routine by changing the number of times you do an exercise during a set, the intensity and the number of workouts. When you start to feel like you are just going through the motions make it challenging again. Do more reps per set, increase the resistance, target fewer muscles or reduce the amount of time between sets.

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Static leg raise

Static leg raise

Do the Impossible

Do the impossible by making it possible. Think of things you want to do that are impossible for you now. Believe that you can do it. Then improve over and over again for months until you can do it. I like doing things that were impossible. When you believe in yourself and focus on improving you can do amazing things.

The exercise routine was inspired by a superhero but it is not going to give you superpowers like One-Punch Man. Keep it in the realm of possibility. Training so you can do things that most people can't do is possible and it can be easy. I developed the ability to bike for 3 hours at a fast pace by biking to beaches during the summer. You might be able to do one arm pull ups, push ups with your feet in the air and weighted finger push ups.

Try to develop abilities beyond that of most humans.

Side planks

Side planks

100 Day Workout Challenge

One Punch Man did his routine for 3 years to get strong and fit. I know from long distance biking that it takes me a little over 3 months to get in peak physical condition. Staying with the theme of this workout I did it as a 100 day exercise challenge. My goal was to improve a little each week.

Take some selfies and try the 100 day challenge to build muscle fast and transform your body. If your body can't handle this challenge then start with 25 or 50 reps. It is a muscle building workout routine for men that want to bulk up like an athlete. You may want to change some of the exercises. My results will be posted as I complete the challenge. I started doing the challenge two weeks ago.

Calf raises

Calf raises

The First 10 Days

I made a list of the exercises and kept track of the number of reps I did during a day. Five days a week I tried to do each exercise one hundred times. For me wrist rollers were the hardest to do 100 times. Calf raises were the easiest. I struggled the first week but the second week was easier.

You need to damage your muscles a little so expect to experience some muscle pain. It should not last long. A little pain from exercising can feel good. Try to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness. When you are sore the next day it means your muscles need more time to recover. I felt good pain and a burning sensation in my muscles that went away shortly after I stopped working out.

During the second week I increased the weight I was using for the step ups, squats, calf raises and leg raises. Doing 100 push ups in a day was not that difficult. So I started doing different push up variations, including diamond and wide grip push ups. After working out for 10 days I could tell that I was getting stronger and my abs felt firmer.

I got a little behind on the pull ups and wrist rollers. Some days I had to take it easy because my muscles needed more time to recover. When my endurance improves I should be able to catch up.

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