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10 Tips to Build Your Self-Confidence


This is Kiwi. Passionate writer who loves to write about different topics and likes to share and help others with simple tips.


Self-confidence is a socio-psychological concept that means to behave confidently

and have control over your actions. In other words, self-confidence is having trust in

one’s self, one's skills, and abilities.

Self-confidence is a process to be built.

Here are 10 tips to help you build that process

1. Love yourself: always remember that you are unique and valuable. The power

and skills you have within you are unexpected and specific just to you.

When you grow the love for the aspects of your personality, you implicitly tell others

that you are worthy and appreciated.

2. Be yourself: don’t strive to please anyone and behave in the way you want. This

is to bring you the satisfaction you need.

3. Empower yourself: by motivating yourself and working on improving the best

version of you.

Stop underestimating yourself and making comparisons between you and others

whom you will never be. Remember, you are unique.


4. Overcome your fears: it is very important to learn about your fears and what

stresses you out to treat them gradually.

Start writing down all your fears and what usually causes you anxiety. Then, enable

yourself to understand that these are just your feelings about yourself, so they are

not necessarily true. Defeat your anxiety with indifference, and over time you will

gain confidence.

5. Feel safe to make mistakes: having flexible potentials to deal with troubles and

mistakes rationally and openly means you are on the way to self-confidence.

6. Be clear to show up what you really feel without degrading yourself.


7. Do what you love: getting inspired and practicing your favorite hobby or doing

the things you love will bring pleasure and fulfillment. Hence, your confidence will


8. Master what you do: mastery doesn’t mean perfection. However, hard work and

persistence will guarantee you high self-confidence.

9. Focus on helping others: you may have felt how it is good to serve someone in

need. Giving a hand to people and being kind is such a pleasing and satisfying

feeling that will help you to increase your self-confidence.

10. Choose your friends: make sure to surround yourself with good and positive

friends. The friends that make you feel loved and bring you joy and comfort. The

true supportive friends who can enrich your thinking and enhance the way you see


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