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10 Reasons to Wear a Mask in This Season

I have grown to love wearing masks and I just discovered few extra reasons to wearing them. Here they are...


It has been a corona season and therefore a mask season. We all know it is mandatory in some nations to wear a mask because of corona but apart from that, I have gathered more different reasons including the ones we all know for wearing a mask. I personally find forgetting to brush your teeth to be a very hilarious reason and I have made it my number one reason. I know you will enjoy reading the rest.

A photo of me wearing a mask.


Reasons to wear a mask

1. After forgetting to brush your teeth.

Just imagine forgetting to brush your teeth in the morning if you have never forgotten. For those who have ever forgotten to brush their teeth in this season, you must have already realized how wearing a mask saves you big time.

You wouldn't worry about smiling or trying to cover your mouth while laughing. No one has to see the food remains between your teeth or the tooth that got discoloured by whatever food you were eating. You are completely safe wearing a mask if you forgot to brush your teeth.

This benefits people of all statuses. Whether you are going to visit a patient, to meet up with a client or going to school you will realize that you now have no need to rush back home to brush your teeth if you have a mask on your face.

2. After forgetting to carry your handkerchief.

There are so many benefits of carrying a handkerchief everywhere you go. From wiping the sweat on your face to covering the face while coughing, a handkerchief will never go unused. Now a mask will save you big time Incase you forgot to carry your handkerchief. You can freely cough and sneeze while wearing a mask.

3. Consistent running nose.

Did you know how bad it is to have a consistent running nose? It can be so bad that you if you were to try to bent to pick up something, down goes the mucus running down your face to the ground. That is how bad it can get if you understand. Wearing a mask saves you from embarrassment. You will have enough time to get your handkerchief from your bag or pocket to wipe your nose.

Also wearing a mask and not having a handkerchief around for a consistent running nose can be bad. This is because your mask will be too wet and it will be easy for it to have dust particles stuck on it very easily. To be safe, wear a mask and have a handkerchief readily available.

4. A sudden pimple on your mouth.

Your smooth face just got interfered with by a sudden bump on your face. Instead of trying to squeeze a pimple and cause a nasty scar on your face, you can just wear a mask and no one will see the pimple. I understand that most people are not even bothered by having pimples but to the few who are bothered by it, having a mask on your face is a good place to begin with.

5. Cracked lips.

It can be really embarrassing to walk around with cracked or chipped lips. you might have applied some cream or oil on your lips expecting fast results but you got disappointed. While oil or a good night cream can help achieve the desired results and give you soft beautiful shiny lips, wearing a mask during the day during this season can help you avoid feeling embarrassed. A mask will help you to freely speak, smile and laugh without anyone seeing your lips.

6. Bumps after shaving your face.

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We all know how sensitive skin can be sometimes. The face has the most sensitive skin when it comes to shaving. There are good beauty products that can help heal or prevent the bumps and rashes but you might have not had any at the time you shaved. And now you don't know how to hide the bumps that have had appeared after your skin reaction due to shaving. Wearing a mask in this season helps solve this case for you.

You can apply a cream to alleviate the pain that come with having aftershave bumps and wear a mask. No one will see or know that you have some pimple looking stuff on your face .

7. Mosquito bite on your face.

No one has to know that you have mosquitoes in your house simply because of a mosquito bite on your face. Now the position of the mosquito bite on your face will play a big part in determining if wearing a mask will be of benefit or not.

But let me not make you to start desiring or choosing positions on your face that you would want a mosquito to bite. No one can decide. If you have mosquitoes in your house, chances are a mosquito could bite your face if you haven't taken protective measures yet.

For those already with a mosquito bite which manifests as a big itchy bump than any normal pimple, wearing a mask will save you some embarrassing questions. Imagine someone asking you about the bump on your face. It will only mean that it is very visible. So don't worry, you can take advantage of wearing a mask in this season.

8. You forgot your mouth spray at home.

Not everyone uses a mouth spray but for those who do, forgetting it at home can be stressful for you. Don't be distracted by the thought of not having sprayed your mouth. Did know that no one will know unless you told them? If you were to use it to prevent a bad breath, then wearing a mask comes in handy.

Having a bad breath can be really embarrassing. Especially after brushing your mouth and the bad breath doesn't go away. While you are planning to go to the hospital for checkup or at the shop to buy some sweet smelling chewing gums, you can wear a mask on your way there.

Wearing a mask will help you cover your mouth to avoid people knowing that you have a bad breath. You can even talk and laugh with friends without them noticing that you have a bad breath.

9. Sneezing or coughing

Coughing and sneezing has now been our common reason for wearing a mask. But don't let it be too common. You don't necessarily need to have a flu and cough or sneeze so that you will remember to wear a mask, there are those who sneeze from simply having allergies. It could be a cold allergy that makes you sneeze or the presence of dust. Whatever the case, wearing a mask is better to also prevent saliva from jumping to another person's face while you speak.

10. Sores in the mouth or nose.

Do you have sores in your mouth or nose? It will do you well to have been seen by a doctor and be on medication right away. It might not be embarrassing to be seen with them but to some people it could be embarrassing. Covering your mouth with a mask in this case has a lot of benefits.

You will be able to protect the sores from dust when you wear a mask. You will also save yourself from unnecessary pain that you might get due to wind blowing on your sores. Although wearing a mask gives you more benefits on covering sores than the ones I mentioned, you should be careful on the type of mask you wear to prevent sweat. Sweating due to wearing a mask can be bad for your sores.


There could be a thousand reasons to wear a mask. I would like to read more of them in the comments section. Number one reason here still remains to be funny to me simply because I have personally benefited from it. I now like wearing a mask more than I started out few months ago.

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