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10 Ways to Encourage Early Reading Habits to Your Child

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My son, Jaden, is reading at a very young age. And though he still wants to be around the books in his bedroom, I’m not sure how much time would pass without encouraging him to read more. So here are ten ways that you can do that. And don't worry about it being too onerous for his parents; just ask them if they really want more time to read with him.

1. Explain That Reading Is Important

I know what you’re all thinking—“Well, I’m already sure that if he reads less than half of what he knows by the end of this year he won’t get to finish his book, right?” But no. I don’t want to do that! Right now reading is something he enjoys. It’s a chance to learn and grow while entertaining him in the process. Don’t force him into doing it, but remind him that reading is fun and that every chapter, every sentence is important.

2. Give Him Something For Reading

My daughter loves books (and we spend lots of money on them). She also love talking to her dad about what she learned from books. If you have extra blank pieces of paper, go ahead and give them to your little one so that they can draw and color their own pages.

3. Set Up A Book Goal On The Family Computer

My wife set up a goal on our family computer on Sunday morning, as I was watching television. She did something similar for my kids once when they were younger by drawing with pencil and crayons. So even though they’re all quite young, I put in effort to try to make the goals and milestones for each child special and memorable. This will help me determine whether or not they love writing and I will then use their drawings as motivation to encourage them to write.

4. Show His Books At Home

I never told my sons they were bad because they learned to love reading when they were younger. They loved reading when they were at school and when they first moved in. My suggestion is to keep these things simple: show them some books at home and let them see them. After all, you can always provide reading materials for free. All I ask is that they choose books that interest them and encourage them to pick up new ones. Even though it’s probably impossible to read everything, I think showing them that there are ways you could make them enjoy spending time reading more would contribute to the sense of satisfaction that comes with reading more books.

5. Read More With Them In Their Room

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If this isn’t something you already have to do, consider making the move to share an apartment with them so they could read together. You can find out details about apartments here on and I highly recommend signing up for it to help you save more money over the next few months than you would have been paying for at the beginning of the year.

6. Try Different Ways To Help Channels His Brain

There are those weird stories my children tell about dogs who had two different minds, and it made them really curious about how everyone around them experienced life. One thing I like to do is listen to music and talk to them about it. When they have enough to talk about, I give them some advice to help make these channels more functional.

7. Ask What Words Means To Him

Of course the most significant reason to teach Jaden how to read is because reading is fun for him. But there are plenty of other reasons why you should start teaching him. Let me explain… He would like to know words that mean certain things to him. The second important area in learning about reading is memorization: he needs to understand that even the smallest words are meaningful to them. Learning vocabulary and spelling, combined with basic knowledge of math, makes it easy for Jaden to comprehend text messages and emails without having the fear of missing a word.

8. Take Time Out Of Your Day To Teach Him

And yes, you can be kinder to yourself in trying to increase your child’s desire to learn to read. During times of stress and anxiety, letting Jaden sit down to read can help calm him and even motivate him to continue reading. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to take care of yourself during challenging periods, especially with children. Be mindful of this, as well as the fact that he likes reading because it makes him happy and exciting to read. Once you start incorporating more activities and experiences into learning to read, you will find that Jaden will be comfortable with anything he does. Don’t make excuses or blame yourself, let him sit with a book and talk to you about what it is that he wants to know.

9. Pick A Good Language Other Than English

I know you heard this and your brain immediately goes, “I can’t miss reading how people speak English. We live in a country where English is the official language, and there are opportunities for another country to establish its own language, which is why I’d pick French! Plus, I’ve only ever studied French and haven’t even heard the name of France until recently, so I’m fairly confident that it’s going to be easier to follow along on this one!” Sadly, as you might expect there are lots of obstacles which deter you from trying to read when your kid speaks American and other languages.

10. Take Fun in listening to Them

And finally, for my final advice… I hope you found a little inspiration on the way to encourage your child’s early reading habits and that you didn’t take away too many hours of your day to be in front of a screen. Just make the habit of listening to them read aloud to you and let them hear them say the words that come to mind. Hopefully, speaking to them with the dictionary of words as they read will help them remember them easier. Then, just enjoy their enjoyment of reading in the process. Remember, there is no such thing as reading too much for your child. Some may prefer listening to audio books while others simply enjoy reading while sitting outside in the sun. The choice is yours.

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