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8 Tips to Stay Healthy


Staying healthy doesn’t always mean eating healthier - it also means getting active on a daily basis. Sometimes it may seem impossible to eat healthy food, exercise, and find time to pamper yourself. However, getting used to a healthy lifestyle is easier if you do it gradually. Below are some of the tips which may help you to stay healthy. Let us check it out.

# 1. Sleep Longer

When the days are stressful and time is pressing, it’s easiest to think of it minus sleep, but the consequences can be very painful. Sleep is a necessary process for the body to heal, restore, and protect many complex systems and vital organ functions. Without sleep, hormonal activity is disrupted, the body is destroyed by increased stress hormones, which lead to weight gain, inflammation, high blood pressure, and even weakened immunity. Choose when to go to bed, but try to sleep for seven hours every night - and no less.

# 2. Take VITAMINS Daily

Most of us do not get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from food, so that deficiency needs to be compensated by taking multivitamins. Choose those that contain one hundred percent of the twelve essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, vitamins E, zinc per day.


# 3. Reduce the Intake of Sweet Drinks/Soft Drinks

Drinks are the biggest secret source of calories. The calories in our drinks are insatiable, so we eat the same amount. Promise not to drink calories this year. Instead of lemonade, try carbonated water with lemon or a sliver of juice. Instead of a sophisticated cocktail, order a simpler drink.

# 4. Avoid Eating Cookies

The next time you go to the store, don’t buy cookies. Researchers found that the smell of chocolate chip cookies can encourage a woman to buy unnecessary clothes. The aroma of biscuits activates those areas of the brain that require an instant "reward" - even if there is no need to spend.


# 5. 30 Minutes Exercise a Day

If you don't have time for that, you can just walk more - if you go to work by bus, get to the stop earlier, choose a longer route, instead of using the elevator, go up the stairs to the required floor. Many similar ways can be devised, most importantly, to move as much as possible.

# 6. Avoid watching TV

Lazy Brits have been on the couch for 17 years in their lives. Seven of them - to the TV. The next time you want to say, “There’s no time to exercise,” or decide to order food at home because you don’t have time to cook from fresh produce, think twice. And when you think about it, you better get out of your "box" and engage in something good for your health.

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# 7. Try Eating Beetroots

Beetroot can become your secret weapon in the fight against high blood pressure. Hypertension is the biggest threat to a person’s cardiovascular disease and puts them at risk of a heart attack. Many people don’t even notice they have high blood pressure because the problem doesn’t have any symptoms.

# 8. Follow Healthy Attitudes

Following these simple healthy attitudes are enough:

  • NO smoking
  • Exercise
  • Not to abuse alcohol,
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

These simple measures will prolong your life, And if you choose where to start, quit smoking first.


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