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10 Things You SHOULD Say To Pregnant Women

Being pregnant can be frustrating, tiring, sometimes irritating, and of course beautiful. Pregnant women get all sorts of comments and advice, most of which they just don't have the patience to deal with and sometimes they get comments that are downright rude because people aren't thinking about what they say before they say it.

Everyone has an opinion about everything a pregnant woman is doing, saying, wearing, looking like, putting in their mouths. By the time the woman is in their third trimester, they have heard it all, listened to it all, and likely politely smiled through it all - while envisioning how to best rip the commentator's head from their body.

Before you put your foot in your mouth, take a read over some of these things that you should say to pregnant women. Not only will they be pleasantly surprised, but you may have just managed to make their day with a few simple words that they don't always hear. If ever.

10. That Pregnancy Glow Really Suits You

The pregnancy glow can have some interesting effects on your skin. In my first and third trimester, I had some break outs and acne, but it would have been fabulous for someone to tell me that I looked awesome.

Pregnant women are sure to be self conscious about how they look, so its only natural to want to have a boost in confidence. For any woman its nice to hear that they are looking good, especially on their worst of days. In this case, pregnant women need it more - they have fragile emotions and it can help keep them in good spirits when carrying around a human bowling ball is tiring and frustrating.


9. You Sure Make This Look Easy!

We all know that pregnancy is not easy. There are aches and pains and worries and emotions and all sorts of other things that flood a pregnant woman's mind over the course of a nine month roller coaster ride.

That doesn't mean that we can't give a little shout to the woman who is building a baby in her belly. You can say things like "Being pregnant is hard work, but you make this look easy." It will brighten her day and make her feel like superwoman.

Not only does it make her feel good about how she looks, it may help ease her fears, the closer to time for the baby to come, more likely she is freaking out about what kind of mother she will be. Give her props and help her out with yet another confidence boost.

8. It Will All Be Worth It

In the back of her mind, that pregnant woman knows that when she holds the baby in her arms, when that karate champion of her belly is finally out, it will all be worth it. The pain and the exhaustion and the frustration will be made worth while and probably will be forgotten the moment she lays eyes on her sweet new baby.

Even though you know she knows this, you should remind her every once in a while. Reaffirm and reassure that even though the first nine months of her child's life, while in the womb, was difficult and crazy, the end result will be the happiest day of her life.

7. Making A Baby Is Hard Work, Pamper Yourself

Wondering what might make a great gift for a pregnant woman?

There are so many ways you can pamper your pregnant friend, relative, or partner. Some of those things are even free. Give her a nice back massage. Take her out to dinner. Buy her a nice spa treatment or manicure/pedicure day.

Make sure she knows that you acknowledge that she is doing hard work and show her how much you want her to feel comfortable and relaxed during the course of her 24/7 job as a baby making machine.


6. You Go Ahead

If the pregnant woman you are dealing with is anything like me, they don't really like to add extra attention to themselves. They will stand in the background and let others go first. They shy away from making it clear that holding the seven items in the grocery store line behind your ridiculously full cart in the express lane is causing shooting pains down their legs.

If you see a pregnant woman who might benefit from going before you in the grocery check out, why not let her go ahead. Open the door for her and make sure there's not something else you might be able to do for her.

No matter what the woman says, she is appreciative of the help, even if she is hesitant to ask for it herself.

5. Did You Change Your Hair?

I know from personal experience that this comment makes a pregnant woman's day. Of course she will chalk it up to the prenatal vitamins she's taking and might just laugh it off.

Inside, she is beaming, she looks good and someone noticed. Say this comment and say it frequently. It will get a smile like you have never seen before, even if she waves you off with comments of folic acid and pregnancy making her hair different.

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It doesn't matter, say it anyway. Rinse and repeat. It never gets old when someone tells you that on the days you feel the crappiest that you look like you did something to your hair.

4. I Can't Even Tell You're Pregnant From Behind

When I found out that I was pregnant of course I was worried about gaining weight. Its some sort of mechanism that is triggered in pretty much all women's brains. I am not an overly heavy woman to start with, but I am not a stick figure either. So, naturally, I was afraid that 'eating for two' would mean that I would going to get as big as my house.

It doesn't matter if the pregnant woman you are dealing with IS in fact as big as a house, don't tell her that. Instead make her feel nice by making her turn around and show you from behind. Mention that she doesn't even look pregnant from behind. Not only does it compliment her growing curves in the rear, but it sure does boost the mood when someone essentially tells you that you look normal from the back.

3. Congratulations!

Considering how we got to this point, I will never ever get tired of hearing people congratulate me for being pregnant.

You can't go wrong with this simple but effective statement when it comes to pregnant women.

They are so excited about having a baby that all they want to do is bask in the glory of it. They want to be happy and carefree and even on days when the swelling in her feet are so unbearable she just can't stand it, saying congratulations will bring her back to the happy moods and thoughts of what her baby will be when it is finally here.

Remind her of the blessing she has growing inside of her and that its totally worth celebrating.

2. You Look Great!

They say that pregnant women are beautiful. People say that comment all the time. The problem is that most women don't feel that way when they are actually pregnant. They are large and rotund, they trip over their own feet, they can't put on their shoes without it being considered an Olympic sport. These things can wear a woman down after nine months and the further along in the pregnancy she is, the more she feels like she is definitely not beautiful.

Tell her she is looking great. Make the words count and be genuine about it. Let's face it, she probably hasn't shaved her legs in the last four months, she probably doesn't put on make-up to go to the office every morning, but making a baby is hard work and she is doing a mighty fine job of it.

Reaffirm this.


1. That {Insert Food Here} Looks Delicious!

Pregnant women feel guilty about just about everything they put in their mouths. While it is healthy for us to be eating leafy greens all the time and wiggling our noses like rabbits who eat that stuff, sometimes, we just want a nice juicy burger from the greasiest fast food place there is.

More people are prone to telling you what to stick in your mouth and what not to eat when you are pregnant. Instead of being one of those people, why not just tell her it looks delicious. You know you want a bite of it, why not get real and actually let her know.

Besides, how do you know she didn't just eat a salad for lunch or a carrot stick as a snack. I personally have never done that, but some pregnant women have. Don't make snap judgements, instead help her feel good about herself. Tell it looks so TASTY.

She's making a baby, let her eat cake for goodness sakes!


Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on January 02, 2012:

@kelleyward - Thanks for the comments, I am glad you found this hub enjoyable. :)

kelleyward on January 02, 2012:

I like the "You look great! Thanks for sharing. It's so important to remember what it was like being pregnant. I've done it 3 times and it was a mixed bag for me. Thanks

Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on December 30, 2011:

@adu9 - Thanks!

Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on December 30, 2011:

@mathair - Very good one to add. I don't use public transportation, so that's a new one to me, but definitely a good one! Thanks for the read and comment :)

adu9 from Khulna on December 30, 2011:

This is a great hub. People will find it useful. :D

mathair from Ireland on December 29, 2011:

Another one that I would like to add to this is "Would you like a seat?" It's amazing how many people on public transport forget how tired a pregnant lady can feel when she has to stand for a long time and many of them wouldn't dare ask someone to give up their seat. Great article.

Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on December 29, 2011:

@Pcunix - Aw! You started the waterworks! Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words, you just made my day! :)

Tony Lawrence from SE MA on December 29, 2011:

I'm so happy to read these pregnancy hubs. I *know* you will be a wonderful Mom!

Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on December 29, 2011:

@kaurina - I didn't even think about the bathroom lines! Definitely a good idea. I appreciate your reading and comments :)

Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on December 29, 2011:

@kotori - Thanks for the comments. That is definitely one that I would love to hear!

kaurina from Surrey, BC, Canada on December 29, 2011:

I'd like to add a couple of comments : "You'll make a great mom."

and also when in a line up for a public washroom, "You go first." She probably needs to pee really badly :)

Kotori from Chicagoland on December 29, 2011:

These are great! Another one to try is mentioning how beautiful her baby will be, if she's any indication.

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