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10 Things You Can Do in the Morning to Start the Day off Right

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It can be hard to roll out of bed in the morning feeling completely upbeat and ready to take on the day. Most people want to sleep and relax. There are ways, aside from drinking a gallon of coffee, to wake up the body and start the day off in a better state of mind.

Here are just a few different ways:

1. Pray or Meditate

One of the best ways to get started on the day is to just relax the mind. Instead of worrying about the long list of things to do for the day, focus on calming the mind and breathing. Listening to peaceful music while meditating can elevate the mood and kick the day off right. Meditating soon after waking up also helps to slowly wake up the body and mind, so it won't be such a jolt to the system, which can leave people in a bad mood. Thinking of something specific while meditating can help wake the mind up and force it to focus on what's going on.

Prayer, for those who may be religious, is great too. Most prayer focuses on thanking God for the many blessings in one's life, so this puts them in a great mindset for the day. It also forces the mind to wake up and focus, which is a great thing for getting started on the day.

Whichever someone chooses to do, since they are basically the same thing, prayer and meditation is a great way to start the day off on the right note.

2. Stretch or Exercise

If prayer and meditation are great for waking up the mind, then exercising and stretching in the morning are great for waking the body. Many people just roll out of bed and get the day going, but stretching for just five minutes lets the body know it's time to get moving again. Exercising briefly before any other activity can boost a person's mood and get blood flowing, which may help with increasing energy and feeling more awake.

The type of exercise doesn't matter, and there are many kinds to try. Yoga and Pilates focus on toning, strengthening, lengthening, and stretching the muscles in the body. These practices are centered around mindfulness of the body's movements and becoming more connected with oneself, so they are probably the best for early risers, but any type of exercise that gets the heart pumping and the body moving is beneficial.

Just be sure to warm up a little first!

3. Listen to Motivational or Educational Podcasts

Our world is full of negativity, so why start the day with it? Instead of thinking, 'Why do I have to get up so early,' or turning on the morning news, which is usually full of negative headlines, turn on a podcast that is uplifting, motivational, or even educational. These will put the mind in a more positive and upbeat mindset for the day, which can affect every single event that happens during the day.

Plus, learning something new exercises the mind.

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4. Drink Water

This one seems simple, but a lot of people don't drink enough water throughout the day, which can definitely affect their mood in a negative way. Water is necessary for the body because it helps every process in the body, including mental focus, fatigue, skin, memory, energy, and mood. Drinking water at the start of the day gets the body working, and can even aid in weight loss.

5. Listen to Upbeat Music

Music has a huge effect on a person's mood. Peaceful music can calm the mind and body; upbeat, happy, sounding music can elevate the mood and encourage wakefulness, sad music can bring on a somber mood, and so on. Music is a great and easy way to boost a person's mood with little effort on their part.

Make a playlist with songs that make you feel happy, energized, excited, or anything along those lines, and then in the morning, turn it on and get ready for the day. It will truly lift anyone's spirit for the day!

6. Eat Breakfast

Most people don't feel they have time to eat at the start of the day, but this can be a key to starting the day right. Being hungry often leads to a bad mood, lack of energy, loss of mental focus, and even being fatigued during the course of the morning. The body needs fuel to function, and waiting to do so hours after the day has started can leave the tank dangerously close to empty.

Not everyone has time for a sit down mean, but in these times, it is easy to makes something the night before to take the next morning, and there are thousands of recipes online of different on-the-go breakfasts that will actually benefit the body and keep hunger away during the morning office meetings.

7. Write in a Journal

Writing in a journal can be extremely therapeutic any time of the day. From letting out any buried feelings, to organizing scattered thoughts to make a decision, writing in a journal can help with a lot of things. People who write about events of the day, how they felt during situations, and who allow themselves to be totally honest in their writing can feel more relaxed because they are freeing their mind (and body) of the burden of keeping thoughts and feelings trapped inside.

Keeping a journal in the morning can do a lot of the same thing, except instead of letting off a whole day's worth of baggage, a morning journal would help jump-start the day. Many people journal in the morning to try to remember and interpret dreams, but it can be used for many other things. Writing down positive affirmations, planning the day, maybe even just jotting down random thoughts as the mind wakes up; anything that frees up the mind.

Keeping a journal can take time to become a habit, so be patient and be sure to stick to it!

8. Read

For those people who have time to spare in the morning, or who don't work bright and early, this is the perfect time to get a little mindful reading done. Reading personal development, educational, or light-hearted books while sipping on coffee or tea can put a person in a better mood, and actually, motivate them to get more done during the day.

9. Take a Shower

Not very many people are considered morning people and would much rather sleep in, but this one might be worth getting out of bed a little earlier for. A morning shower can leave a person not only feeling fresh and clean but can lead to being more awake and even a little happier as they start the day—so long as they aren't running late from said shower!

10. Cuddle With A Pet

This one might sound a little odd, but it really does work! Science says good chemicals, such as endorphins, are released when people hug each other, so it's only natural to believe that the same would apply to dogs and cats. Dogs especially have a great reputation for being great for people's physical, mental, and emotional health. Rolling over and cuddling up with a furry friend can be the key to feeling more cheerful!

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