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10 Indoor Tanning Tips For Beginners

Indoor Tanning Tips

If you've never used commercial tanning beds, or are looking for some extra tips for indoor tanning check out these 10 indoor tanning tips for beginners. Indoor tanning is an easy way to get a great bronzed look regardless of the season or how much sun is outside. Indoor tanning is a hot profitable business for good reason. Those that use commercial tanning beds in indoor tanning salons leave feeling and looking great and refreshed.

I am a frugal person, finding indoor tanning deals for me is no different. Included in these tanning tips how to get tanning deals at local tanning salons.You should never take the first advertised tanning sale deal.

Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

The Matahari DivaTanning Lotion line is tops. Starting with Matahari Diamond Diva Step 1 and after you've built a base tan move to the Matahari Golden Diva step 2 which is both an indoor designer skin tanning lotion and includes bronzers. All of the Matahari Diva tanning lotion products contain anti-aging benefits and smell fantastic. These sell for $50 to $60 in tanning salons.

Matahari Diva Step 1 and Step 2 Deals At Amazon

Golden Tanning

Golden Tanning

Golden Tanning

Buying The Tans | Tanning Deals

1. The Introductory Tanning Special Local tanning salons with commercial tanning beds such as Desert Sun offer specials and coupons in mailers and grocery store reciepts. Take a look at what is offered. Many times there are Local tanning deals such as 30 days for $9.99 or two weeks free on conventional beds, free eyewear protection or even free designer skin tanning lotion. Use these free tanning or low cost tanning introductory offers to get a feel for the tanning salons in your area. Once your comfortable with a salon, work the tanning salon employee for a special deal on more tans and designer skin tanning lotion.

2. The Unadvertised Tanning Deals. Unless it is the too good to be true introductory tanning special, never take an advertised local tanning special. The tanning salon employee behind the counter can always offer you better deals to use their commercial tanning beds. The tanning salon can get you just about any reasonable deal you can come up with and add the designer skin tanning lotion for free on top of it. Their stock of designer skin tanning lotion are like bargaining chips. use them.

Let the employee know that you are interested in puchasing a group of tans on their commercial tanning beds, but that you just haven't come across a package that is really worth spending $50 to $100 on. This interest will spark the tanning salon employee into offering an unadvertised deal his or her superiors have given authority to give to make a sale. Regardless of what the tanning deal is, ask for a little more, like throwing in your favorite designer tanning lotion on top of the deal already asked. These local tanning salon employees work on commission. It is always worth asking. They will give deals that are so low they make just a little bit, but a little is more then nothing. If your offered 10 medium pressure tans for $100, ask if you could get it for $70, or ask if you could get 15 for that price instead.

This works. I've been able to get 15 medium pressure and 3 high pressure tans for $85. That's a $300+ value in some salons. It doesn't hurt to ask, and if they can't do better, take the unadvertised deal.. Its still better then what someone who didn't ask can get.

3. The Indoor Tanning Lotion. The creams and lotions sold in tanning salons contains safe chemicals that speed up your skins readiness to tan. I'm not a doctor, I don't claim to know how it works, I can just say that from experience, it does. Indoor tanning lotions make your money go farther because they shorten the time it takes for your skin to start tanning.

The downfall of designer indoor tanning lotion is the cost. These can run from $35 to $60 in the tanning salon. Indoor tanning lotions can be used as bargaining chips when negotiation tanning deals, but to save the most money, I prefer to buy mine on Amazon and Ebay . What is offered to me for $50 to $60 in the tanning salon is usually almost 50% less on Amazon and Ebay. Find a seller with high feedback that has ties to the tanning salon industry.

Tanning Tips To A Golden Tan

designer skin tanning lotion

designer skin tanning lotion

Preparing For Tanning

4. Prepare Your Skin. Before indoor tanning your skin should be clean and free of dead skin build up. You want your skin to get the best tan possible so using a mild soap or body wash and a quality exfoliator is essential. Using a body poof, scrub skin on arms and legs and the rest of the body in circular motions. This action will help remove dead skin that will increase the effectiveness of tanning.

5. Use A Light Moisturizer on the skin after shower to keep skin moisture level high, but also keeps skin pores clear. Unscented lotions such as lubriderm are great.

Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor Tanning Tips At The Tanning Salon

6. Applying designer skin tanning lotion using circular strokes across your legs and arms at the least. I've found that my stomach area does not need to have lotion applied as this area seems more sensitive to the UV rays of the tanning bed. Circular motions of the designer skin tanning lotion will greatly increase your chances of a more evenly spread tan and reduce the odds of finding patchy spots.Do not buy basic SPF outdoor tanning lotion. Only purchase designer skin tanning lotion. the grocery store stuff ruins the beds and does not allow for the best tanning.

7. Tanning Nude, Or Not? Whether you choose tanning nude or not is your choice. I prefer tanning nude only because I dislike tan lines. The tanning rooms generally have locks on them and the norm, is to tan nude. It is a personal preference and one that you must make on your own.If you are using a bronzer tanning lotion, be careful because some may stain clothing.

8. How Long In Tanning Bed. If you are a beginner, talk with the tanning salon employee. They can help you pick a good starting number for tanning. In a conventional, there is nothing wrong with only going 7 minutes to start. Spending to long in the tanning bed too soon can result in harsh painful burns. Start low and slowly increase to 20 in a conventional tanning bed.If you start to feel any prickling or stinging on your skin, you have over exposure. Stop tanning as soon as you feel this.

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How To Get A Proper Tan

After Tanning Care

9. Don't Shower Right After Tanning. Your skin is still tanning hours after your tanning bed session. Allow your tan to set in and wait at least 3 to 4 hours. When you do shower, always use a moisturizers to keep skin hydrated.

10. Long Term Tanning Risks. Indoor tanning is just as harmful to your skin as outdoor tanning. You must make your best judgement when deciding how long to continue tanning. Long term tanning risks include ugly sun spots to skin cancer. Use caution with indoor tanning and don't overdue a good thing.

Hope these tanning tips helped!

Bonus Tanning Tips

11. Looking to get tan and whiten teeth at the same time? You may have heard of Twilight Teeth Whitening system. Let me tell you, it works! Go here to learn more about Twilight Teeth and how to get it.

12. Wanting to know how to get a fast tan? The Mystic sunless tan can give you deep tanning results in a matter of minutes. It costs about as much as a medium or high pressure tanning bed. It's not a conventional UV tan though. Step into a Mystic tanning booth and get sprayed for 60 seconds with a sunless tanning mist that uses a special formula for the most even coverage. The mystic tan in one session can give you a deep golden tan that looks like you've had at least 2 weeks of conventional UV tanning. It only lasts for about 10 days but for short notice events where you want to show some color, nothing beats the Mystic.


Carly on December 08, 2010:

Very good tips. I just started a few days ago, but i'll deffinately start using these!

Catiee on December 28, 2009:

I buy my tanning lotions from eBay and you can often find them in sets of 4 or 5 for around 50 dollars for a decent brand name.

Sara on November 01, 2009:

Good article! I definitely second buying lotions from Amazon, so much cheaper! I've also found to have good, half priced lotions as well.

Hot Tanning Beds on October 19, 2009:

Definitely some useful tips for first time tanners. It's best to just start slowly - don't expect the deepest, darkest tan after one session. Just build it up a little bit at a time that way you get the perfect tan without damaging the skin.

GeNova on August 25, 2009:

Excellent article, with some really great tanning tips for beginners. We'll definitely be linking here to offer our clients some authoritative advice! Thanks.

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