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How I Lost 100 Pounds and Kept (Most of) it Off

Me, before and after.

Me, before and after.

Losing weight can be very hard, especially during the holiday season. And with the holidays fast approaching, the pressure of maintaining your weight or even losing weight is even higher.

I have lost 100 pounds since December and, trust me, it really takes work. You have to work each day towards your goal and not expect the change to happen just all of sudden. Eventually you will start feeling the difference and start to see a difference.

Here are five tricks that helped me lose the weight and, for the most part, manage to keep it off.

  1. Cutting soda out of your diet, especially dark soda. I love Pepsi and I was addicted to it, so I did not want to get rid of it completely. What I did is set a rule for myself: I can drink one soda when going out to social gatherings and such. I sometimes cheat and get a soda here and there but do not tell anyone :). If I ever truly am craving a drink with bubbles I go get a carbonated water from the store. Usually a flavored one and in my experience the ice waters are the best!
  2. Drinking more water. People think that you only need to drink about eight 8 ounces of waters per day, but in reality you should be drinking a little over half your weight in water. And you should add 12 ounces water for every half an hour of workouts that you do each day. For example I now weigh 155 pounds and so I try and drink 77.5 ounces of water each day. I then add about another 24 ounces because of my 1 hour workout, so in total I drink about 101.5 ounces of water daily. You may say that this seems like a huge amount of water and at first it is but it is so worth it. After drinking more and more water each day I felt a major difference in almost everything. My acne was completely cleared and for the most part still is. I also feel a huge difference in my skin, hair and nails. It is a change that I cannot really explain, you have to find out for yourself!
  3. Keep track of your calorie counts each meal and know how many calories you should eat each day. I try to stick around 1100 calories per day. It helps me lose weight. Being only 5 feet tall, I have a lower calorie requirement than someone who is taller. Just google "estimation for daily calorie intake" and there should be a calorie calculator estimator on the top searches. There are also many calorie counting apps on mobile phones just find the best one that fits all your needs.
  4. Walk more. I find any excuse to go walking. Walking not only burns calories but it makes you feel better. So I walk to work or to the store and any other excuse I can find. Thirty minutes of walking can burn up to 100 calories and you don't even feel like you are working out! It is amazing and I walk over two hours each day because I walk to and from work. That is 400 calories just by walking! Sweet right?
  5. Have a workout plan and stick to it. There are many workout videos on youtube or you can create your own workout like I did. My workout schedule is as follows:
  • Monday: Crunches, pushups, squats, planking, and leg lifts.
  • Tuesday: Running
  • Wednesday: Crunches, pushups, squats and a small jog
  • Thursday: Running
  • Friday: Running
  • Saturday: Running and Mondays work out routine
  • Sunday: Walk around the neighborhood
Another before and after.

Another before and after.

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Amy from East Coast on November 21, 2017:

Awesome hub! Walking and drinking water and my two major ways to stay in shape. I swear by them. Walking also helps your mental state a great deal. Voted up!

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