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10 Signs You are Bitter Old or Becoming Bitter Old

Are you a bitter old person, or maybe on your way to becoming one? Is your anti-social behavior actually morphing the everyday, ho-hum look on your once beautiful mug to a bitter-beer face? If you're not quite sure, here is a short list that may clue you into answering these questions.

1) You get impatient with people over the smallest of issues. I actually once saw this old guy sitting at a stoplight in his 1986 Ford Fairmont, cursing the soccer mom parked in front of him. She was driving a 2004 Toyota Sierra, yakking on her cell phone and happened to wait a whole 3.5 seconds too long to proceed through the light. The dude was just wailing on the horn and waving his hands in the air to get her to move faster. It was both halarious and pathetic at the same time. What's really comical to me is that this guy probably had absolutely nothing to do the rest of the day. Why in such a hurry? I know some us can relate to this.

2)You actually think you can get ahead in your job if you wear slacks, long sleeve button up shirt, and a tie to work. Come on, let's face it, we're not in the 90's anymore. With all the unions, corporate pushes for global diversity and infiltration of Gen X and Gen Y employees in the workplace, bosses don't look at how you dress that much as they look at performance. Heck, most places don't even conduct in-person interviews anymore. Hiring managers or someone in Human Resources reviews your resume online and then sets up a phone interview with you. It's after the interview that they decide if they want you and then submit an offer for the position.

What does this have to do with bitterness, you ask? I guess, watching the older generation taking digs at younger people's basic attire, including jeans, hats, designer t-shirts, tats, etc gets old fast. If the manager doesn't seem to care come salary review time, then why should they? I have experienced this at work before. It used to bug me, but now I just consider the source. They have so many issues to work out in their own life of maybe disappointment or struggles with self-appointed arrogance that they just try to make other people bad to get their jollies off.

3) You refuse to change ANYTHING in your life. I know there's something to be said about someone who can be consistent and safe, but some people take it way over to the extreme. They say doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Times are changing, the world is changing. It is totally possible to step out and try something new once in a while, without sacrificing your core beliefs. It seems to me, refusing to change bad habits, or insisting on doing things the way you've always done it would just lead to stress after a while.

4) You yell at or try to make the cashier at your grocery store feel bad for something they have no control over. I have seen, witnessed and experienced angry people's flow of spew-age and garbage because they disagreed with a price. The cashier has absolutely nothing to do with it. The price is already in the system, usually entered in at the corporate management end. Complaining to the cashier and telling them how bad their store sucks solves nothing and just shows how bitter and angry you are at yourself for not overcoming some kind of past failures or other issues.

5) You actively prefer the original smell of Old Spice to the new variety of Old Spice manliness. You know, the technological advances in scented products has gone way beyond the old metal bottle, with a picture of a ship and stuffed with a metal cork. That stuff was great and all, but the new stuff makes women go crazy, no matter how old you are! But this issue goes further than just Old Spice. This goes back to the refusal to accept that this world is changing and that you want no part of it. We know you like the smell of After Hours, but you just won't admit it because you're probably a hater.

6) You hate when young people are successful. I have observed this one in all of the jobs I've had. I have seen many a disgruntled older employees complain that some 20 year old is moving up the ranks really fast while you've been wasting away at your position for the last 15 years. Get over it! And if you can't stop complaining about all the changes within your company, use your infinite wisdom to do something about it!

7) You spend too much time forcing your wisdom on young people. I'm not talking about the constructive advise or the kind words of wisdom that comes from years of experience. I'm talking about the constant badgering and showing how you know so much more, that nothing a younger person can do is even remotely as good as the ideas you come up with. This, to me is a sign of weakness and it's sad to leverage something like age to stifle creativity or a different point of view.

8) You complain about EVERYTHING. I know I'm not always the easiest to get along with. At times, I'm pretty picky and somewhat of a neat freak, but I definitely don't want to complain about all things all the time. Just get through the situation and move on. Why dwell on it? It seems to me all that does is raise your blood pressure unnecessarily. Have fun, let loose once in a while and let some fried foods, extra buttery popcorn and red meat raise your blood pressure. ;)

At least you can work that off with exercise later! The complaining just never ends and seems to progress until you're like Clint Eastwood in the movie, Gran Torino.

9) You spend 7 full days researching what pair of shoes to buy. I know shoes are important and you want to make a good investment, but in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter that much? Going through articles and articles and website after website searching out everyone's complaints, reviews and thoughts about a pair of shoes seems like a waste of time to me. But, like several of these points I'm making, there lies a deeper issue. You're too hard to please! This world is not perfect and neither are you, so why worry so much about the little stuff, when there are tons of relationships in this world that are so much more valuable!

10) You belittle others for liking something you have absolutely no interest in. I recognize that not everyone likes to text message, use computers, tweet or participate in social networking, but why do you have to make people who do, feel bad about themselves for it? This can apply for anything, really. I have witnessed several occasions where someone will pull a Debbie Downer on someone who is trying to explain why they're cracking up in tears. They're laughing because of funny comment someone made from an Android phone. But here's Bob Bummer criticizing the idiocy of using a phone for anything than calling people. Who cares! Just let people have their fun.

Hope this list helps. If it doesn't help, I suppose you could always whine and complain about it to your co-workers tomorrow morning. After you've finished whining, don't forget to turn around and gossip about the guy who works 3 cubes away, strolls into work at 9:30am wearing a pair of faded jeans, an Affliction t-shirt and an Element cap and listens to his iPod while he works.

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Hey, have fun yelling at little children who walk on your lawn when your 80!


queenbeetv on November 02, 2014:

As we get older we become more deficient in B6 and Folate. B6 and Folate are integral in synthesizing Dopamine and Serotonin. Dopamine makes you happy and gives you motivation. Serotonin makes you feel calm and easy going. If you have less of either on board, you will not be able to feel happy and motivated and calm and easy going. So unless you work to keep up your B6 and Folate levels as you age, your brain will become short of the neurotransmitters it needs to keep you from becoming bitter when you are old. To keep up B6 stores, avoid long chain saturated fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, msg type chemicals and avoid waiting too long to eat. All of these deplete B6. Get more B6 by eating potatoes (steamed with coconut oil=med chain saturated fatty acid) and eat bananas (high in B6) and extra lean beef (high in B6 and Folate) and eat avocados (high in glutathione which helps preserve B6 in the system) and eat Romaine Lettuce which is very high in Folate. Ionized Liquid Magnesium Chloride will also help to make more dopamine. Do not run out of B6, Folate or Magnesium Chloride or you run a high risk of getting bitter as you get old. If you are ok being bitter, then go for it man! go for it! Just get on with your old bad saggy boobed, saggy scrotumed self. Bitter it up man! Bitter it up!

Hugh on March 01, 2013:

Great article Steve, some very good pointed indeed.

I think that much of what you have said also relates to Narcissistic personality disorder, as i truly believe that "Leopards do grow old, but seldom change their spots!.

Steve Schroeder (author) on April 29, 2011:

Very true indeed Stacy! It all starts with ourselves and if we don't handle the problems inside, we end up making it miserable for others! Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

Stacy C Pitts on April 28, 2011:

I think that anger infiltrates peoples lives and personalities like poison. The more critical and angry someone is, the more unhappy and miserable they always are.

It's easiest for someone to blame others and the world for their unhappy state. Truth is, it's inside: people cause their own misery. The only way to resolve ones issues and become happy is to do counseling, face the issues. Angry people tend to literally be too scared to face their fear, however; it's easier to blame everyone else rather than themselves.

Steve Schroeder (author) on July 10, 2010:

I would imagine the lying type would eventually burn so many bridges, Troy, that they, too will be bitter when they get older.

Troy on July 10, 2010:

I agree with a lot of this... but you are a little off about what bosses look for when selecting someone to move up the ranks. The days of being moved up for being a hard-working, highly competent worker are over. The "me" generation has infiltrated management at all levels and now they just move up the person who lies the most.

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