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10 Safety Tips To Help Prevent Back Pain While Working From Home During This Pandemic

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Safety Tips To Help Prevent Back Pain

The year 2020 came with a heavy blow. The pandemic brought commercial and private business activities to a standstill.

This made many people to start working from home. It's been over ten-month since the world got hit with the virus. Since we were not presented with other alternatives other than to work from home, this avails us the opportunity to look after our families.

It also enables us to avoid the rush hours when going to work. Almost all companies have followed the trend of staying at home working via Zoom, WhatsApp, and other means without experiencing physical touch. This latest work from home trend is a welcome initiative as workers deliver the same result but with a more sophisticated standard.

For every advantage comes a disadvantage, as this work from home order comes with its negative side, which poses a threat to our health, especially back pain.

Safety Tips To Help Prevent Back Pain

You can free yourself the stress of having back pain by following these tips and taking a rest before resuming your work from home job. These safety tips can be applied to anybody that uses a laptop or desktop.

Sitting position

Let's talk about the sitting position when facing your screen. When working from home, placing your laptop or desktop at a more comfortable height and a well-placed chair it is very important. The keyboard should be placed right at your front, making sure your neck is looking at the screen, same goes with using a mouse.

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Eye strain

All windows should be shut, as you will need to avoid looking at the window since you will be looking at the screen of your system at all times.

Comfortable height

When using a laptop with a mouse, make sure your forearms and hands are straightened. The essence of this is to avoid constant stretching when using your system.

Neck posture

The neck should be straight to give room for the efficient handling of documents.

Voice recognition

It is advisable to use voice recognition as it works for emails and texts and allows the arms and hands to rest.

Sitting position

Avoid sitting upright and hunching forward when sitting on a chair. Leaning forward allows the spine to bend, which in turn exerts too much on the back. It is best to sit close enough to a point where you will reach your keyboard and mouse. Sitting back in your chair makes the other part of the body get an even weight distribution.

Stand a bit

To avoid back pain, you should stand for some time. Although standing puts your leg and feet at risk as it requires energy. While standing, you can use that avenue to do other things, like taking calls and moving around for a few minutes.

Sitting on the bed

Attractive as it looks, it is highly recommended to stay away from the bed when working. Sitting on the bed while working requires you to hunch, which causes back pain. Placing a pillow at your back is advisable when the bed is the only option or better still you can avoid straining your neck by getting a low table that will go over the legs when typing.

Getting laptop stand

When you get a laptop, make sure you order for a stand too. Working from home is more comfortable and convenient this way.

Avoid using a squishy wrist

The squishy wrist looks like a support system, but when you place anything under it, it compresses the finger tendons, which increases the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.


The following tips will definitely make working from home fun, convenient and stress-free. Getting rest at some point is also advisable to help relax the body. Also, try using a separate keyboard and mouse, enabling the laptop to be placed on a stand and directly facing the screen. Lastly, the more you maintain a neutral posture when working from home, and the more you move around when trying to get rest, the less the chances of getting injured. Having tried all these and you still have the pain, it is advisable you see your doctor.

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