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10 Reasons to Lose Weight With Apple Cider Vinegar

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Start to Lose Weight With Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you been having a hard time losing weight? Is weight loss something you have attempted over and over again with little results? If so, you may not have heard of apple cider vinegar as a weight loss aid. As a matter of fact, if you open your pantry and there happens to be a bottle of apple cider vinegar, you have probably used these as a tasty addition to salad dressing, marinades and pickles. However, do you realize that it is a great way to help you lose weight as well? Throughout history, credit has been given to apple cider vinegar as an all-around cure from everything like warts to the flu. Many of its alleged benefits are not proven but it is thought by experts that adding a bit more of it to your life will benefit your health greatly.

Do It Like the Stars

If you haven’t already heard the news, Megan Fox mixes it with her water to get her system cleaned out and Miranda Kerr uses it as a salad dressing to help her stay slender. There are countless claims of this type of vinegar to help as a skin tonic and a powerful antioxidant that helps in cell protection. After all, when apples go through fermentation in vinegar, the potassium, calcium, beta carotene and other nutrients that still remain. The question is on everyone’s minds these days is, can apple cider vinegar truly help in weight loss?

Gradual Weight Loss is Better

Over the years, there have been more than a few diets that promise extremely rapid weight loss and these have been popular and faded away. One encouraging piece of information that does stand out is that gradual weight loss is the result of apple cider vinegar. If pounds were shed quickly, it would be ideal if you never saw them again. However, through experience we now know that weight lost fast does tend to make a fast come back. When a person loses weight, your body accommodates this by kicking in the response to make the weight come back in the soonest possible time. On the other hand if you are the type of person who is okay with weighting and does not really prefer rapid results, there is a greater chance that your fatty cells will be more willing to adjust to your gradual smaller size and not make an instant comeback. Aside from weight loss, did you know that apple cider vinegar has other health benefits? Check the list further down this article for these other health benefits. Using naturally fermented, raw and organic apple cider vinegar is much more preferable to other kinds.

Proven to Work

In Japan, a 2009 study was made to test a group of one hundred seventy-five obese people who had to take either water or apple cider vinegar for three months. All the participants kept food journals and had similar diets. At the end of the research, the ones who took vinegar lost a bit more weight. The vinegar group on average lost a couple more pounds over a period of three months. After the study was over, they gained all of it back. It is suggested by this study that vinegar might turn on specific genes that are responsible for fat breakdown. This may also be a subtle effect as it has some weight loss benefits but is not a quick fix. You will need to practice portion control and exercise for permanent weight loss to happen.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before Meals

At the very start of the process of digestion, apple cider vinegar works to increase your interest in food and stimulate your appetite. You would not normally think of this as being the path you want to take when trying to lose weight. Keep in mind however that it works in a positive way supporting your effort since it increases interest in whole food. Vinegar is a well known taste bud stimulator. It is the secret ingredient in condiments, salad dressing and ketchup that keeps you returning for more of the same. When your taste buds work well, it becomes easy to appreciate the complex, wonderful flavor of whole food like beans, whole grains and vegetables. All these food groups help in regulating the levels of your blood sugar and help in improve metabolism. At the end of the day, you won’t fall easily for dieting busters like fat and salt.

Before Each Meal

When you think about it, there is a lot of sense when drinking apple cider vinegar before each meal when losing weight is the goal. Pectin is found in apples and when you drink pectin, you would tend to feel more satisfied with your meal sooner and feel much more full than when you don’t drink apple cider vinegar before meals. Believe it or not, there is the same amount of pectin that apple cider vinegar has compared to apples and in the same way as apples, your appetite is suppressed. In addition, other than the fact that it is similar to eating apples, this type of vinegar helps in protein digestion. The importance of digesting protein is due to the fact that protein happens to be some hormones’ building blocks to break down fatty cells.

Digestion is also stimulated when you drink this, as it reduces the time it takes for fat to remain in the tract for digestion. Your body gets the opportunity to take nutrients from food and remove any condition that leads to potentially life threatening diarrhea. In the same way, it is not healthy for food to stay too long in the intestines. If there are more fat than usual in your digestive tract, these may be absorbed.

When you drink apple cider vinegar before a meal, you will make sure that protein synthesis is guaranteed and this leads to thorough digestion of your food. Growth hormone formation is also encouraged when you thoroughly digest protein. This is the substance keeping the metabolism of your body going even as you rest. For this reason, before eating dinner, it is a good idea to drink apple cider vinegar.

Iron utilization is also improved by apple cider vinegar. Iron happens to be similar to fuel fire starter for the body and carries oxygen to cells as it holds it there. Apple cider vinegar acetic acid helps in releasing food iron and makes it available to be building blocks for hemoglobin which are oxygen carriers as well as myoglobin, which attract oxygen. In the body, it is essential for oxygen to burn energy as these are similar to fire burning in fireplaces. Iron utilization is increased by apple cider vinegar as this changes the way the body consumes energy. For weight loss, this makes apple cider vinegar more than essential.

If you have been wondering how to balance sodium in your diet, apple cider vinegar is the answer. A great potassium source, regularly taking apple cider vinegar contributes to needed potassium which helps in balancing dietary sodium. As a matter of fact if you make the wonderful decision to use apple cider vinegar instead of salt in your diet, such as on protein or vegetable food, this will do tremendous things in your diet. Less salt is always better as salt happens to increase water retention in your body and tempt you to eat more fattening food like meat substitutes, high fat meat, pastries or French fries than you would otherwise eat.

How Much Apple Cider Vinegar to Take?

When taking apple cider vinegar to lose weight, the recommendation is to take one glass of water with one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily. Drink this before meals thrice daily.

Folk Remedy for Weight Loss

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For thousands of years, apple cider vinegar has been used as a weight loss remedy with no side effects known or detected. It is created from a process of fermenting apples twice. Since it prevents a rise in blood sugar, it is thought that people who take apple cider vinegar feel full ahead of people who don’t use it.

What Kind?

When you are serious about using apple cider vinegar for weight loss, you might feel confused about what kind to get. Find a product that says apple cider vinegar that is not distilled, pasteurized or filtered since important nutrients may become destroyed in these processes. If you see apple cider vinegar that is refined in the supermarket, this is not the kind to get. Again, unpasteurized and unfiltered vinegar is the one to select. Stevia taken with your apple cider vinegar may also help.

There are many reasons that apple cider vinegar is selected over other types of vinegar. Aside from the possibility of supporting weight loss, there are detoxifying qualities that apple cider vinegar has as well as strong properties of being anti-microbial. Apple cider vinegar is a helpful tonic for health that has revealed great promise in being an aid to acid reflux, digestion, free radical damage, high cholesterol, heart health, cancer and diabetes. The evidence points strongly to it being an aid to losing weight as well. If you really look at the facts, it can’t really hurt for you to include vinegar made from apples in your daily dietary regiment.


Begin slowly. There are no side effects known when it comes to this product, but it is still better to start slow. Begin day one with just a tablespoon of diluted apple cider vinegar in water. If you have no issues regarding the taste, take two tablespoons the day after. On the third day, you can start to take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before every meal. You can either add two tablespoons of honey or stevia to sweeten the taste, take it straight or take it diluted in water. As you take apple cider vinegar, you might want to help increase your rate of losing weight by doing exercises and dieting as well. Mix apple cider with olive oil if you want it to be easier to swallow. Also, in drug stores and supermarkets near you, check to see if there are capsules made of apple cider vinegar as these may be the kind that works best for you. For a quick and easy salad dressing and apple cider vinegar in one, combine this with salt, pepper and olive oil to use as salad dressing.

Remember that if you feel something is wrong throughout this whole process, make sure you consult your doctor and stop taking it immediately. If you happen to be on any type of medication, make sure your doctor knows that you plan to start taking apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Prolonged or excessive use includes low bone mineral density and low blood potassium. Also, before embarking on any type of weight loss program, make a consultation with your doctor as well. Keep in mind that all successful weight loss programs are not sudden but instead, are gradual. Don’t expect miraculous overnight results. Instead, give yourself time. Exercising and increasing the vegetables you eat is highly recommended.

Dietary Aid

Apple cider vinegar is a product that is not so expensive. It is probably this reason that is very popular as a folk remedy. Aside from helping aid lost weight, it is also credited with assisting in various conditions including insect bites, sunburn, acne, sore throats, sinus problems, leg cramps, upset stomach, high blood pressure, arthritis and osteoporosis. The way it works is that the composition of apple cider vinegar is made from apples that have been fermented and is thought to aid in losing weight through the improvement of insulin resistance. With this, liver, fat and muscles resist the hormone insulin and the blood sugar glucose which provide energy. In apple cider vinegar, the acetic acid interferes specifically with digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates. This allows carbs to go undigested in the digestive tract. Also, as an appetite suppressant, apple cider vinegar has gained more and more popularity. One thing to keep in mind however is that there is no proof that by itself, apple cider vinegar needs to be combined with other supplements, help burn fat or speed up metabolism.


Carol on December 16, 2016:

I just started to take it yesterday 16/12/2016 .

So lets see how it goes.

Hally you say you spend time in the bathroom ?

Is that for the bowel or bladder ?

hally on June 10, 2016:

Am glad am not the only one spending more time in the bathroom with this. My stomach has shrunk down just three weeks after use but the trips to the bathroom is scary ,coupled with the fact that am neither hungry nor thirsty.

Fearlessevee on June 05, 2016:

Will try this for sure!

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on February 29, 2016:

i AM glad to har that

Ivy on February 28, 2016:

I told to my husband to drink ACV...and i make it everyday..he drink 3x a day..2tlbs AVC in one cup of water.He started to drink was february 1,2016 til now the date is February 27,2016..he had stomach ache and everytime in the rest scared..but after a night his a little bit ok..til he noticed that his stomach get a little bit i think the ACV is working ...

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on July 23, 2015:

Deleth thanks for stopping by, and good luck. Gail thanks for your comment too, nice to hear your succes story.

Gail on July 23, 2015:

i have been drinking the apple cider for almost a month now,im impressed its working wonders for i recommend anyone to try it,you will love the results,im frequent in the rest room and feel full everytime.iam now eating less than before.

Delyth on July 23, 2015:

After trying lots of different things I am going out to get some today hopefully it will work what have I got to loose except lbs

Robert Morgan on July 07, 2015:

This is a nicely written article. I am a believer in apple cider vinegar.

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on April 18, 2015:

feborah s. managan-Let me know how it goes, and thanks for commenting.

feborah s. manangan on April 18, 2015:

Ill start using apple cider soon!tnx.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 14, 2015:

Stevia may help. I'm going to trust you.

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