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10 Reasons to Drink Water

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Clean and drinkable water is one of the basic needs of every human being. Drinking plenty of water daily helps to stay active and perform your daily tasks efficiently. It is a common practice among people to consume water when they feel thirsty. Quenching your thirst only may leave you to remain dehydrated. The daily recommended amount to drink water is 2.7 liters for an adult. You can fulfill your daily requirement of water by consuming fruit juices, caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee, or simply having a glass of plain water.


10 Reasons Why Water is Necessary for Us

Water is essential to sustain life on the earth. It is one of the essential nutrients for your body. Following are some of the reasons/benefits of drinking water:

1. Balancing the Body Fluids: Water carries out some of the very important functions of the body including digestion, absorption, circulation, and transportation of nutrients inside the body. It helps to create saliva. It also helps to maintain body temperature.

2. Drink Water to Lose Weight: Water can help you control your calorie intake as it can be replaced by sugary drinks or juices you consume. You can also control your weight by including fruits and vegetables which have a high content of water. Drinking plenty of water may also help to regulate your appetite.

3. Helps to Fuel Up Muscles: Our muscles may lack energy and get fatigued easily when we do not take enough water. Water intake before exercise helps the athlete to stay active during the competition. It is also advised to drink water during physical activity, especially when the weather is hot and humid to avoid dehydration.

4. Helps to Maintain a Healthy Skin: Water is also essential to keep your skin healthy. It prevents the skin from being dried out during less humid weather. It also helps to maintain the firmness of the skin.

5. Helps in Kidney Functions: Kidneys help to excrete out the waste outside our body. The main waste product of the body is urea nitrogen which is to be expelled out in the form of urine. For this job, kidneys need an adequate amount of water which depends upon our fluid intake. An inadequate amount of water may result in kidney stones formation.

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6. Helps in Maintaining Normal Bowel Functions: An adequate amount of water is also necessary to carry out normal gut functions. The solid intestinal waste passes towards the anas with the help of fluid inside the colon. When you don't drink enough water, it may cause constipation.

7. Helps in Joint Lubrication: Water is essential for smooth joint functions. It cushions the brain and the spinal cord.

8. Lowers Down Blood Pressure: Dehydration may also cause the blood to be thickened which can increase blood pressure.

9. Helps in Optimal Brain Functions: Studies show that dehydration may cause foggy brain, impaired concentration, and lack of alertness.

10. Speeds up Metabolism: When you consume plenty amount of water, it can increase your metabolic rate which helps you to lose your weight and maintain your fitness.

A ketogenic Diet which is a high-protein, low-carb diet is likely to cause dehydration

Tips to Keep Hydrated During the Day

  • Get yourself a water-level measuring bottle to keep a check on the amount of water intake throughout the day
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep a water bottle inside your car, on your work desk, and inside your bag.
  • Set a reminder alarm for water/beverage intake, especially during your work.

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