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10 Positive Quotes You Need to Hear

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Some of the best positive quotes around the web. If you need a little boost, or just want something to write in an Instagram caption, here are ten great quotes to inspire positivity in your life.

10. Progress Not Perfection

It isn't about being perfect. It's about working each and every day to take the steps that get one to their destination.

9. It's Not Selfish to Love Yourself

Society has made it shameful to take care of and even love oneself. There is a difference between being focused exclusively on oneself and only caring about the self, verses taking care of yourself and your needs.

Self-care is anything that is done to heal and care for the self. Whether that be a few moments to sit alone and not worry about other people's needs for a few seconds, or taking a shower to cleanse the body, self-care is extremely important for people's health.

8. The Best View Comes After the Toughest Climb

It may seem bleak now, but the long-awaited view is coming sooner than people may think!

7. Your Only Limit is You

This is actually a good thing! You can control and change you; there is no other person or thing truly holding you back!

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6. Storms Don't Last Forever

Anyone going through a hard time may find this one to be reassuring.

5. You Are So Much Stronger Than You Think

Stick this one up on the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator. It's so important to tell yourself positive things about yourself. You are what you tell yourself.

4. Be the Energy You Want to Attract

If you want good things, good people, and positivity, then embrace that in your life and in yourself.

3. Hope is the Only Thing Stronger Than Fear

Hold onto hope because, in the face of fear, that is the best weapon.

2. Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

A lot of these quotes are about making the best of the dark times in life. This one is no different. If you are struggling, just remember that stars can only shine when it's the darkest night.

1. No Rain. No Flowers.

Without rain, there can't be any flowers. Without trials in life, there can't be any personal growth and change. Look at the tough times as a chance to grow stronger and be better.

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