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10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water Detox

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How to integrate Lemon Water in your routine?

This is the first thing you should do in the morning, and best would be even before you brush your teeth, drink a glass of lemon water.

Pour water in a glass, and put it in the microwave to give it a little heat, but do not let it bowl. If the water is too hot it will kill all the lemons nutrients and we do not want that. You can prove the hotness with your fingers. Take it off, squeeze a lemon in it, and drink it. That is all.

It is not lemonade, but it is refreshing. And it does taste good. It will awaken you and prepare your stomach for whatever comes after that.

Then you go on with your morning routine.
What are its benefits? Why you should do it every morning?

Lemons contain a good amount of electrolytes like potassium, calcium and magnesium, and so on. That and other benefits are the reason you should drink it. Let's explore them together.

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Lemon Water Benefits

  1. PH balance. -Lemon water due to its acidity helps balance the pH levels.
  2. It aids in digestion because it flushes out the excessive toxins from your body, it purifies you.
  3. Because it contains high levels of Vitamin C, saponins and potassium as well, it helps boosting your immune system, so you heal faster from the illnesses, and you do not get ill so many times in a single year.
  4. It is a mood energetic as well.
  5. Helps with weight loss too. Lemon as an acid boosts the metabolism.
  6. It promotes healing because lemon is an anti-inflammatory food.
  7. It may relieve indigestion, like heartburn and belching, and helps with bowel movements and gases.
  8. Antibacterial property of lemons, helps freshen your breath, and it can also relieve sore throat pain, throat infections, toothaches, and tonsillitis. You will have a healthier mouth.
  9. It may also cure nausea and dizziness.
  10. It also strengthens the liver.


Lemon water has so many benefits, and it really is a drink that you should have daily, but do not forget that due to its acidity, lemon may erode the natural enamel on your teeth. This is not a good thing either. To avoid this process, better drink it using a pipe. That way the lemon water will not splash your mouth, but it will pass directly to your digestive system.

The second bad thing that comes from lemon is that it may leave you dehydrated. When dehydrated the skin does not glow anymore, it looks tired, and it tends to get more wrinkles. To avoid this disadvantage, make it a habit to drink plenty of water.


If you can't have lemon alone, try it with honey.

If you cannot stand the taste of lemon, try to add a teaspoon of honey. Do not pour the honey while the water is still hot, let it cool down a bit, because the heat will cause the honey to lose its benefits. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. Do not add sugar because we do not need that much sugar. Honey is the best solution and natural substitution for sugar.If you do not stand lemon at all, you can do this other trick: honey and cinnamon morning drink.

How do you make it?

Heat the water a little, then pour in a teaspoon of honey, and a half teaspoon of cinnamon. You really must find the right portions for you. If you will not, it will not taste that good. You won't even feel the cinnamon at all, or you will taste it too much to even bare drinking the thing. You will probably hate it. But if you find the right mass that does the trick for you, it does taste like dessert.

And it has a lot of benefits, as lemon water does.

Anyway, choose which is best for you, and do not let a morning go without taking a sip.

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