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10 Habits That Can Make You Look Aged

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There are some habits that can damaging for the appearance of the skin, making it look dim, dehydrated and wrinkled. That is why it is important to know how to take care of our face, by avoiding certain habits and rituals, and including products that provide it with a variety of nutrients.

Here I have incorporated 10 ways through which unknowingly we deteriorate the natural beauty of the face, practically without realising it. I have also offered some tips to improve the appearance, without exposing yourself to highly invasive procedures.


Lack Of Hydration

Many women tend to replace the consumption of water, with other types of drinks such as tea or coffee, however drinking this precious liquid is important to stay hydrated as it makes skin look radiant. Not drinking enough can make pores more visible and the face is not as flexible as we would like.


Not Being Physically Active

Keeping the body moving through exercise in any of its modalities is a great alternative to improve general health and the appearance of the body, as well as skin. Frequent physical activity increases blood circulation to the face and improves moisture in the area, as well as preventing cellular aging.


Excessive Use Of Makeup

Makeup is essential for most women, because it not only allows us to look pretty, it also helps us feel confident about our appearance and making our personality known. However, excesses of makeup is not good for skin texture and applying too much foundation followed by powder makes it accumulate in the folds of the face and the lines of expression are more noticeable, especially in winter times when it is drier.

It is advisable to use products that cover well, but are lighter, that is, they do not offer that plastered appearance. For mature skin it is important to use products with hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and apply makeup with a soft sponge.


Not Using products for the eye contour

The area around the eyes is one of the parts of the face where fatigue, stress and bad eating habits can be most noticeable, making the face look quite tired and old. So it is important to take care of the area and include products for the eye contour both in the beauty routine in the morning and in the evening.
For example, looking for options that have hyaluronic acid for wrinkles or caffeine for dark circles, without leaving aside the mandatory use of sunscreen that is special for your skin type.

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Excessive Cleaning of Skin

Cleaning in the mornings and nights is essential to remove makeup residues and impurities that are collected during the day. But overdoing it with face washes can be counterproductive, as it eliminates natural oils and thus dryness appears, especially in mature skin where natural hydration is less. All this makes the pores appear more and the appearance of the face becomes dull and gloomy.


Not Including Serums In Beauty Regime

We should not only use sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful damage of UV rays on the skin, but ,it is also necessary to include some serums in the beauty routine. Using an antioxidant serum in the morning, before the moisturizer, can help us to take care of the skin from the different contaminants that can damage it, some formulations are enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea or lycopene.


Exceeding Sugar Intake

Refined carbohydrates and sugars must be eliminated from the diet or reduced little by little, as they do not contribute anything positive for our skin and health in general. According to specialists, the consumption of this type of product raises blood sugar levels, which, when joining with collagen, which is what gives the skin elasticity, tends to cause stiffness. Instead, adopt healthy habits by including omega-3 fatty acids, different fruits and vegetables.


Lack Of Retinoids In Beauty Regime

Apart from the mandatory use of sunscreen, it is also important to include retinoids, since they are well known for their anti-aging properties. They increase collagen production, make pores less noticeable, and promote cell renewal.

But before adopting Retinoids keep in mind the following recommendations:
If your skin is sensitive, start by using an over-the-counter product, as it has less concentration of this ingredient.
You should not apply it in the morning, only at night so that the skin is not exposed to burning.
Finally use a small amount and far from the eye contour.

Not Using Contact Lenses

We must not only protect ourselves with creams, serums and other cosmetic products, but also consider the use of lenses as it plays an important role for the eye contour. They can prevent the appearance of early wrinkles and improve visual health, thus promoting a youthful appearance.


Avoiding Haircare

Last but not least, it is very important for us to take care of our hair, because it's appearance also adds to our persona and takes some years off us. To keep hair looking healthy and full, you can try natural blends or products like the gold standard treatment to stop hair cell aging caused by heat, sun, the beach, or the pool.

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