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10 Foolproof Ways For You to Reduce Bad Cholesterol by Changing Some Foods

I am Dani, mother of two, vegetarian, have a vegetable garden at home and, I like to eat everything green and healthy, sharing my experience

Those with high cholesterol know how difficult it is to control at times.

I am a person with high cholesterol and, I changed my diet and started walking every day.

Exercises we need to do, but without changing the diet, cholesterol does not decrease alone.

I changed my life and was successful. I show you 10 healthy foods that you can consume and reduce your cholesterol.

The Oats

It has lots of fiber and can lower cholesterol a lot. Add oatmeal with bananas or strawberries to your breakfast.

Did you notice that racehorses are always full of energy? They eat oats.

Oats help you lose weight and excess fat by lowering bad cholesterol - LDL

The grains

Grains are another healthy option for you to consume, seasoned with garlic, onions, adding some herbs, it looks great.

Other options in this category are lentils and chickpeas. They are rich in fibers.

The Vegetables

Like eggplant and zucchini, are for controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Okra, jiló and all the dark vegetables you can eat like endive, spinach, beet leaf, radicchio.

Eat dark vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, in addition to lowering cholesterol, they will nourish your body with vitamins.


Make the vegetables and dark vegetables sautéed with garlic, onion, you get more nutrients.

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These are walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts.

If you can eat one serving every week can reduce your bad cholesterol by up to 5%.

These foods have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Provide antioxidant vitamins and minerals like vitamin E.


Make a mix of chestnuts, put two tablespoons of oats and milk in a bowl for an afternoon snack!

Vegetables Oils

Cook with oils such as sunflower and corn.

Some people even cook with extra virgin olive oil.

Cook and saute, make roasts if you can avoid fries.

If you are going to fry something, just a drop of oil.


Cook, saute, bake if you can avoid fries.

You have nonstick cookware even better!


Apples, grapes, strawberries, and citrus fruits, in general, reduce your cholesterol, have many vitamins and properties that reduce cholesterol molecules.

Another option for reducing cholesterol is avocado, as it is a fruit with good fat.

You can create a daily routine of consuming fruits at each interval of your meals! Your body thanks you!


Is a white meat that has what is called good fat. Eating fish every week reduces cholesterol and heart disease.

The most suitable fish for you to eat are tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, and dogfish.

Roasted, in sauce, or sautéed with vegetables are great options for your health.


Embedded Meats and Canned Products

Who doesn't like cheese in a pan with bread, or better, a rennet cheese on the grill?

The bad news is that these cheeses are yellow and are bad for our cholesterol.

Give preference to white cheese.

In Brazil, we have the famous cheese from Minas made by hand, but we also have cheeses found anywhere, such as cottage and ricotta.

Yellow cheeses such as mozzarella, gorgonzola have a lot of fat.

To maintain good health, I need to remove some food from our menu.

The sausages, such as salami, ham, bologna, are fatty, salty, and increase cholesterol.

Always buy fresh foods, frozen ready-made foods, and canned foods that have high sodium preservatives that will harm your health and bring you various diseases.

I'm sorry to you, are you hungry after these images?

Or were you worried?

A hot dog on the street, pretzels. Am I just talking about delicious things to eat?

I'm telling you about street food that we eat when we're in a hurry and want fast food.

But fast freaks have a lot of fats, sodium, sugars.

So it's best to stay away if you want to take care of your cholesterol.

Who eats a hamburger, raise your hand?

Final Considerations

Everything you eat needs to be in moderation. When we talk about bad cholesterol, food requires care.

What you can't eat, eat from time to time, and always keep healthy things in your diet.

Keep your body exercised.

If you can't exercise often, take daily walks, do twenty minutes a day, and my day!

Fast foods



Hot Dog

Hot Dog

French Fries

French Fries

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