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10 Best Ways To Cure Stress Naturally

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Stress is a part of everyone life. There is no person in the world who is not under stress. When the situation is not according to your desire then stress or anxiety occurs.

Stress can occur in many ways like work stress, fight with wife, money problem, study cost of children, break up, not getting work and so on.

There is no quick tip to overcome your stress overnight. Stress can be reduced during the time. So here are some best ways which cure your stress or anxiety problems quickly.

1. Spend Time With Family

Family is the most important part of everyone’s life. Every moment spends with family is precious. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University found that most people use their family as a stress buster, talking about their problems instead of using alcohol, drugs or smoking.

Family act as a backbone. It provides emotional, spiritual and economic support. Whenever you feel stress, always try to spend time with your loved ones. It quickly reduces your stress, and you feel much better than before.


2. Listen to Music

One of the biggest advantages of music is that it acts as a stress reliever. Whenever you feel stress or disturb with your life, listen to your favourite songs. Music helps to calm your body and mind.

Many doctors use music therapy to reduce the illness of their patients. You can also listen to music when you are doing your house chores when you stuck in traffic, before bed. It helps you to get rid of your stress, tension or anxiety.

3. Meditation

Meditation provides a deep state of relief. It gives us inner peace and makes our mind calm. Stress is not a new thing in today’s competitive world. Who is not in the grip of stress, pressure and depression? But ignoring it is not good for health. This can be got rid of through meditation.

Every morning before going to work, school or anywhere, 5 minutes of meditation keeps you free from stress throughout the day. This also keeps you energetic. So try to make it a habit to cure your stress quickly. If you do meditation daily then you always feel happy, calm and stress-free.


4. Write Down

Writing is the most effective way to spend time with yourself. Write down your favourite, loving moments in a diary that always brings you joy. Like the good days if you keep writing even on the bad or stressful day you can relieve stress. Writing down daily activities and feeling helps in understanding oneself, which relieves stress.

I always write about my days in my diary whatever happened to me before going to sleep which I have liked a lot. I always feel stress-free after writing. You should also make a habit of writing. I am sure you also liked it very much.

5. Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise not only helps to stay fit and healthy but also help to reduce your stress. Doing exercise doesn’t mean do a lot of physical activities. If you do 30 minutes walk daily you feel fresh and energetic.

Best exercises for stress relief are yoga, dancing, gardening, outdoor activities, walking, jogging etc. Do any of these exercises in which you feel comfortable. But make sure you do it daily for at least 20 to 30 minutes. I’m sure you get positive results by doing these within a week.

6. Laugh

Laughter is the best way to stay happy and stronger in your life. Laughter strengthens your immunity, reduce pain and protect you from stress. It lightens your tension, give you hope and also help to release anger.

People who laugh more tend to look younger for a longer period. Laughter exercises the muscles of the face due to which there are no wrinkles on the face. Laughter makes the blood flow smoothly in the arteries leading to the heart, which doesn’t cause problems with heart diseases.

Laugh at least 30 to 45 minutes daily. You can watch comedy shows, movies for this. It gives you tremendous result to cure your stress.


7. Love Yourself

When you love yourself you spend most of the days in your life happy and stress-free. Practising to love yourself so that you do what you want to do rather than thinking about others. With self-love, you become more confident.

Whenever you achieve something which you want to achieve from along period. Give you a treat and enjoy your success. This will motivate you to grow more in your career without thinking about another opinion. This thing also reduces your stress to a great extent.

8. Build Habit To Say 'NO'

Saying yes to everyone all the time can create problems for you. So try to build a habit to say no to unnecessary things which create stress in your life.

For example, if you have an exam tomorrow and your friend is asking you to go to a movie. If you say yes for the happiness of your friend. Then you would be failed in your exam. So always try to think about yourself first than others.

It helps to stay happy and stress-free. This is the most important way to reduce stress. So try to say no to those things which give you stress or create hurdles in your path.

9. Spend Time With Your Pets

Animals especially dogs, cats and parrots can reduce stress, kill loneliness and improve your mood. Pets are better and loyal friends than human beings. When you play with your pet you forget your stress, problems and anxiety.

They give you joy and love. In return, they don’t want anything except love. Various studies show that people who have pets don’t face any depression-related problems. They are good companions like books. I also have a dog named Taffy. Whenever I feel loneliness and stress. I play with my dog and taking it for a walk.


10. Drink a Lot Of Water

If you do not want to make efforts then you can use this way to reduce stress and anger. Drinking lots of water during the day doesn’t mean that it reduces your stress instantly. You need to dehydrate when you are under stress because in that time your heart rate is up, and you breathe more heavily.

Various research proves that people who drink a lot of water has less stress and depression. The U.S. National Academies Of Science, Engineering And Medicine determined that an adequate daily water intake is:-

  • About 3.7 litres a day for men
  • About 2.7 litres a day for women


These are the best ways which reduce stress gradually. You can choose any one or two ways which suit you and cure your stress. I hope these ways help you a lot to reduce your stress.

Tell me in the comment which way you will use to cure your stress?

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