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10 Benefits of Drinking Water

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Water is a term with several definitions. It all depends on which angle or subject you are asking from.

In science, you would hear something like a combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

A yogi would say a catalyst for attraction and manifestation.

Even the bible states water as a powerful agent as seen in Exodus 15 where God drowns Egyptian soldiers after letting the Israelites through or even in Proverbs 21 where he likens the King’s heart to rivers of water.

In modern day, almost every day we are reminded to re-hydrate along with a couple of benefits they bring to us.

Well I’m explaining 10 very important ones that show you the argument over keeping hydrated is valid and how it affects our health as well.

Weight Loss

Water increases satiety and boosts one’s metabolic rate which increases the rate at which calories burn in the body.

Water therapy which involves drinking glasses of water at specific times of the day and half an hour before meal help to make the stomach feel full so one doesn’t eat more than what is required.

This also helps in breakdown of fat faster to aid weight loss


Skin Care

The right amount of water in the body prevents the skin from being dehydrated as well as maintains its smooth texture as it enhances moisture.

Being hydrated aids in effective blood flow all resulting in improving skin tone, faster healing, prevents acne, prevents heat-related breakouts, promotes clearer skin among several other benefits.

Reduces Chances of a Hangover

A hangover is the feeling or effect gotten after an excessive consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol is a diuretic; a medication or chemical designed to increase the amount of water expelled by the body. When this happens, it could lead to one to being dehydrated.

This can however be prevented by taking a glass of water between drinks.

Boosts Physical Performance

During any physical activity, the body expels water through sweat at a quicker pace so to remain at a top performance one has to replace the energy lost in sweat.

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This way, incidents such as heat stress, irregular body temperature or lower performance levels can be avoided.

It is proven that being hydrated improves brain and muscle response as well as gives surge of energy levels for physical activity


Relieves Constipation

Constipation itself is basically when bowel movements reduce and stools become harder to pass.

A glass of water can be used to stimulate bowel movements and soften stools which further prove the benefits of water consumption.

While a mild dehydration can result in constipation, water relieves it once again

Improves Moods

Level of intake determines the flow of dopamine and serotonin; natural chemicals that affect depression and anxiety.

Drinking water helps in the flow of the feel-good endorphins in the body leading to a person feeling more relaxed, happy, content and less tense

Regulates Temperature

Physical activity as well as weather conditions remove excess fluids from our body leading to an irregular body temperature as the body isn’t at its best performing point.

Dehydration is seen to slow down heart pump rate as well as increase core body temperature; water puts this all to rest

Aids in Digestion

Water helps to break down food eaten so that your body can absorb the nutrients in them. It also carries out the transport of waste materials in a way that prevents constipation.

Water is also seen to carry out the transport of oxygen and nutrients around the body; hydration only makes this process more efficient.


Prevents High Blood Pressure, Strokes or Heart Attacks

As one gets older, the intake of water is expected to increase as it is consumed at a faster pace and their body doesn’t quite recognize it either.

As said before, water helps in increasing heart pump rate as well as enhance a person’s functional abilities, this applies for patients of strokes or high blood pressures as water does a good job for their heart

Aids in Bone Buildup

Bones lose minerals due to several activities, water aids in making buildup and strengthening much faster.

Water keeps bones healthy and improves their density. It also leads to better development of calcium that prevents bone loss or even osteoporosis

Water also helps to carry away toxins from the bone as well as lubricate joints to avoid sport injuries such as fractures or even cramps.

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