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Stress Level

Reduce Stress Level while living in a Pandemic

The key point to live a happy and cherish life is to manage your stress level at every cost. We are living in a community where every person is facing stress and depression. It is important to overcome the stress to make your personal and professional life a symbol of leisure. With all other happenings, it is vital to manage your stress during the current pandemic i.e. COVID-19.

It is scientifically proven that if you live a more balanced life than there will be more chances of your survival for a long span. Now the fear of death is more likely to exist due to this pandemic. As we watch the news or using our social media, the hot topic is the Corona Virus and its infectors. A person sitting in his room could be panic after watching the current situation and the stress level increases. Apart from other problems, the pandemic has taken the lives of a large part of the world’s population.

This pandemic is added as a part of the stress in our lives. Most of the professionals have been affected by this pandemic along with other stresses. Now everyone is trying to live a balanced life to fight against all types of stress along with COVID-19.

To maintain a balanced life, here are some recommendations that you should follow to release your stress level during this tough time:

Take a long breath

When you find the time, try to do breathing exercises. It works when you inhale oxygen from the nose and exhale carbon dioxide from the mouth. This will help to increase the oxygen level in your blood. When oxygenated blood revolves around the brain, it brings peace and calm and reduces your stress.

Do Exercise daily

Develop a habit of doing different exercises daily during the era of COVID 19. It will retain your self-esteem which helps to reduce your stress and depression. Performing different exercises makes your mind and body feel better and your intentions will be diverted. You will feel more relax and the stamina to stay active will be maintained. You will get an intuition that you can handle anything that comes to your way.

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Spend time with loved ones:

Maintain closeness and intimacy with your family members and friends during the time of the pandemic. Although, keeping social distance has become a norm nowadays but we can connect with our loves ones through social media. We can make feel each other that during this tough time, we are with each other and we can express our loved to them. Audio and video calling, texting, zoom sessions, etc. are the best ways to connect to the world. This will also help to come out of stress and face the challenges of life.

Find some time for yourself

Try to fix a time in a day or a week in which you spend leisure time at your favorite place or doing any tasks that entertain you. This will make your mind fresh and helps to forget all the worries you face in your daily routine. When you plan to do something for joy, you can be able to find time for it. This will makes you excited that after a lot of work burden the time will come when you find peace and calamity.

This year has brought many unexpected problems and we lost many of our beloved personalities. No doubt, the situation is worst but we should not be panic and try to avoid social distancing. They only way to get out of stress is to keep yourself happy and calm. The above-mentioned techniques will help you in releasing your stress and move towards your bright future.

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