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How to Build Your Self Confidence

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Confidence? The key to success!


What is self-confidence and why is it important?

Confidence can be quite tough to build and boost but it is not impossible. Although not everyone is gifted with the ability of self confidence, no one is born with the ability of having boundless self-confidence. As humans, it is normal that we feel elated at certain times and feel unhappy at certain times too. The struggles, hardships and challenges we face at every phase in life can actually reduce our level of confidence.

Confidence comes from a Latin word 'fidere' which means "to trust". Self-confidence is having deep trust in oneself. Self-confidence is a state of self-consciousness, self-awareness and acceptance. The importance of self-confidence should never be underestimated.

  • As humans, we must be self-confident, as it is a major key to opening the doors of success and happiness.
  • Self-confidence is essential in developing social skills and building a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
  • The feeling of self-confidence helps in handling setbacks and learning from ones failures.
  • Self-confidence is a necessary tool for growth and development in every circle of the human life and the society. Self confidence is foremost in the improvement of self-esteem.
  • Self-confidence is a key factor in building motivation and improving dedication.

Who is a confident person?

A confident person possesses the following features:

He or she is full of optimism.

He or she is capable of making decisions.

He or she does not fear taking risks.

He or she is full of positivity.

He or she would never give up even in times of hardship.


Seven important tips required for improving and building self-confidence.

Lack of self-confidence is a thorn in the flesh and a menace that requires quick eradication. The most important solution to the lack of self-confidence is to build your confidence beyond damage.

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1) Avoid depression! Depression begets the lack of self-confidence and the lack of self-confidence could in its extremes, cause stagnation, suicide, mental breakdowns and retrogression if not monitored and corrected at its early stages. Constantly encourage yourself and be your own backbone.

2) Don't overthink! A major tip to avoid depression is by balancing your thoughts. You need to think with moderation, never overthinking about anything no matter how much it bothers you. Avoid negative thoughts. All you need to do it to think straight and find a solution.

3) Constantly remind yourself of your achievements! Look back, see how far you've come and see the need to go even further, monitor your growth. Always do an examination and a cross-examination of your strengths and weaknesses. Remember that you are powerful beyond imagination and you need to constantly encourage yourself, remind yourself of that power you wield, the power to make and impact positivity.

4) Do a bit of exploration! Explore your chances, focus on your hobbies, engage in activities that make you happy, focus on those activities that deserve your attention, activities that lessen your tension. As an introvert myself, who finds socializing a bit difficult, I take pleasure in creating meaningful contents, writing credible articles and cooking. Writing to me, is a mirror through which I view myself in relation to the world, a map through which I navigate my world of imaginations, the medicine to my pain, the relief to the dark nights. I express myself best only when I write. Find that activity that brings you joy and do it!

5) Trust your abilities and capabilities. Believe in yourself, in the decisions you make, in the judgements. Pitch a high value on yourself.

6) Navigate the internet! Go online, read books, watch videos, communicate with emotionally positive people with positive experiences, enroll in classes that will help boost your self-confidence.

7) Exercise, be positive and live healthy! Research and studies have proven that exercising regularly helps improve the condition of the brain. Take long walks to help ease your stress you could do this with a pet if you have one. Hit the gym, take yoga sessions. Remember that what you eat could greatly affect your mental wellbeing. Drink at least 3 litres of water daily, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat balanced and healthy diet.

Finally, always remember no one is a better motivator for you except you! You are an epitome of greatness and you can achieve anything with a smile and confidence.


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