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Please Don't Call Me Aunty - I Am Not That Old!

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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, she is passionate about food.


Aunty Is For Baby Boomers, Not Me!

Call me Big Sister or Pretty Lady, not Aunty. That is a common reminder from many of my baby boomer and middle-aged friends. It sounds more pleasant to the ears as it does not reflect our growing years.

Women are the same all over the world trying to push back that acknowledgement that they are now in the middle aged category. After all, we are still young at heart though maybe not so young in body.

So here I am, definitely an Aunty (even the policeman at the Inland Revenue Office calls me Aunty) helping you to understand a bit more about us middle aged women. One non-Malaysian friend told me Aunty is not commonly used where she comes from. She herself hates being called ma'am.

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Younger Every Year - You don't need to remind us we are middle-aged!

Although we don't mind our children's friends calling us Aunty (which is only appropriate), it is another matter when others do so too. Malaysians have been brought up to respect their elders. So it is quite common for strangers to address a middle aged woman as aunty even though they are not related at all.

The butcher and the grocer at the market are smart business people. We are always the Big Sister, never the Aunty. I have had friends who preferred to eat at another place just because the waiter had called them Aunty before!

If you are working in sales at a mall, you may very well lose a sale because you were trying t o be polite to and called someone Aunty. So to be in Aunty's good books just call her Miss. You won't go wrong!

I'm not 50

I'm not 50

Aunty Behaviour

Young people sometimes sigh with exasperation when they encounter aunties. To many, Aunties are often synonymous with

1. Driving very slowly on the road.

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2. Waiting at the store's entrance even before it opens for that special super sale.

3. Group of aunties sitting for ages in a restaurant laughing and chatting over a meal. Their table is often the loudest and also stay the longest.

4. Show some irritating habits at the supermarket like peeling the garlic and onion skins while picking the best ones to buy.

5. Love shopping.

Don't worry if you don't exactly fit the profile because neither do I!

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Laughter can bring a new perspective



Exercise And More Exercise

Keep slim and trim

There are some who prefer more vigorous exercise. Line dancing is too tame for them.

Some aunties at the gym are quite the fittest women around. After that long holiday away indulging in all that lovely food and atmosphere, it's back to the grind and exercise to lose some weight. We are ever concerned about that extra tummy fat!

Whatever you do, have fun while you are at it. Forget about the "no pain no gain" advice. What may have been suitable when you were younger may not apply now.

After all, our bodies may not be as young as we feel. The thing is that regular physical activity will help to improve our well being.

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