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Beware from Google Doctor

The search engine 'Google' has made people's lives much easier and faster from this platform. And is also giving warning about that.


The search 'engine Google' has made people's lives easier, no doubt about it. Although 'Google' is useful in a sense, it can be annoying when it is used to treat illnesses. Although all medical information, symptoms, tests and useful medicines for various ailments or diseases are available on 'Google', but there is no clinical information and guidance, which can only be obtained from a specialist doctor.

In the past, patients relied entirely on their doctors and had no control over the treatment of their illness. After diagnosing the disease, the doctor would prescribe different medications to the patient and the patient would trust the doctor and follow his advice. In some cases, the patient was harmed. In time, the Internet began to spread and people became 'netsavvy'. When their questions were answered on search engines, these same people started trying to educate themselves with the help of 'Google'. But it has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all 'Google' search results are reliable. Some of this information may frighten the patient unnecessarily. In many other cases the internet helps you, as well as it can lead to illness. But the Internet cannot replace the diagnosis made by a professional doctor.

One thing to keep in mind is that even anyone can publish information or data online. Some of the sources that appear on a 'Google' search may be completely inaccurate, and more importantly, there is no guarantee that they will be published by an expert or experienced professional. Sites like Wikipedia allow anyone to edit your data. So these are not reliable sources, understand this first.

If you have health concerns, talk to your doctor without relying on the internet. If you find exaggerated information about your condition on the Internet, you worry unnecessarily. Conversely, if we find information that is less annoying, we may fail to pay attention in a timely manner, which can make matters worse.

Finally, one simple thing we all need to understand is that it took doctors so many years to learn the subject of human physiology, if only by searching on 'Google' for a few hours will the disease and its treatment be understood by the common man? And that's why we need to educate ourselves about health.

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