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Yu-Gi-Oh! 2010 Banned List


YuGiOh! Forbidden and Limited Card List

Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! banned list! Most Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournaments are played according to the Advanced Rules. While you are allowed to play with up to 3 copies of virtually every card ever produced in your playing deck, occasionally it becomes necessary, in the interests of the game, to either limit or completely forbid the use of a card. Hence, the 'banned list'.

The current banned list came into effect on March 1st 2012, We should have the September 2012 changes up in the next few days. On this page, you'll find the full banned list, broken down into sections for ease of viewing. If you're new to competitive play, there are a few terms you'll need to understand to read the rest of this page:

Forbidden - Also referred to as 'banned'. This card cannot be used in Advanced Format tournaments, at all.

Limited - You may only use one copy of this card.

Semi-Limited - You may only use up to two copies of this card.

Unlimited - Any official TCG card not listed on this page. You can have up to 3 copies of any of them in your deck.

All official tournaments are played by Advanced Rules. Occasionally though, you might see Traditional Tournaments running locally. The only difference with these are that you can use 1 copy of any Forbidden card. Oh, and a final note. The three Egyptian God cards released a few years back, without the Yu-Gi-Oh! logos on the reverse are only for fun. They are never, ever allowed to be used in any tournament.

Another Note - A recent announcement on the official site. English-Language Shonen Jump Magazine Promo Cards are now banned from tournaments outside the United States (due to the fact that they are hard to get in countries were Jump isn't officially distributed) UNLESS the card has also been released in a more readily available set. This has understandably annoyed some - we'd love to hear your comments on the guestbook.

Make sure to say hello, and give us your thoughts on the current banned list or rumoured changes on the guestbook below.

Dark Strike Fighter

Dark Strike Fighter

Part 1 - Forbidden Monster Cards

You may not use any of these cards in your deck, side deck or extra deck:

Effect Monsters


Rescue Cat

Victory Dragon

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Sinister Serpent

Witch of The Black Forest

Dark Magician of Chaos

Cyber Jar

Makyura The Destructor

Magician of Faith


Destiny Hero - Disk Commander


Tribe-Infecting Virus

Fiber Jar

Magical Scientist


Fishborg Blaster

Mind Master

Glow-Up Bulb


Fusion Monsters

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Synchro Monsters

Dark Strike Fighter

Goyo Guardian

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Premature Burial

Premature Burial

Part 2 - Forbidden Spell Cards

You may not use any of these cards in your deck, side deck or extra deck:

Temple of the Kings

Mirage of Nightmare

Delinquent Duo


Painful Choice

The Forceful Sentry

Snatch Steal

Pot of Greed

Change of Heart


Dimension Fusion

Card of Safe Return

Butterfly Dagger - Elma

Graceful Charity

Harpie's Feather Duster

Premature Burial


Last Will

Brain Control

Cold Wave

Mass Driver

Giant Trunade

Imperial Order

Imperial Order

Part 3 - Forbidden Trap Cards

You may not use any of these cards in your deck, side deck or extra deck:

Imperial Order

Exchange of the Spirit

Crush Card Virus

Time Seal

Ring of Destruction

Last Turn

Royal Oppression

Trap Dustshoot

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Plaguespreader Zombie

Plaguespreader Zombie

Part 4 - Limited Monster Cards

You can only have one copy of any of these cards in your deck, side deck and extra deck combined:

Normal Monsters

Right Leg of the Forbidden One

Right Arm of the Forbidden One

Left Leg of the Forbidden One

Left Arm of the Forbidden One

Effect Monsters

Lonefire Blossom

Debris Dragon

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Elemental Hero Stratos

Gladiator Beast Bestiari


Plaguespreader Zombie

Dark Armed Dragon

Night Assailant

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole


Exodia The Forbidden One

Blackwing - Gale The Whirlwind

Gorz The Emissary of Darkness


Morphing Jar

Blackwing - Kalut the Moonshadow



T.G. Striker

The Agent of Mystery - Earth

Synchro Monsters

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Formula Synchron

Legendary Six Samurai - Shien

TG Hyper Librarian

Overload Fusion

Overload Fusion

Part 5 - Limited Spell Cards

You can only have one copy of any of these cards in your deck, side deck and extra deck combined:

Heavy Storm

Burial From A Different Dimension

Foolish Burial

Advanced Ritual Art


Mind Control

Reinforcement of The Army

Card Destruction

Charge of The Light Brigade

Future Fusion


Monster Gate

Allure of Darkness

Limiter Removal

One for One

Infernity Launcher

Black Whirlwind

Monster Reborn

Dark Hole

Book of Moon

Gateway of the Six

Pot of Avarice

Primal Seed

Ojama Trio

Ojama Trio

Part 6 - Limited Trap Cards

You can only have one copy of any of these cards in your deck, side deck and extra deck combined:

Return From The Different Dimension

Solemn Judgement

Mirror Force


The Transmigration Prophecy

Wall of Revealing Light

Magical Explosion



Part 7 - Semi-Limited Monster Cards

You can have up to two copies of any of these cards in your deck, side deck and extra deck combined:

Effect Monsters

Destiny Hero - Malicious

Archlord Kristya

Card Trooper

Necro Gardna

Summoner Monk


Reborn Tengu


Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

Ritual Monsters


Synchro Monsters

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier

Chain Strike

Chain Strike

Part 8 - Semi-Limited Spell Cards

You can have up to two copies of any of these cards in your deck, side deck and extra deck combined:

Chain Strike

Magical Stone Excavation

Royal Tribute

Destiny Draw

Swords of Revealing Light

Emergency Teleport

Level Limit - Area B

Shien's Smoke Signal

Ojama Trio

Ojama Trio

Part 9 - Semi-Limited Trap Cards

You can have up to two copies of any of these cards in your deck, side deck and extra deck combined:

Ojama Trio

Bottomless Trap Hole

Magic Cylinder

Solemn Warning

Mind Crush

Torrential Tribute

Ultimate Offering

What would you like to see banned/unbanned? What do you think of the September 1st 2010 changes (plenty of moans about Rescue Cat in our store)? Just want to say 'hello'?

All comments are approved first and normally appear within a few hours. You don't need to register or provide any details to comment - everyone's welcome.

Have Your Say...

andrew on May 14, 2019:

i think that all the banned list cards should not be banned so that any one can use them idf they want

W on November 08, 2018:

Loop of destruction is NOT BANNED

jethrick on January 18, 2015:


anonymous on July 30, 2013:

why is metamorphosis banned but not megamorph

anonymous on July 23, 2013:

@anonymous: agree

anonymous on July 23, 2013:

@anonymous: I agree

anonymous on June 05, 2013:

@anonymous: to true

anonymous on June 05, 2013:

@anonymous: i think they should at least keep the original cards unbaned limiting is fine but i've been playing for years now and to see that cards from my childhood are now almost completely worthless is just depressing considering all the cards you trade to get the good cards or the cards that just look awesome and the to see that trading for that card was all for nothing. makes me sad

anonymous on May 23, 2013:

@anonymous: Because banned cards are still collectibles. It's actually stupid to be playing with your cards because then you're prone to damaging them.

anonymous on May 10, 2013:

why the hell would they band giant trunade >:(

anonymous on April 16, 2013:

@anonymous: I agree thats how we learned to play the game by building our decks with strong monsters but great magic and trap cards, no need in banning cards its just goin to put us out there to not b able to use cards like we have for example magician or black chaos why ban that card for what purpose?? Every card is from the show y bannd them and make it impossible for us to use in other words there ruining the game

anonymous on April 16, 2013:

@anonymous: I totally agree there just ruining the point of the game, what's the point in banning cards but still keep selling the game cards as well as still make new series if the show

anonymous on March 30, 2013:

Future fusion should be just a normal card, I use it with overload fusion and chimeritech overdragon in my cyber deck with my friends.

anonymous on March 12, 2013:

@anonymous: Wrong sir, it is the heart of the cards that determines the outcome. ;)

Bartukas on March 06, 2013:

Great list

anonymous on February 17, 2013:

Why banned them and still selling them out there? This is stupid if they can't have it the way it use to be then this is way out there head. Maybe we should all just stop playing yugioh and see where they gonna get the money now.

anonymous on February 08, 2013:

@anonymous: Yes, but nothing would be exclusive. Everyone would have the ability to use these cards, ensuring fairness. Rather than seeing this as a list of easily exploited cards you can no longer use, they should allow any card to be viable and therefore players would have to construct creative defenses against them.

anonymous on February 08, 2013:

What purpose does it serve making a list of cards that are now unusable? It makes the cards near worthless!

gagsnap indeed CAPCHA

anonymous on January 29, 2013:

Yugioh, has the banned card for the reason of making sure there has some originality to the game, excluding just through the archetypes. If premature buriel were to be unbanned it would be exploited along with monster reborn, then you consider the duelist will run other staples such as dark hole, book of moon, heavy storm. That would make the normal spell line up(Bout 10-12) half of it already occupied by set staples. And would make the game way more predictable. Which thus, making the game bland in a sense, So I don't see any problems with the banlist out of all honesty. They allow a few reasonable staples, and ban the rest that could be exploited along with the staples.

anonymous on January 28, 2013:

Banning any cards is ridiculous! It is up to the individual duelist to get the cards they need to keep the playing field level. Usually, the cards are secondary anyhow. It's the duelist and his/her skill that determine the outcome, not the cards!

anonymous on January 10, 2013:

The ban list is stupid. Y do they make the cards and then ban them people these day

anonymous on January 07, 2013:

Unban Dark Magician of Chaos! For Spellcaster decks, it would be super beast. :D

anonymous on January 01, 2013:

@anonymous: Sometimes once is all it takes. It's uber cheap

anonymous on December 25, 2012:

What about "Lightning Vortex" it should be Limited!

anonymous on December 23, 2012:

Bring back Prem. Burial and Graceful Charity! Dx EVERYONE wants them back, PLUS there are soo many other cards that do the same thing. Like WTF.

anonymous on December 11, 2012:

@anonymous: i thought monster reborn was limated

anonymous on December 11, 2012:

@anonymous: i thought monster reborn was limated

anonymous on December 08, 2012:

I think that Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity should be limited to 1. There's so much use!

anonymous on December 08, 2012:

Victory dragon should not be baned because you don't win instantly ,u win if u attack Ur opponent directly and Ur opponent has under 2400 life points

anonymous on November 18, 2012:

how do i sell my yugioh cards or where im from northen cali?

anonymous on November 16, 2012:

i would bring back crush card virus.

anonymous on November 11, 2012:

unbann trishula!

anonymous on November 10, 2012:

i really want them to bring back ring of destruction, cause it would help me a hell of a lot.

anonymous on November 06, 2012:

they need to bring back cyber jar because theres so many cards that can negate it. Also bring back graceful charity. maybe bring lonefire blossom to 2 again but i doubt that.

anonymous on November 05, 2012:

@anonymous: Expedia isn't banned he is limited. Meaning you can only hav one of each of the five parts. A it should be, imagine someone having three of each piece. That's fifteen cards out of the 20 or so you want, that basically guarantees them the win.

anonymous on October 29, 2012:

@anonymous: Tcg's have banned cards for years. The reason a card gets banned is because it is too strong in comparison to cards that should have the same power level. The reality is that when they make a card they do not see everything that players can see. So when a player has an awesome deck idea and posts it on the internet, then someone reads it and plays it, it becomes much too popular. Once that process has occurred the card is usually banned.

anonymous on October 23, 2012:

They should unbanned premature burial and then make monster reborn a limited card

anonymous on October 23, 2012:

They should unbanned premature burial and then make monster reborn a limited card

anonymous on October 08, 2012:

it is not bad to have brain control either. i have to 800 life points to give up and i get to keep it only once on your turn.

anonymous on October 08, 2012:

hello? pot of greed should not be band. Raigeki and change of heart shoul not be banned either. it is soo stupid. it is not bad it only is used once please un ban it PLEASE

anonymous on October 05, 2012:

i have 1 deck just the 1 and i made it before the ban ever hit and i'm not go to chang it for any one because the ban is dum

anonymous on September 25, 2012:

@anonymous: they didn't ban exodia they just limited it there is a differnce

anonymous on September 24, 2012:

Why did they ban premature burial I mean it has like 5 effects that are not good 1.Pay 800 life points 2.Must put it in face up attack postion 3.From you Graveyard 4.If premature burial is destroyed so is the monster 5.It takes up a space on you trap/spell since it's a equip. I mean monster reborn has no side effects and its not even banned

johnlawrence-emata on September 16, 2012:

How can i know if a card is fake though it has a silvertag?

anonymous on September 05, 2012:

i thing premature burial, metamorphosis, and graceful charity should be way legal and besides they all have there great perks but they do have not so good after effects. So they should at least be limited...

anonymous on August 31, 2012:

Reason being is that people over use and do not get creative with cards, and they repeatedly use the same ones in every deck. This way the card game doesn't become predictable for each players deck. It sucks 'cus I LOVE Magician of Black Chaos, but I just substitute the banned with cards that are similar.

anonymous on August 25, 2012:

Why would they ban exodia? he's hard enough to find as is so he's hardly ever used anyway. besides, its one of the iconic cards of yugioh. It's like banning the dark magician. just not right.

anonymous on August 22, 2012:

To answer questions the banned/limited/semi-limited cards are for tournaments, these cards can be used in a normal match say against a friend.

anonymous on August 19, 2012:

not all of these cards are supposed to be banned, some of them are quite useless actually so why ban even the useless ones. I can understand reigeki and chaos emperor dragon but painful choice and spore!? come on, you have got to be kidding me!

anonymous on August 19, 2012:


anonymous on August 19, 2012:


anonymous on August 15, 2012:

Ugh bye bye to my spell

eduguy1 on August 12, 2012:

Some of these cards are very good so they must be banned. But knowing whenever new cards are banned will be tough. I have a last will and i still use though.

anonymous on August 08, 2012:

Well, I hope I do not receive negative feedback about this, but Magic is much more consistent in maintaining itself. Being a player of both games, I see that Yu-Gi-Oh needs to support and add more formats where cards on the banned list are useable and also restrict other unbanned cards such as Inzektors and Wind-Ups. I've been hearing rumors of the banned list updating and removing such deck types to make the game more balanced but it gets more and more cards added to their ban list and the cycle never ends. Also, Magic hardly reprints cards as often as Yu-Gi-Oh. I think there ought to be 4 formats of cards. First format is all the cards before GX, Second format is all the cards before 5D's, the third is before Zexal and so on. Or mix it up in many ways.

anonymous on August 08, 2012:

Graceful charity and dark magician of chaos

anonymous on July 18, 2012:

if i could unban any card it would be magician of black chaos

anonymous on June 07, 2012:

Semi-Kalute! :D? And limit Goyo..

MGuberti on February 21, 2012:

I understand that some cards give you an instant 100% win, but I don't think there should be a large ban list. It will be hard to remember updates!

anonymous on February 07, 2012:

i don,t want to see some cards as change of heart of brain control or prematurial burial to see it was an forbidden card .everybody hate that list ,and give his own reasen to that list ,banned cards are strong and overpowerred cards ,this is easy and fockt !~mij meaning :make the list better and easyer for the players that have the cards in his/her deck and join with it!konami fault

anonymous on January 15, 2012:

some banned cards arent that bad really like brain control or premature burial

anonymous on December 12, 2011:

some cards i don't even know y ther banned?

anonymous on December 09, 2011:

@anonymous: most cards on the ban list are banned because the effects are such that one can create a lockdown deck. Yata-Garasu is a prime example. If played right, you can completely stop a duelist from ever drawing a card from their deck, thus locking it down and the game is over quickly. Magical Scientist was another one that was used to lock decks down. The list tries to make tournaments fun for all.

anonymous on September 12, 2011:

i wish there were no banned cards esspesalily goyo gaurdin

Close2Art LM on September 01, 2011:

great lens

Bus Stop Toy Shop (author) on August 10, 2011:

@anonymous: Yep, we hear similar complants in store here.

anonymous on August 10, 2011:

Banning Shonen Jump cards is just plain stupid... people can just order them from ebay or some other site. What's so hard about that?

anonymous on July 08, 2011:

they need to unbanned all the cards for one year to get people playing the game again to make it the number 1 card game

anonymous on May 10, 2011:

@finalfantasyxvi: I hated it wen they band cards that's y i stop duel

finalfantasyxvi on March 22, 2011:

I want Time Seal, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Metamorphosis, Magician of Faith, and Witch of The Black Forest, unbanned!

anonymous on February 09, 2011:

I wish that the ban-list never exsisted!

anonymous on January 15, 2011:

It's too bad that Dark Magician of Chaos, Magician of Faith, Yata-Garasu, Pot of Greed & Change of Heart are banned...I wonder why?