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5 Wraith Quotes in Apex Legends That You'll Never Forget

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Struggling to remember her past, Wraith, the great Voidwalker, has a lot to say. She might be Apex Legend's lost one, but her words are meant to show the path, paving the way for you to find victory.

Here are five unforgettable Wraith quotes to honor her bold personality, fearless decisions, and respectable battle style.

Top 5 Quotes of Wraith in Apex Legends

Here's a list of Wraith's statements and voice lines:

"There's Someone in My Head."

She is not crazy. But Wraith hears voices in her head. As a result of Amer Singh's interdimensional experiments, her alternative selves from other dimensions talk to her, some sort of one-way communication that alerts Wraith from possible threats.

Upon meeting her, Voidwalker Wraith tries to warn her abused self, also known as Subject 61137. But scared of the voices in her head, she yells, "there's someone in my head," to which Amer replies, "Of course, there is. You are crazy."


"Trust Just Your Eyes, and You'll Fail."

The Voidwalker Wraith is incredibly intuitive. But her weaker version, Subject 61137, is the opposite. She is afraid of the Voices from the Void and doesn't trust them. So, when faced with a critical situation where she can't make up her mind, The Voidwalker tells her, "Trust just your eyes, and you'll fail."

Although still in doubt, the quote encourages Subject 61137 to listen to the whispers. And she manages to make the right decision.

"I'm Not Looking for Revenge. I Want to Know Who I am."

The Voidwalker Wraith knows everything about her tragic past. So, she is eager to find Amer Singh, the person behind all the inhuman experiments.

Revenge seems to be all she cares about, and she tries to team up with Subject 61137, saying, "Don't you get it? We can make them feel every bit of what they did to us." However, the abused Wraith doesn't think the same way. And she goes, "I'm not looking for revenge. I want to know who I am."

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"The Sooner You Accept Who You Are, the Better."

Wraith's backstory is a tale of discovering your true self. As an oblivion test subject, she has no purpose in life but to discover her identity. But the Voidwalker doesn't want her alternative self to suffer from a lack of answers. So, to console her lost mind, she says, "The sooner you accept who you are, the better."

This, of course, doesn't stop Subject 61137 from questioning her past. But it certainly sticks with her, helping her feel less intimidated by her unknown past.

"Go, It's Me They Want."

An iconic quote of Wraith is when she sacrifices herself for Subject 61137, her alternative self from another dimension. When Amer Singh's soldiers attack the two, The Voidwalker buys some time to protect Subject 61137. But when she's shot and unable to carry on, she says, "Go; it's me they want."

It's such a bold move that demonstrates Wraith's true giving personality.

Honorary Mentions from Wraith's Voice Lines

Wraith's voice lines in the game are almost as deep as her quotes in Stories from the Outland.

"Listen - and fight."

Although a simple voice line, this quote is a beautiful nod to Wraith's unique ability, Voices from the Void. Now confident in her intuitions, she asks you to listen—instead of trusting just your eyes.

"There's a thin line between life and death. Find me there."

Another bold statement shows Wraith's character development. As Subject 61137, she was a timid girl. But now, she is one of the greatest Legends in the Apex universe, a true hero who fears nothing.

"Tell death I said 'Hello.'"

This Wraith quote could easily top the list for most fans. As an Apex Legend, you don't get to fear death. But The Voidwalker puts it in her unique sarcasm by saying, "Tell death I said 'Hello'" in the most life-threatening situations.


Add Your Favorite Wraith Quotes

With a whopping pick rate of 11.1%, Wraith, Renee Hope Blasey, is one of the most popular heroes in Apex Legends. And she has a solid fanbase among Apex Legends gamers. So, surely, there are many more fan-favorite quotes that the list is missing. But you can always comment down below and add your favorite quotes to help me perfect the list.

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