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The WoW Lockpicking Guide for The Complete Rogue

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WoW Lockpicking for Rogues

The World of Warcraft Rogue Lockpicking skill is your path to wealth beyond your wildest imagination...

Ok ok, I'll put down the ad. Seriously though, there are a few places in the World of Warcraft where lockpicking is a pretty nice skill to have. Such as when your raid leader has looted some boxes he needs opened. Free lockpicking might get you somewhere...

Plus there's the incidental loot you can pick up from the various boxes and lockers that you find (greens, poison components, healing potions, and other cash and prizes.)

The reason for this guide is to answer my questions while leveling up my own Rogue's lockpicking skills. Other guides answered most of my questions, this one answers the rest. I'll update this page as I find more stuff to add.

The lockpicking quests are obsolete as of Cataclysm, though lockpicking and pocket picking aren't. You can still pick pockets and open boxes to your little black heart's content. See below for more info.

Also, since you lockpicking skill is now 5 times your level you will not be leveling your skill, at all, by working all those boxes. You will simply be collecting boxes to open when you level up.

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Ready for Lockpicking

Ready for Lockpicking

Lockpicking in Mists of Pandaria and Beyond

Here's you are, level 85, entering into Pandaria. You kill a few humanoids and get a pickable box. But wait, you can't pick it. Your skill needs to be higher, BUT your lockpicking levels along with you. You cannot train it, feed it, or buff it (by very much.)

You Lockpicking skill is 5x your level, and those boxes require 450 skill. That means level 90 before you can open any of the boxes that you pick. And if you want more of those boxes you should be pocket picking humanoid mobs, not monsters.

That pickpocketing macro below still works just fine.

I recommend banking them or mailing them to an alt for future reference.

Lockpicking, as in Cataclysm, is still a viable, useful skill. It's just that you can't level it on your own. Wait till 90 and then open all those boxes.

Important note for the rest of this page - Since all of the actual practice to level your skill has been removed, it now levels as you level, much of the "how to" stuff shown below is obsolete. You can still find and pick those boxes, you just won't get any skill-ups for it.

Also all of the lockpicking quests have been removed from the official game. All that remains is youir skill and that assortment of boxes.

People running earlier versions of WoW, on private servers, for example, might still be using the old rules and might still be able to use the info below. So it will be left up.

Gnome Rogue, sneeeeeaking

Gnome Rogue, sneeeeeaking

Lockpicking in 4.0 and Cataclysm

Well, as of the 4.0 patch, and Cataclysm, the lockpicking quests are obsolete. They have been removed from the game. This will not change in Mists of Pandaria. In M of P your lockpicking skill will continue to scale normally.

When your little backstabber hits level 20 you get the lockpicking skill from your trainer. Your skill is automatically five times your level which means that at level 20 you can pick locks requiring skill 100. No quests, tests, or boxes are required to have that skill. Just like the weapons, where you automatically know them and no longer have to level them up.

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Your skill will scale with your level, just like all the other skills and abilities in 4.0, and at 85 it will be 525.

Boxes still drop as they always have. You will also get boxes from picking the pockets of humanoid mobs, so lock picking and pick pocketing still have value. Every once in a while the boxes contain something interesting. There are also still doors and chests to open. This means that your lockpicking isn't useless.

One new item that you can only get through your skills is the Rogue's Draught, which is a very nice healing potion. It's good for about 20K at level 85.

So again, lockpicking is not obsolete, just the quests. .

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She'll kill you first, THEN pick your pockets

She'll kill you first, THEN pick your pockets

Wrath of the Lockpicking King and the Pickpocket Macro

Enter the Wrath

If you need some info on how to make macros, see this post.

Northrend brings higher level boxes with the level 71 mobs, so just use this macro when you get there and you will keep your lockpicking skill maxed out all the way.

You will be picking green boxes from 70 to 71, but if you get enough of them, and you aren't already maxed for you level, then you will be by the time you hit 71.

When you start pickpocketing level 71 mobs you will start seeing Reinforced Junkboxes, which will require a 350 skill. Those will take you the rest of the way to the 400 skill at level 80.

The Feralfen Village in Outland is still a viable place to level your lockpicking, for 380+

Another option to consider is the Violet Hold door in Dalaran, which can be picked at 365. I don't know what the reset timer is, though.

Pickpocketing Macro

Here's a macro that I use that makes the business of pickpocketing trivial. This assumes that you are putting yourself in a position to pickpocket in the first place (meaning that you're stealthed.) If you're a "charge and smash" Rogue then this won't help.

This macro also assumes you're a subtlety Rogue, if you aren't just delete the Premditation part of the macro. Next, replace Cheap Shot with Ambush or whatever you use as an opener.