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What's the Last Pet Simulator X Update for Roblox?

sapphire phoenix


The last update

The last update is for the tech world. A new area coming up is the glitch, the glitch also have it's own egg the glitch egg. There is glitch cat, glitch dog, glitch dragon, and glitch dominus. There's a chameleon pet too (we do not know yet if it's another exclusive or another pet for the glitch egg)

will there be...

will there be a glitch machine? Will there be another special item? Will there be a special/ secret pet? We will find out once the update comes out.

do you agree or disagree?

what do the glitches look like?

the glitch area will have a dark room with neon purple, neon blue, cybery effects. The glitch pets all look the same and normal, imagine like a glitch and a normal pet fused with a black color. I do not know that much about the egg that much but I know that it will kind of be the same as all the other glitch thing.

what machine was I talking about?

the machine that makes glitch pets (normal to golden to rainbow to dark matter to glitch) to make them stronger and better. I do not know how long will it take for it to be done or how much does it cost to make a glitch pet.

if you...

you know that the pets are better than the best pet right now?

the pets will be better like everybody wants it to be. But how high? Maybe over 500b or even 1t, who knows? Even the worst one could be the best for you right?

after the last update, do you think Preston is gonna start making a new pet simulator

if he is would you rather to continue playing pet simulator x or play the new pet simulator?

read up the latest one

use your imagination to think about what else will be updated

some of these thoughts are from videos, twitter, and/or known in some way.

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