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The Best Giant Water Slides For Sale

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Water Slides For Sale

The coolest water slides on the market today! See all the major brands... Banzai® Wahii® NinjaJump® Hippo® Magic Jump® N'Flatables®.

See the best and the biggest water slides here!

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N Flatables - Mind Blowing Inflatables

King Croc  $19,250

King Croc $19,250


Beware! This giant crocodile is on the loose and devouring everything in its path! This monster from Down Under is over 30 feet long, has razor-sharp teeth, and has jaws powerful enough to crush an SUV... and swallow it whole! An amazing slide back to safety will be your reward if you dare invade its territory - but watch out for its deadly tail towering 28 feet in the air! This unit features dual slide lanes and is also available in a 20'-tall version!

Cost: $19,250

Wahii WaterSlide 75 - World's Biggest Backyard Water Slide


The Wahii ® WaterSlide is a giant water slide for kids. Create a waterpark in your own backyard with the Wahii WaterSlide. It's 75ft long and 12ft wide! Perfect for birthday parties or simply for summer fun. Kids love it!

Constructed of thick specially formulated, UV protected plastic. The surface is extremely smooth and is rated to hold 256lb per square foot! Patent-pending Zulu-Stik Fasteners hold the slide to the grass. The water slide is huge and takes approximately 15 minutes to set up.

Two models available - 75ft x 12ft ($149) and 50ft x 12ft ($129).

Thousands of Wahii WaterSlides sold to summer camps, church camps, recreation departments, and regular folks across the globe! The best water slides for sale.

The Original Wahii ® WaterSlide, since 2007.

Cost: $149

Banzai Drop Zone Water Slide


This Drop Zone Water Slide offers 2 kind of sliding for extreme sliding fun-twist and turn on the curved slide or take the plunge down the Drop Zone. Both end with a giant splash in the activity lagoon, where you can challenge your friends to a game of basketball or drench them with the water-blasting cannon.

With the included continuous airflow blower, all of the fun inflates in less than 2 minutes. Heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability. Features: Climbing Wall, Water Guns, Front Landing Pad, Water Sprays

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Inflation Time: 3 Min.

Recommended Capacity: 2 People

Maximum Weight Capacity: 200.0 Lb.

Cost: $522

Titanic Adventure (25') - Mind Blowing Inflatables


Titanic Adventure Slide™ is the most popular design and highest revenue-generating slide ever made. Spacious climbing area, safety handrails, safety steps, and fast dual slide lanes allow each rider to ascend to the sliding areas with ease. Available in two sizes: 25' and 33' tall, both with dual sliding lanes.

Cost: $9235

Wet Willie Water Slides


The Wet Willie® slide is a giant water slide that can be installed virtually anywhere~into a small pond, lake, or swimming pool! It's fun, affordable, and adaptable to your site. We have taken care of the engineering & design, so there is no need to create your water slide from scratch. You can add the Wet Willie water slide to your site for much less than other available water slides with out the need for expensive installation.

Our Colorful, Giant Water Slide will draw attention to your site. The Wet Willie® slide will enhance your waterfront or pool and add a splash to your facilities image. It's a great marketing tool enabling you to lead the way in cutting edge waterfront fun!

Easy to operate, install, & maintain

Operation of the Wet Willie® Slide requires a minimal amount of staff personnel. The slide has a capacity of up to 250 riders an hour. It is weatherproof, durable, and much less expensive than other commercially available slides.

The unique design of the Wet Willie® slide incorporates a cable suspension, multiple color combinations, flexible 18 oz vinyl coated polyester with varying lengths up to 150 feet, and it meets the Association for Challenge Course Technology rigorous installation & inspection standards.

Cost: contact manufacturer

Jr Wave - Magic Jump Inflatables


To accommodate all rental operators and backyard pool parties, Magic Jump has created the Jr Wave. This ride is a smaller version of the popular Wave water slide. The Jr Wave is designed as a front load water slide for easier monitoring of participants to ensure safety.

Furthermore, the Jr Wave is approved for safety under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines. As a 15 foot tall ride, it supports an 8.5 foot tall slide platform that leads riders into a pool. The Jr Wave is a bright blue and is decorated with dolphins and a curling wave at the top. It is a delight for all to enjoy at parties.

Cost: $2695

Banzai Wipeout Big Curve Water Slide


Watch out for wipeout curve on the Banzai Big Curve Inflatable Water Park! Make your way up the climbing wall of this inflatable water slide and slingshot down the banked curved water slide for a wet and wild ride. The fun doesn't end with your giant splash landing. Stay cool in the water park activity lagoon, where you can challenge your friends to some water slide basketball or drench them with the water-blasting cannon.

Banzai Wipeout Big Curve Water Slide:

Tough Dura-Tech construction ensures durability

Activity lagoon with inflatable basketball, basketball hoop and water-blasting cannon

Inflatable water park has a side-climbing wall for easy access

Water park inflates in less than 3 minutes

The Banzai Wipeout Big Curve water slide includes a continuous-airflow blower motor

Maximum weight limit: 200 lbs.

Inflatable water park dimensions: 18' L x 11' W x 10.5' H

Cost: $699

Banzai Hydro Blast Inflatable Water Park


Make a splash with Banzai Hydro Blast Inflatable Water Park! Kids will have a blast water-sliding down dual-lane waterslides or taking plunge down curved slide. Slides end with a splash in activity lagoon, where kids can play a game of hoops or fire off one of two water-blasting cannons before scaling climbing wall. Banzai Hydro Blast Inflatable Water Park features a continuous airflow blower and is quick and easy to set up.

Cost: $898

Hippo Water Slide


The Big One! If you own an amusement park or hotel.... this one's for you. Unless you've got a really big yard, then maybe it's for you too.

After years in the making and much success, The Hippo® is available to resorts and water parks worldwide as well as to those seeking a novel business opportunity. With this in mind we have created a comprehensive plan to help you get started with The Hippo®. Your slide will be set up by a qualified installation technician who will teach you how to operate and maintain your investment. Your slide purchase includes a fully comprehensive two-day training service, explaining setup, maintenance and ride supervision. This fun, family oriented slide has a capacity for over 500 rides per hour and generates substantial revenues for its operators. Based on popular demand, we believe

The Hippo® will become one of the most sought after rides at your resort or water park. If you are looking to by-pass your competition and attract thousands of families to your location, then The Hippo® is an airtight investment guaranteeing safety, reliability and a tremendous opportunity for an immediate return.

Cost: $90,000+

Heavy Haulin' Dump Truck (19') - Mind Blowing Inflatables



Drive off to the quarry with this towering, mighty machine! Heavy Haulin' features a wide slide lane that seems to go on forever, enough to appease adventurous engineers of any age! Realistic digital artwork captures the heart of the big mover. Its huge wheels deliver fun wherever Heavy Haulin' is set up!

Cost: $8660

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401 on April 22, 2017:

I can't believe someone has shown such disrespect and created that Titanic slide. It is disgusting.

TimmyTwo on February 27, 2012:

So true jmoore, God bless you.

jmoore557 on February 27, 2012:

Some of those big water slides are cool, but kids might be afriad of a few of them, but grownups will love them.

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